Best Budget Multimeter Reviews- A Complete Buyer’s guide

Nowadays saving money is not less than a struggle. Indeed, you need to explore the whole market to get the best multimeter in your budget, and it is backbreaking. But if you want it in a short time and do not want to wander everywhere, then we have minimized that labour for you.

Here, you will find the best budget multimeter reviews and a comprehensive buying guide. Along with that you will learn to trouble shoot different problems with your multimeter on your own.

Every DIYer loves to trace and maintain things on its own. Especially when you’re an electrical concerned person then the charm is a bit more.

Top 10 best Budget Multimeter Reviews

When you have an abundant range of multimeters then it’s quite difficult to choose the best one. Almost every multimeter has its pros and cons. But I always prefer to choose the best inexpensive multimeter with maximum features. After an extensive research I list down the 10 best budget multimeters for you.

So, read on to learn more about best budget multimeter reviews i have discussed here most common faults of multimeters:

The Multimeter Does Not Turn On

If your multimeter’s display is dim and does not turn on, you might have a weak battery. So, to resolve this issue, you can replace the battery with the one you are good to go to. If you are still not able to resolve this issue, then you can disassemble your multimeter to find a faulty wire and then remove it.

Not Getting An Accurate Reading

If you are getting an inconsistent reading, then according to some educated guesses. You might have a poor connection with the probe, battery problem, the meter might be broken, or might have a partial short circuit. Hence, check for these issues one by one.

However, if you have faulty test leads, set your multimeters for reading resistance and then test the probe leads. It must read zero ohms, but if not then changing the probe leads is better. Maybe you’re not see the right display so always try to use data hold function.

Fused Multimeter

If the thin wire is blown, you need to a clear glass fuse inside the multimeter circuitry. Usually 10 Ampere fuse is used in most of the multimeters. In the case of a ceramic fuse, check the resistance with other multimeters. However, if you are in a fix to know which type of fuse you have, you can go through the multimeter manual.

best budget multimeter reviews

Overload protection is must in every digital multimeter no matter it’s cheap or expensive. Fuses are an ultimate solution of this overload protection.

If fuses of your multimeters are blown up you can buy them from here.

Needle Sticking An Analog Multimeter.

Have you ever faced frustration while dealing with an analog multimeter? If yes then problems must be, needle sticking, or you are getting an inaccurate reading. Do not worry! It is a simple issue due to the condensation build-up and can be resolved when the dust cover is off the unit, and you clean the rust around your needle.

Poor Connections

Wild fluctuations can be the reason for not giving you an accurate reading because of the poor connections. Whether they are just the prodding leads or the clamps, there can be the buildup of dust, dirt, and grease on them. It will then create an interference with the conductivity. Ultimately there is a disconnection between the reader and lead.

To solve this issue, you need to keep the clamp off your lead ends, and cleaning is essential with emery cloth.

Leads Not In Right Connections

If you encounter the malfunction problem, then leads might not be connected to the right areas for proper working. The red connection must be on the red dot. The black lead wire must be in the section called com. Hence, readings are hard to get if wires are crossed into the wrong ports.

Intermittent Readings

Most advanced multimeters work with small AA batteries, but if you have intermittent readings, then batteries might be failing. Replace the old with the new one, to have no more problems.

Not Correct Settings Of The Selector

You might not be getting the correct readings because the wrong placement of collector. If you want to read AC reading but have a DC selection, the needle will not register its reading. Therefore, proper position of collector is crucial.

Buzzer Not Working

Getting continuous beeping even with the test leads removed is an indication that buzzer mode is malfunctioning. If there is no shorting or sign of corrosion, then you might be facing a problem with the buzzer.

In this case, turn dial for continuity test mode. It can take one or more fluctuations. When the test probes separated, you might be getting the wrong readings. First, check the black test lead into the COM jack, then insert the red lead into the red jack. Also, the position of the test lead is essential.

Note, that every wire must be isolated from other members in the circuit. If a complete path continuity is detected, then the multimeter beeps. If it is open, then it will not beep.

Readings Keep Jumping

If your multimeter is jumping continuously, while you are using it. Sometimes it means that the multimeter might be broken or faulty. Or sometimes it is because of the auto ranging features.

Also, power sources might not be working correctly with other components. Choose the proper scale before implementing the probes on equipment testing. In addition to this, it can be the fuse as well. Turn off the auto ranging features and test them again so they must work properly. Check if the battery or power source are working alright.

Multimeter Not Zero

When the display is 1 in the left-most digit, then it is normal. If you have not connected the multimeter with anything else, then it must be infinite, which will show 1 in the left-most digit. Connect lead to the proper jacks and then short the ends with the probes together. You must get a value near zero. But if you are not getting zero, then you can have a wrong lead.

In case of bad leads, you must isolate a problem to one leader by another while testing them separately to connect one leader at a time between standard input and ohms.

Best Cheap Multimeter- Buying Guide

You might be searching for a reliable, accurate, well-made, and best budget multimeter that performs ideally in the case of glitchy electronics. Sometimes low cost multimeters can be dangerous due to their poor quality. One must know about which multimeter is right for the associated job.

With the proper guidance, you can quickly get what you want. Therefore, here are the essential things you must consider while buying the best and an affordable multimeter.

Auto ranging

If you are dealing with the manual ranging models, you need to manually feed the ranges and then get the desired measurements. But the automation has its perks. With an auto ranging multimeter, you can check your values and then get the result. Such automation has reduced loads of work when we are dealing with thousands of calculations. If you’re looking for True RMS multimeter in a limited budget then just check list of 10 best budget multimeters.

