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My father has been working as an electrician for many years now and has gained a variety of skills through his career. He has always passionate about his work and loves telling me and my brother about the things he has experienced whilst at work. At first, I was not interested in anything to do with an electrician but as I progressed through high school and college I developed an interest in engineering in general and my father took me out to work with him which is where I gained a lot of knowledge in the electrical industry.

By taking engineering courses in high school and college I have gained a lot of knowledge about engineering. Furthermore, the experience I gained from my father gave me sufficient knowledge to go into the electrical field. Now I have a better understanding of electrical engineering both practically and theoretically.

Whilst working with my father I learnt how to use many pieces of equipment and tools to carry out a variety of tasks. All this knowledge was sufficient for me to explain to people various functions of tools and electrical equipment. Overtime my knowledge of my fathers industry kept expanding until I had knowledge that electricians who have been working as electricians for many years did not have. I had the ability to teach people who had no knowledge about tools and equipment and get them to know how to use these pieces of equipment with in a week.


Many people need electricians in order to fix various problems within their house. However, what I learnt from working with my father is that there are quite a lot of problems that do not require you to be professionally qualified in order to fix them. I stared to realise that many people were spending hundreds of ponds on electricians each year to solve their problems when most of these problems could have been solved by themselves. The only thing they were missing were the tools and how to use them.


With this site I hope to Inform people on the various ways you can use tools, not just the way they are normally used for not normally used for. One of the most common tools that an electrician needs is a multimeter. An electrician will need this for most of their jobs which is why a person who knows how to use this tool will be able the multimeter to help them solve many electrical problems by themselves which is why I have made the focus of this site multimeters.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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