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Klein Tools ET270 Auto-Ranging Digital Multi-Tester, AC/DC, Resistance, Continuity, GFCI Receptacle Tester with Test Leads and Receptacle Cord

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  • VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY: Measures AC/DC voltage up to 600V, 40MOhms resistance; additional features include audible continuity, battery test and receptacle test modes
  • DETECT COMMON WIRING FAULTS: Detect and identify common wiring faults using receptacle test mode, ensuring electrical safety and proper functionality of GFCI receptacles
  • TRIP TIME DISPLAY: LCD readout shows the time required to trip a GFCI device, allowing for quick and accurate troubleshooting
  • BATTERY TEST AND FIND MODE OPTIONS: Battery test feature for checking 9V and 1.5V battery functionality, while find mode easily identifies breakers to a corresponding receptacle
  • BACKLIT DISPLAY: LCD shows clear readings in low-light conditions for enhanced visibility
  • CONVENIENT FEATURES: Test lead holders on the back of the meter, kickstand and optional magnetic hanger (Cat. Nos. 69445 or 69417) for hands-free operation
  • COMPLETE PACKAGE: Includes carrying case, test leads with CAT III/CAT IV safety caps, receptacle test cord, instructions, and 2 x AAA batteries
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