Multiple ranges

Commonly an inexpensive multimeter measures resistance, AC/DC voltage and current. But an excellent auto ranging multimeter can get you frequency, capacitance, temperature, continuity buzzer, diode, and capabilities.

So, it is always wise to choose the one with a comprehensive range. When you have an auto ranging multimeter, the values have a little variation. Data hold function allows you to precisely see the calibrated values on still display.


Things can go wrong while you are dealing with currents. Therefore, safety is an integral part. While dealing with any electronics and multimeter is no exception. If you need to invest a bit more to get more safe option, then do it. After all, safety is crucial aspect of buying electronics. A best budget multimeter not only comes with multiple features but also with safety.


100% accuracy is not possible, but it is good to at least shoot for 1% accuracy. The reasonable ballpark value must be in place even with the not-so-expensive start-up multimeter. So do not use your fingers to measure temperature and voltage.

Non-contact voltage detection is also available in most of the meters like Amprobe AM-570, it is a true rms multimeter in an inexpensive range.


Since you are finding a budget multimeter, you can get all the essential features without touching the three-digit price range. However, you need to set realistic expectations with best digital multimeters under 50 dollars.

But still, it will be the best multimeter for beginners, so do not expect high-end frills in this. Affordable price of any multimeter depends upon its users. The criteria of affordable price is different for an electrician and a DIYer.

Analog or digital multimeter

You must check that according to your preference. Analog multimeters are also known as VOMs, which are used for measuring resistance, voltage and current. Its pointer starts moving over to show accurate measurements all over a scale.  However auto ranging features are not available but still it’s quite safer to use.

On the other hand, digital meters measure resistance, voltage, capacitance, temperature, etc. Also, it can show the result in numeric form. In digital multimeters, you can get more accurate results. The best thing is that an auto ranging digital multimeter also have a data hold function.

Input impedance

Accurate measurements can be earned by selecting a multimeter with high impedance. In case you want to measure more sensitive electronics, choose the one with right impedance.

Frequency measurement

Some digital multimeters are also capable of measuring the frequency and, in turn, monitoring voltage and current in that range. If it is powered by AC voltage, ensure that it maintains the correct frequency.

Energy capacity

It is always good to analyze the energy capacity of the circuit you are working on in advance. Also, it is essential to know the maximum transient voltage that the digital multimeter can tolerate without any risk.

Additional Features

There must be other essential features that an auto ranging digital multimeter must come with. For example, if you are dealing with computer processors or refrigerator systems, then a multimeter with a temperature sensor is essential to consider.

Since, temperature sensors are important for measuring the device’s temperature. Overload protection fuses makes it easier for you to work on High voltages.

If the transistor is your target, then transistor testing circuits are crucial. Moreover, efficiency for a large LCD screen with a backlight or the hold function is essential while working in a dark or dim environment. Good quality multimeters also have a Low battery indication to know your battery status.

Final Verdict

Although a price increase can indeed bring more features and accuracy, it is not the rule that you are supposed to follow in this case. You must be wondering how you will decide what features you must buy?

You only need to keep one thing in mind: what are your expectations with best budget multimeter, and for that, you do not need to spend a lot of money. However, basic knowledge and information regarding electrical symbols are crucial. So, to get a multimeter that is reliable, safe, and affordable. 

Deciding an appropriate budget every time is not much easier. You must choose the right multimeter under a suitable price range. I have also compiled a list of best multimeters under $50 to specify your lower ranges.

FAQs-Best Cheap multimeter

Are cheap multimeters worth purchasing?

Cheap multimeters are suitable if they have all features in them, according to your demand. However, proper research is essential.

What are the features of the best multimeters for home use?

The critical features that must be considered while selecting the best auto ranging digital multimeter for home use:

  • Check their continuity.
  • Measuring DC and AC voltage, and current.

Is it safe to stick a budget multimeter in an outlet?

Ensure safety while holding both meters probes in the same hand, as you need to perform the safety test. Also, it will prevent shock when passing through your body. Also, please do not allow the metal portion of the probes to touch or brush each other because they can create a dangerous short circuit.

Can one lousy outlet affect others?

You can have an intermittent or open connection. If it short the circuit breaker, you could have tripped, or if that only receptacle on only one circuit, then it must not affect any other courses.

How to prevent a short circuit?

As the short circuit current can be thousands of times larger than the average operating current. A damaged or short circuit can be minimized or reduced using fuses, other overload protection, or circuit breakers which then disconnect the power reaction to maximum current.

Usually cheap multimeters do not come with maximum safety options. But I have tried my best to list down the best cheap multimeter reviews for you.

Why are multimeters used?

A multimeter is the test tool, which is used to measure two or more electrical values, like; current (amps), Voltage (volts), and Resistance (ohms). Also, it is the standard diagnostic tool for technicians in the electronic or electrical industries.

What is another name for multimeter?

Multimeters are also called the multi-tester, which is also known as ohm, or voltmeter, an electronic measuring instrument that can combine different measurement functions in one unit. Typical multimeter can include features like the ability to measure current, voltage, and resistance. Some standard companies can measure the resistance, voltage, and current.

How much should you spend on an auto ranging digital multimeter?

If you can spend anywhere around $40 to $50 or go a maximum of $80, but do not spend more than that. However, some multimeters can cost as low as $2 that you can find on Amazon. Try to sort out what features you want, and then work accordingly.

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