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The 5 Best Commercial Jump Starter| Tested By Expert 2023

In an age where reliability and efficiency are paramount for businesses, the choice of the best commercial jump starter can make all the difference. Whether it's a fleet of delivery vehicles, construction equipment, or a commercial workshop, the ability to quickly and effectively jump-start vehicles can minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

The market is replete with various options, each claiming to be the best, but making an informed decision demands more than just marketing rhetoric.

Do You Need a Commercial Jump Starter?

Commercial battery jump starters are heavy-duty devices designed for large vehicles like trucks, buses, and construction equipment. If you own or operate such vehicles, a commercial jump starter can be a valuable investment. They provide the power needed to jump-start large engines reliably and efficiently, minimizing downtime and potential financial losses.

But if you're just dealing with regular cars and don't run into dead batteries all the time, a heavy duty jump starter for technicians might be best. They're pretty hefty, both in terms of size and price. For most folks, a standard automotive jump starter or a trusty set of jumper cables should do the trick just fine.

Best Commercial Jump Starter-Our Top 5 Picks

Jump StarterPeak Output CurrentBattery CapacityFlashlightItem Weight
NOCO GBX155 Jump Starter4250 Amps22000 mAhNo23 lbs
Clore JNC770R Jump Starter1700 Amps4000mAhYes9 lbs
Schumacher DSR115 Jump Starter4400 Amps4000mAhYes41.23 lbs
AUTOGEN MJS-PJS500 Jump Starter10000 Amps42000 mAhYes7.37 lbs
AVAPOW A68 Jump Starter6000 Amps32000mAhYes2.75 lbs
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1-NOCO Boost X GBX155 4250A Car Jump Starter

Best Battery Jump Starter

This impressive gadget isn't just a regular jump starter; it's a 12V Jump Starter Battery Pack. What's so cool about it? Well, it's got this Turbo Chargeable USB-C technology that's like a speed demon. It can go from empty to jump-starting your car in just 5 minutes! And when it's completely drained, it recharges in a blink - 2.7 hours, to be exact.

Best ‎NOCO‎ GBX155 Jump Starter

But here's the kicker: it's not just for your car. With USB-C Power Delivery, it can juice up your phone, tablet, laptop, and more. It's like a power bank on steroids. And safety? UltraSafe 2.0 is on it, ensuring it's goof-proof with spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection. It's a versatile beast too, ready to jump start cars, trucks, boats, and even tractors!


  • Peak Output Current: 4250 Amps
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Capacity: 22000 mA
  • Flashlight: No
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Item Weight: 23 lbs

Features of NOCO Boost X GBX155 4250A Car Jump Starter

  • The NOCO Boost X GBX155 boasts USB-C technology for lightning-fast recharges. It fully recharges in just 2.7 hours, or you can go from 0% to jump starting in just 5 minutes of charge.
  • With USB-C Power Delivery, it can charge a variety of devices, from phones to laptops, providing 60 watts of power both in and out.
  • Featuring enhanced thermal efficiency and power management, this jump starter offers spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection for better performance and longer battery life.
  • This lithium jump starter is incredibly versatile, capable of jump-starting vehicles like cars, motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, boats, and more, even with engines up to 10.0-liter gasoline and 8.0-liter diesel.
  • Starts all vehicle types up to 10L gas and 8L diesel
  • UltraSafe 2.0 technology
  • USB-C Power Delivery recharges in 2.7 hours
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Bulky for some users

Why Do We Choose This?

Equipped with UltraSafe 2.0 technology, the NOCO Boost X provides a high level of safety during jump starts. Its spark-proof design and reverse polarity protection ensure that users can safely jump-start their vehicles without the risk of accidents or damage to the device.

2-Clore Automotive JNC770R Jump Starter

Best Heavy Duty Jump Starter

The Clore Automotive JNC770R is known for its reliability, offering 1700 Peak Amps and 425 Cranking Amps. This substantial power output ensures that it can effectively jump-start your vehicle, even in challenging conditions.

Best Commercial Jump Starter

The 68-inch 2 AWG Welding Cable Leads and Heavy Duty Powerjaw Clamps ensure you've got a strong connection to your vehicle's battery. Plus, there's a built-in 3A Automatic Charger, so you don't have to worry about overcharging. And don't forget the Master ON/OFF Switch – it's all about making your life easier.


