Best multimeters under 50 Dollars Reviews– Top 10 Picks of 2021

It is so often said: you get what you pay for. You can get great multimeters on a very appropriate budget. I have compiled a list of the 10 best multimeters under 50 dollars to save your valuable time. Hopefully, they can streamline your purchase and assist you in finding the affordable one.

In many ways, these reviews will reduce your buying hustle. An informative buying guide can help you to pick out the best multimeter. Multimeters have already proven their importance in day to day life of electrical hobbyists and electronics technicians. 

A good quality multimeter makes technicians work much easier because it can perform voltmeter, ohmmeters, and ammeter duties. However, we do admit that the best quality ones are pretty expensive to buy. 

But believe it or not, there are many multimeters available that can easily fit into a minimal budget of $50. Yes, you heard it right; I researched many multimeters and dug down the best ones. So stick till the end to discover them all.

10 Best multimeters under 50 Dollars

Here I have dig down 5 best multimeters in a very low budget of 50 dollars.

FLUKE-101 Digital Multimeter – easy to carry multimeter

It's a common perception that anything cheaper is of low quality. But Fluke breaks the norms and comes up with a fluke 101 digital multimeter. Its pocket-friendly size makes it best for people who are constantly moving from one place to another. While being small, lightweight, and affordable, it is also a robust multimeter for commercial and residential use.


  • Resilient exterior allows it to last long
  • Equipped with 2 AAA easy to replace batteries
  • Accurate AC/DC volt measurement
  • CAT-III standard
  • Capable to measure 600 volts easily.
  • Data hold technology for user’s convenience
  • Hold button to see fluctuating values easily
  • Capable of continuity and capacitance measurement


  • Robust
  • Single handled usage
  • Durable
  • Simple to operate


  • No backlit display

Astro AI best multimeters under 50 dollars

Up next i have, Astro AI digital multimeter which is capable of measuring various electrical properties. Almost every multimeter can measure voltage, continuity, temperature and resistance. But when i talked about best multimeters under 50 dollars it means some extra features like capacitance, frequency and autoranging. Apart from this, Astro Ai digital multimeter can also provide assistance in testing diodes and transistors as well.


  • 6000 counts Bigger dual line display
  • True RMS value measurement
  • Low battery indication
  • Planned to quickly troubleshoot automotive and household issues
  • can measure current upto 10A
  • can measure voltages upto 600V
  • Blue Back-light display
  • Operates with 9V battery
  • Ceramic fuses installed for overload situation
  • Temperature measurement ranging from -40°F to 2000°F


  • Auto power off
  • 3 year warranty
  • User friendly
  • Pocket friendly size


  • Lacks built in probe holders

INNOVA 3320 is a notable digital multimeter for electronics technicians who works on  control system. It can quickly test batteries. So you don’t need a separate battery tester to check batteries.

Innova Company has been planning multimeters for the computerization industry so you can trace any control system easily. Of all the multimeters, the 3320 model is the best digital meter for home and on-site uses.


  • Color coded LED’S to indicate low battery percentage
  • Good backlit display to provide ease while taking measurements
  • Resistance measurement up to 10
  • Probe Holders for an easy use.
  • can easily perform on-load battery test
  • Auto ranging scales prevents the need to input exact range
  • UL certified


  • Affordable
  • Rubber protection at sides 
  • Accurate measurement
  • Secure diagnosis


  • Does not deal well with tiny electrical components

Etekcity Best inexpenice multimeter for beginners

Etekcity is known for making the absolute best field hardware troubleshooting. You don't have to grab extra accessories like batteries, case and probes for this. Everything comes with the package.

Despite of its cheap price you’ll get an auto-ranging feature. This feature allows you to measure voltage, amps, and current without getting wrong results. Likewise, it has a 6000 count display which is not so common in best multimeters under 50 dollars.


  • AC/DC measurement up to 10 amps
  • Dual protection fuses
  • It comes with a sampling speed of 3 times/sec.
  • Auto power off after 15 minutes
  • It provides several updates per second which is useful for fluctuating devices
  • Equipped with temperature sensor
  • 2.7-inch backlit LCD screen


  • A hard carrying case also comes with it.
  • Extra alligator clips also comes with it.
  • you can also measure mA easily.
  • Data hold innovation


  • The probes can not bear voltages above 750VAC.

KAIWEETS 4000 counts Digital Multimeter

Flexible, ideal for tenderfoots, yet loaded with favorable to even out highlights — the Kaiweets Digital Multimeter is an optimal unit for the user who requests a thorough machine, yet at a reasonable price. ,

This multimeter is capable of measuring tons of electrical properties whether  it be voltage continuity, resistance or capacitance.


