What is the purpose of a Multimeter?

One of electricians’ most used tool is called a multimeter. A multimeter is a tool used to measure current, voltage, resistance and other electrical measurements.

Multimeters are used for detecting faults, complex diagnostics and measuring mains and battery voltage.

Electricians normally use this tool to solve electrical problems with circuits, power supplies and wiring systems. Even though this tool is mainly used by electricians, they can also be used by people who need to make basic measurements like measuring voltage of lighting equipment, batteries and sockets etc.

What are the different types of multimeters

There are three types of multimeters that are commonly used. One of these three is called an analog multimeter which is the oldest and simplest type of multimeter. These multimeters have been used for many years and are used to take basic readings.

The second type is called a manual ranging multimeter. This multimeter is also fairly old however it is more practical and distinct in selection and ranging than the analog meter because it uses a digital number display and separate individual measurement from a selection of measurements available whereas the analog multimeter uses a number gauge to collect readings.

The third type of multimeter is called an auto-ranging multimeter. This multimeter is the newest type compared to the other two. What makes this multimeter special is that it automatically chooses the appropriate range of value for your particular measurement. This saves you time because you don’t have to figure out what range value your measurement falls under, which can be time-consuming and bit of a hassle to find.

Units of measure on a multimeter

There are many tools that can be used to measure volts, amps etc. However what makes a multimeter different is that you can make your measurement more accurate by choosing a suitable range. An example of this is if someone was measuring the voltage of a battery. When the person gets a reading from this battery they can choose to have the reading in volts, millivolts or micro volts. Depending on what a person is measuring will determine what unit range they will select.

As well as measuring, a multimeter can be used to test diodes within circuits, continuity of circuits, capacitance of capacitors , frequency, temperature and a duty cycle. Many tools will not be able to carry out this amount of functions which makes the multimeter unique. In addition to this, buying a multimeter will save you from having to buy multiple tools which means you will be saving a lot of money and space.

What is the most popular type of multimeter?

I previously gave some details of the three types of multimeters that can be used. However, I did not inform you of what the most popular multimeter is.

Because of its easy  use and its ability to automatically choose the appropriate range for your measurement, auto-ranging digital multimeters have now started to become the most popular type of multimeter. Auto-ranging multimeters use a digital number display, similar to the manual ranging meter. Most people generally prefer to have their readings in a digital form, rather than being displayed on a number gauge, which is also why auto-ranging multimeters are becoming very popular. For any person who regularly needs to use a multimeter, the auto-ranging multimeter will always be the best choice. It can be seen that multimeters like the analog multimeters are now being replaced by auto-ranging multimeters because they are quick to set up, easy to use and very accurate.


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