  • Peak Output Current: 1700 A
  • Voltage: 12V / 24V
  • Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Flashlight: Yes
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Item Weight: 9 lbs

Features of Clore Automotive JNC770R Jump Starter

  • The Clore JNC770R delivers 1,700 Peak Amps and 425 Cranking Amps, making it a robust jump starter for various vehicles.
  • Clore Proformer Battery Technology - This jump starter features advanced battery technology for reliable performance.
  • With 68" 2 AWG welding cable leads and heavy-duty Powerjaw clamps, it ensures a strong and secure connection.
  • It comes equipped with a built-in 3A automatic charger for added convenience.
  • Built for heavy-duty applications
  • 1700 peak amps
  • 68" 2 AWG welding cable leads
  • Built-in 3A automatic charger
  • Bulky and heavy for portability

Why Do We Choose This?

Meet the Clore Automotive JNC770R, a jump starter that packs a punch with 1700 Peak Amps and 425 Cranking Amps. You know what that means? It's got some serious power under the hood. It's equipped with Clore PROFORMER Battery Technology, which is fancy talk for saying it's got a reliable battery.

3-Schumacher DSR115 DSR ProSeries Pro Jump Starter

“Works with Semis Class 8 Vehicles”

If you're dealing with heavy-duty trucks and Class 8 vehicles, this one's got your back. The Schumacher DSR115 ProSeries Pro Jump Starter is a powerhouse, offering 4400 peak amps, 750 cranking amps, and 525 cold cranking amps.

Best Schumacher DSR115 Jump  Starter

That's some serious muscle. And it's user-friendly with a simple digital display, an on/off switch, and a reverse connection warning. No need to be a tech wizard to use this! It even has a rapid charging feature, so you're not wasting time waiting around. Plus, it's built to last with durable metal clamps and high-output AGM batteries.


  • Peak Output Current: 4400 A
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Flashlight: Yes
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Item Weight: 41.23 lbs

Features of Schumacher DSR115 DSR ProSeries Pro Jump Starter

  • Offering 4400 peak amps for gas or diesel engines, it also provides up to 750 cranking amps and 525 cold cranking amps for reliable performance, even on cold days.
  • With a simple digital display, on/off switch, reverse connection warning, and rapid charging feature, it's user-friendly.
  • It includes durable metal clamps and high-output AGM batteries for added value.
  • The 2 AWG 60-inch cables and rust-proof case enhance durability, making it a dependable choice.
  • Works with gas and diesel engines and heavy-duty trucks
  • 4400 peak amps
  • Simple digital display
  • 2 AWG 60-inch cables
  • Limited advanced features compared to previous models

Why Do We Choose This?

The Schumacher DSR115 is engineered for heavy-duty tasks, offering 4400 peak amps. This remarkable power output makes it a top choice for jump-starting larger gas and diesel engines.

4-AUTOGEN 12V & 24V Jump Starter

“Best for Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery”

The AUTOGEN 12V & 24V Jump Starter is like a superhero for your vehicle. It can deliver a whopping 10000 Amps for 12V systems and 5000 Amps for 24V systems. And guess what? It weighs less than 9 pounds, which is a lifesaver if you're lugging it around a garage, bus, construction site, or farm. Safety? Check. It's got a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, known as one of the safest batteries out there.

Best Commercial Jump Starter

Plus, it's super smart. It can automatically detect whether it's dealing with a 12V or 24V system, so no need to fiddle with switches. And it's got extra goodies like dual USB charging ports, a built-in 12V outlet for stuff like air compressors, and a bright torch light with multiple modes. Tough, rugged, and reliable – it's got all the qualities you want in a jump starter.


  • Peak Output Current: 10000A
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Capacity: 42000 mAH
  • Flashlight: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Item Weight: 7.37 lbs

Features of AUTOGEN 12V & 24V Jump Starter

  • This jump starter features a premium-quality Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, known for its safety and reliability.
  • It automatically detects whether it's a 12V or 24V system, eliminating the need for manual switching. The large digital screen provides clear operation guidance.
  • Equipped with dual USB charging ports, a built-in 12V outlet, and a bright torch light with 3 flashing modes, it's a versatile tool.
  • AUTOGEN's PJS500 delivers a remarkable 10,000 Amp (12V system) and 5,000 Amp (24V) jump-starting power while weighing under 9lb, saving space and weight in your garage, bus, or construction site.
  • LiFePO4 battery
  • Automatic detection of 12V or 24V
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • 3 flashing modes
  • Limited information on compatibility for specific engines

Why Do We Choose This?