  • CAT III safety rated for secure use.
  • Can measure capacitance easily.
  • 4000 counts digital display
  • Auto ranging makes it suitable for beginners
  • Accurate MIN MAX and Average readings
  • Data hold innovation to make operation easier
  • Onload battery test from 1.5V to 9V
  • Measures both AC And DC voltages accurately


  • Large Backlit Display
  • Auto power off
  • Equipped with rear flashlight
  • Silicone case to prevent damages


  • Batteries are hard to replace

Amprobe AM-510 Non-contact voltage multimeter

The Amprobe AM-510 auto ranging multimeter is the best 50 dollar multimeter due of its auto diagnostics features. Multimeters of this league don't have such premium options but amprobe 510 offers it in a very pocket friendly budget.


  • Suitable for diode And Continuity tests
  • CAT III safety rated
  • Non contact voltage detection.
  • Audible warnings for audible continuity checks
  • Relative zero mode for calibration
  • Auto AC/DC Voltage selection
  • Measures up to 600 volts
  • Resistance measurement up to 10 amps


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Large display with back-light
  • Rubber molded case 
  • Auto power for less battery consumption
  • Useful for both home and industrial use


  • Auto ranging might take a while

Neoteck Pocket Multimeter

With this Neoteck Pocket multimeter, you can test your vehicles, machines and outlets without paying much. Due to its smaller size you can not expect auto-ranging feature but it select ac/dc voltage on its own. From display to probes everything is of best quality and will not let you down in any level.

If you're looking for a pocket friendly multimeter in the list of best multimeters under 50 dollars then just grab it.


  • Auto ranging Multimeter
  • Auto power off after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • Works with 9V battery
  • Comes along with a tilt stand, banana clips , alligator clips and test leads
  • Data hold innovation
  • Accurate Readings
  • Large LCD display
  • Can provide readings up to 3 decimal places


  • Compact And Lightweight
  • Works well in low lit areas
  • Capable of retaining data
  • Rubber Holster and Tilt stand makes working with it easier


  • Displayed readings might be difficult to read

Actron CP7677- A budget friendly Multimeter

The Actron multimeter doesn’t appear to be magnificent  however it’s a decent gadget. It's best for technicians who spends most of their time in trouble shooting. In addition to this, It comes with premium quality test leads and a heavy duty battery. so its perfect for outstation use as well.


  • UL and EL listed multimeter
  • best multimeter for automotive use
  • Exact Voltage measurement up till 1000 V
  • It’s rubber coated to prevent damages caused by accidents
  • Separate Dial Protections for measuring micro and  milliamps
  • Non contact voltage detection higher than 1000 v


  • Measures various Electrical properties
  • Adorable
  • Long lasting exterior
  • 6000 counts for better measurements


  • Alligator clips does not have strong grip.

Klein Tools MM400 Digital Multimeter

In the list of best multimeters under 50 dollars, this one is the perfect for various reasons. Klein tools offers variety of features in a very compact size. The plan is additionally quite slick, and it accompanies an elastic holster which guarantees a superior hold. The unit can withstand a drop from three feet of stature on account of the elastic insurance.


  • It measures up to 600 AC and DC volt
  • Measures up to 10 Amps of current and 40 ohms of resistance
  • Versatile design makes it perfect for both beginners and professionals
  • Can also measure temperature in celsius degree scale
  • Low battery indication 
  • Easy to replace batteries
  • User manual also comes with it


  • Jerk Resistant to some extent
  • Lightweight makes it easy to carry
  • Data hold technology saves instantaneous values 
  • Auto power off after 15 minutes of inactivity


  • Doesn’t support True RMS

ANENG 9999 Counts -Best multimeters under 50 dollars

This specific multimeter is extraordinary for electric technicians and DIY enthusiasts. It perfectly measures AC/DC 750V. One of the perfect feature is its size its just a bit bigger than your smartphone. Personally, this is the best multimeter you can get under 50 dollars.


  • Equipped with AUTO/MANUAL ranging 
  • The displayed readings are accurate on its 10000 counts display.
  • A display back-light also available in it
  • Comes along with two spare fuses for future use
  • Legible display with clear symbols
  • can easily measure resistance up-to 10 MΩ


  • Best quality test leads
  • Long lasting and Sturdy
  • Exact readings
  • User friendly


 Auto power off is not available


Sometimes it’s easy to buy a model produced by an unheard-of brand and experience blunders but that's not a wise decision. When it comes to buy a quality multimeter one should know its budget and testing ranges. Here i tried to list down 10 best multimeters under 50 dollars. Hope you have find the best one for yourself.

In my opinion, Fluke-101 is the best option. If you're more curious about Fluke multimeters then, i also made a list of 5 best fluke multimeters. Let's have a look and enjoy.

Good luck!

FAQs for Best multimeters under 50 Dollars

How much does a good multimeter costs?

A good multimeter is the one which posses all the features in a pocket friendly budget. Like auto-ranging, display counts, frequency,non contact volatge detection and many mores.

which is the best brand for best multimeters under 50 dollars?

the best brand is the one which also offers post sales services. Keeping in mind this, fluke  is the best brand because it has its own fluke labs from where you can caliberate your multimeters.