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AstroAI M4KOR Multimeter, TRMS 4000 Counts Review & Guide

By shafiq usama

AstroAI M4KOR multimeter review and guide

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The AstroAI M4KOR Multimeter is perfect for anyone who needs a reliable and accurate device to measure AC/DC voltage, current, and resistance. Although this multimeter also features a non-contact voltage testing function with sound and light alarms.  With many features and safety functions, the AstroAI M4K0R Multimeter is the perfect tool for troubleshooting automotive and household appliances. 

Why Is It Good To Buy AstroAI M4KOR Multimeter?

 AstroAI M4K0R Multimeter is a reliable multimeter to get an accurate measurement. It is thoughtfully designed and packed with various features. However, its features include data hold, max, auto shut-off, low battery indicator, continuity buzzer, and LCD backlit screen. Along with this, the AstroAi multimeter is easy to use. So, the double ceramic fuse protects from overloading, and the silicone cover prevents electric shocks.

A Professional Multimeter Ideal For Commercial Settings

AUTO-RANGING and True RMS for measuring AC Current and Voltage are professional-level features, which is why they are ideal for commercial purposes. It can withstand the rigours of a long workday thanks to its tough exterior and extensive heavy-duty capabilities. However, this is also useful for household electrical problems. Moreover, this Multimeter is intended to safely and accurately troubleshoot a wide range of automotive and household electrical problems.


Display Counts: 4000 Counts

Auto/Manual ranging: Yes  

AC/DC Voltage measuring range: 600mV

AC/DC Current measuring range: 40mA

Resistance: up to 400Ω

Frequency: (NA)

Capacitance: up to 400µF


  • It supports both manual and automatic ranging.
  • It measures AC/DC current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, continuity, and diode.
  • The backlight display makes it easy to use in low-light conditions.
  • The double ceramic fuse and protection circuit provides anti-burn protection and high safety measures.
  • Overload protection/sturdy outer casing
  • It has both sound and light alarms to indicate a strong alternating current signal.
  • The low battery indicator warns you before the battery dies.

Build and design with safety precautions 

AstroAI M4KOR multimeter is designed using modern technology to make it much safer. It has a non-contact voltage testing feature that is fully safe. Although, this feature comes with sound and light alarms. You can detect AC voltage without the use of test leads.

This multimeter is also designed to be anti-burn and protect from overloading. The silicone cover protects the multimeter from failing damage and prevents electric shocks. I make the list of best budget multimeters.

Pros & Cons Of AstroAI M4KOR Multimeter


  • Auto shut off
  • Auto Manual ranging
  • Backlit display
  • Safe to use
  • Data Hold function.


  • Low battery life


All of the features mentioned above demonstrated the AstroAi M4KOR’s reliability. It is suitable for all types of accurate electric measurements. Furthermore, it is useful for commercial and residential troubleshooting and safely measuring voltage and current. You now understand all of the advantages of AstroAI, making it simple to select it for your next project.


What makes AstroAI 4000 the best multimeter?

AstroAI 4000 is the best multimeter due to its compact and simple design. It is easy to use and designed with safety measurements. The non-contact voltage checker function is fantastic. This is why AStroAI 4000 is the most fantastic multimeter for all professionals. 

What distinguishes the AstroAI 4000 from other multimeters?

This multimeter is intended for commercial use but can also be used at home to troubleshoot automotive or household electrical issues. Its professional design and build make it a stable and reliable tool for measuring volatility.

Is it safe to connect an AstroAi digital multimeter to a 12V battery while charging?

You can use an AstroAI digital multimeter with a DC Volt scale to monitor a 12V battery while charging; it will not disturb the charging process. But it can decrease the battery life as while charging, the internal battery of the digital multimeter is constantly in use.