The AUTOGEN 12V & 24V Jump Starter stands out for its exceptional power. It offer a remarkable 10000 Amps for 12V systems and 5000 Amps for 24V systems. This immense power output makes it suitable for tackling even the most challenging jump-starting tasks.

5-AVAPOW 6000A Car Battery Jump Starter

Best Boat Jump Starter

Looking for raw power? The AVAPOW A68 Car Jump Starter is a beast, offering up to 6000A peak current. That's enough juice to start pretty much any gas or diesel engine out there, even if the battery's on life support. It's like a portable powerhouse for your car, Semi truck, motorcycle, boat, and more. But it's not just about power; it's about safety too.

Best ‎AVAPOW ‎A68 Jump Starter

The intelligent jumper clamps come with eight layers of protection to keep you and your vehicle safe. And it's not just a jump starter; it's a portable power pack. With two USB output ports, including a quick-charging one, it can rescue your dead phone or tablet. Plus, it's got an ultra-bright LED light with multiple modes, making it a lifesaver in the dark or during emergencies.


  • Peak Output Current: 6000A
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Capacity: 32000mAh
  • Flashlight: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Item Weight: 2.75 lbs

Features of AVAPOW 6000A Car Battery Jump Starter

  • The AVAPOW A68 jump starter offers a peak current of 6000A and is suitable for all gas and diesel engines, including those up to 12 liters. It's lightweight and portable.
  • Equipped with intelligent jumper clamps and 8 safety protections, it ensures safe and correct usage.
  • With 2 USB output ports, including a quick-charging port, it can charge your devices quickly, saving you time.
  • Featuring three modes (Lighting/Flash/SOS), the LED light is invaluable for starting your car at night or serving as a lifeguard in emergencies.
  • 6000A peak current
  • 8 safety protections
  • 2 USB output ports
  • 3 modes of LED light
  • The jump starter requires more frequent recharging

Why Do We Choose This?

The AVAPOW A68 features an ultra-bright LED light with three modes, making it incredibly useful during nighttime emergencies. The jump starter is built tough, designed to withstand challenging conditions. Its rugged housing adds to its durability, making it a dependable tool for a variety of situations.

Buying Guide for Best Commercial Jump Starter

If you're in the market for the best commercial jump starter, you're in the right place. These handy devices are a lifesaver when you need to get your heavy-duty vehicles and equipment up and running again. But picking the right one can be a bit tricky. Let's break it down for you.

1. Battery Type and Capacity

First things first, think about the batteries you'll be jump-starting. Commercial vehicles often have big, beefy batteries, so you'll want a jump starter that can handle different types like lead-acid, AGM, gel cell, and even lithium-ion.

Now, here's a key spec to watch: peak current rating, measured in amps (A). It tells you the max power the jump starter can give for that quick engine crank. For heavy-duty jobs, go for a jump starter with a peak current rating of at least 1500A.

While peak power gets things going, continuous current rating (also in amps) keeps the juice flowing while your engine revs up. More amps here mean a more reliable jump-start, especially for bigger engines or multiple batteries.

2. Battery Voltage

Commercial vehicles can have 12V or 24V batteries. Make sure your commercial jump starter for automotives can match the voltage your vehicles use. Some units are versatile, handling both 12V and 24V systems.

Think about how you'll lug this thing around. If you're on the move a lot, consider a jump starter with handles or wheels for easier transport. Keep in mind, though, that bigger units often pack more power.

3. Battery Technology

Battery tech matters too. Lead-acid jump starters are reliable and budget-friendly but can be heavy. On the flip side, lithium-ion jump starters are lightweight, compact, and maintenance-free but usually cost more.

Safety should always come first. Look for jump starters with safety features like reverse polarity protection to prevent accidents when connecting it to the battery the wrong way. Overcurrent and short-circuit protection are also must-haves to keep you and your gear safe.

4. Charging Options

Consider how you'll juice up your jump starter after use. Some can be charged from a regular wall outlet, while others need a 12V vehicle charger or both. Options are good, especially if you're always on the move.

Some jump starters come with cool extras like built-in air compressors, USB ports for charging gadgets, LED work lights, and digital displays to check the battery's status. These can add convenience and value to your purchase.

