Engr. Usama

Engr. Usama | Author and Proofreader

Electrical Engineer & Author at Multimeter World

Engr. UsamaEngr. Usama is a versatile electrical engineer and a dedicated author at Multimeterworld.com. His extensive experience across various industries makes his insights valuable to readers seeking practical and technical knowledge.Areas of Expertise:
  • Electrical Grid Systems
  • Industrial Instrumentation and Automation
  • Team Leadership in Engineering Projects
  • Automotive Electrical Systems
  • Automatic Load Balancing Projects
Educational Background:
  • Studied Electrical Engineering at Dawood University of Engineering and Technology.
Professional Experience:
  • Worked on electrical grid projects at GENCO-II Plant of WAPDA.
  • Served as an E&I (Electrical and Instrumentation) Engineer at Pepsi Beverages.
  • Held the position of Team Leader at OMS Power Plant.
  • Owns a car workshop where he tests and repairs car electrical systems.
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Detailed Biography

Engr. Usama’s journey in the field of electrical engineering began at Dawood University of Engineering and Technology, where he cultivated his foundational knowledge and passion for the subject. His career spans various high-profile roles, each adding a unique dimension to his expertise.Starting at GENCO-II Plant of WAPDA, Engr. Usama worked on critical electrical grid projects, gaining valuable experience in managing large-scale electrical systems. His role at Pepsi Beverages as an E&I Engineer further broadened his expertise, where he was responsible for maintaining and optimizing electrical and instrumentation systems.As a Team Leader at OMS Power Plant, Engr. Usama led engineering projects with a focus on efficiency and innovation. His leadership and technical skills ensured the successful execution of complex tasks.In addition to his professional roles, Engr. Usama has a keen interest in automotive electrical systems. He owns and operates a car workshop where he tests and repairs car electrical systems, applying his engineering knowledge to practical, everyday problems. His work on minor projects like automatic load balancing showcases his ability to innovate and find solutions to technical challenges.Articles by Engr. Usama: Contact Engr. Usama: For any inquiries or collaborations, please reach out through his LinkedIn profile.