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Amprobe AM-500 Multimeter Review- An Expert Opinion

By shafiq usama

Amprobe-AM500 MULTIMETER Review

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Are you looking for a digital multimeter that is both useful and versatile? The Amprobe AM-500 is the best option for you. It will be useful for both home use and professional maintenance work. In today’s blog, I will walk you through the detailed Amprobe Am-500 Multimeter Review features and specifications of this product. 

Why should You Buy Amprobe AM-500?

The Amprobe AM-500 is a battery-powered multimeter that meets stringent safety standards. This is why this is best for non-professional users to check the voltage in extension cords, batteries, and electrical circuits. The best part is that it is relatively affordable.

Amprobe AM-500 Review

Amprobe AM-500 is packed with features for both home and office maintenance work. Before connecting the live lead, connect the common (COM) test lead to the circuit. After measurement, disconnect the live lead before disconnecting the common (COM) test lead from the circuit.

It has a switch that allows you to switch between AC and DC power. While your black probe, or negative probe, would be inserted into the com port, your red probe, or positive probe, has three input ports, each with a symbol corresponding to what you are testing for. You can visit my blog on how test circuit with multimeter also.

Amprobe AM-500 Multimeter

Amprobe AM-500 Specification

Display Counts: 2000 counts

Auto/Manual Ranging: Yes

AC Voltage range: 600V AC

DC Voltage range: 600V DC

Current Measurement AC: 200µA to 10A

Current Measuring DC: 200µA to 10A

Resistance Range: 20 MΩ

Temperature Range: 0°C – 40°C


  • Measures voltage up to 600 V AC/DC, AC/DC Current, and resistance
  • Microamps function diagnose flame sensors in gas appliances.
  • Rectify light fixtures in fans, bulbs
  • Identify automotive electrical problems
  • Battery lasts longer due to its auto power-off function after 15 minutes of non-use.
  • Its low battery indicator signals to replace the battery
  • Audible continuity diode test data hold Auto Power-off.
  • Check the amount of charge in 1.5 V and 9 V batteries.
  • Verify AC/DC voltage in electrical sockets.
  • Holds the reading on the display even after the battery is disconnected.

Design And Built of Amprobe AM-500

This Amprobe AM-500 digital multimeter is simple to use and robust in nature. It comes in a Black and greyish body with a silicon case. So it can bear everyday tough jerks. Moreover, the test leads are also of Cat-IV rating, so you can also be sure about accuracy.

Pros & Cons Of Amprobe AM-500 Multimeter


  • The multimeter works for all household applications. 
  • Auto-ranging function and auto-off functions save time
  • Cost-effective
  • Selects automatically the correct operating range for the device to measure


  • Auto-ranging is slow
  • Battery life is relatively low


Amprobe AM-500 is a great multimeter with multiple features. It is good for DIY products and for performing small tasks at home and office. You can operate it easily to check voltage and electric circuits. Due to its small battery, you may feel a hindrance in your work, but the low cost of the meter overcomes it. 


What distinguishes the Amprobe AM-500 as the best multimeter?

The Ambrose AM-500 is excellent for household and office maintenance. It is simple to use and can measure voltage and current in various electrical appliances. It is the best multimeter because of its numerous features, such as auto-ranging and auto-off.

How do we change the battery in the Amprobe AM-500 multimeter?

Disrupt the test lead probe from the measuring circuit to replace the battery and turn off the meter. Remove the screws to open the battery cover. Replace the batteries with 1.5V AAA batteries and replace the cover.

What is the method for cleaning a multimeter?

You can wash the front panel with water and detergent. Clean it with a soft cloth and let it dry.