5. Cable Length and Quality

Don't forget about the cables. Longer, durable jumper cables are a must to reach those battery terminals comfortably. Sturdy clamps with solid teeth and insulation are also essential for a secure connection.

Commercial environments can be tough, so look for jump starters built to handle the heat. Impact-resistant cases and rugged construction are great signs. Weather-resistant features are a bonus for outdoor use.

6. Warranty and Customer Support

A good warranty and solid customer support are worth their weight in gold. Check out what the manufacturer offers in terms of warranty and read reviews to see how happy other customers are. A longer warranty often means the company trusts its product.

Commercial jump starters come in a range of prices, so set a budget that aligns with your needs. Remember, investing in a quality commercial jump starter for mechanics can save you time and money in the long run.

7. User Reviews and Recommendations

Before you make a final call, see what real users have to say. Read reviews and ask your colleagues or friends in the industry for recommendations. Their experiences can be invaluable.

Lastly, consider sticking with reputable brands. Brands with a history of reliable products and good customer support are usually a safe bet.

Steps to Use Commercial Jump Starter

A commercial jump starter is an essential tool for anyone who needs to jump-start a vehicle with a dead battery, whether it's a large truck, a construction vehicle, or any other heavy-duty machine. These jump starters are designed to deliver the high levels of power required to start large engines. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to safely and effectively use a commercial jump starter.

Step 1: Safety First

Before you begin, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Ensure you are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves and safety glasses, to protect yourself from any sparks or battery acid. Also, make sure the jump starter is in good condition and not damaged.

Step 2: Positioning the Jump Starter

Place the commercial jump starter for mechanics in a stable and secure position. It should be close enough to the vehicle's battery to allow the jumper cables to reach without any strain or tugging. Keep the jump starter away from moving parts of the engine and hot surfaces.

Step 3: Turn off the Ignition and Disconnect Accessories

Ensure that the ignition of the vehicle is turned off. Additionally, disconnect any accessories or electronic devices that are connected to the vehicle's power supply. This step prevents any potential electrical surges when you connect the portable commercial jump starter.

Step 4: Connect the Jumper Cables

Most commercial jump starters come with heavy-duty jumper cables that have two clamps each – one red (positive) and one black (negative). Here's how to connect them:

  • First, connect the red clamp to the positive terminal of the dead battery. The positive terminal is usually marked with a "+" sign or is red.
  • Next, connect the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the jump starter.
  • Now, connect the black clamp to the negative terminal of the jump starter.
  • Finally, connect the remaining black clamp to a clean, unpainted metal surface on the vehicle with the dead battery. This can be a metal bracket or the engine block, but it should be away from the battery to prevent any sparks near the potentially flammable battery gases.

Step 5: Power On the Jump Starter

Once all the connections are secure, turn on the power switch or button on the commercial jump starter. This action activates the jump starter and sends power to the dead battery.

Now, attempt to start the vehicle with the dead battery. Turn the ignition key or push the start button, as you normally would. If the vehicle starts successfully, congratulations! You can proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Disconnect the Jumper Cables

After the vehicle has started, it's important to disconnect the jumper cables in the correct order to avoid any accidents:

  • Start by disconnecting the black clamp from the metal surface on the vehicle with the dead battery.
  • Then, remove the black clamp from the negative terminal of the jump starter.
  • Next, remove the red clamp from the positive terminal of the portable commercial jump starter.
  • Finally, disconnect the red clamp from the positive terminal of the previously dead battery.

Step 7: Turn Off the Jump Starter

Once all the cables are disconnected, turn off the commercial jump starter. This ensures that it's safe to store or move. To ensure that your jump starter is ready for the next use, recharge it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Most commercial jump starters come with built-in rechargeable batteries.

Still Confused? Let's Wrap It Up For You

As our analysis has shown, the best commercial jump starter is not just a convenience; it's a strategic investment. When you consider that 78% of commercial vehicle breakdowns are due to battery issues, having a reliable jump starter on hand is more than just a luxury—it's a necessity. 

Furthermore, the fact that 63% of businesses report that vehicle downtime significantly impacts their operations highlights the urgency of making the right choice.

So, whether you manage a logistics fleet, a construction site, or a bustling workshop, remember that the best commercial jump starter isn't just a tool—it's a strategic asset that can keep your business running smoothly, saving you time and money in the long run.