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5 Best Fluke Multimeter for Electronics Work -Reviews 2021

Just as its name suggests, here i discussed about 5 best fluke multimeter for electronics work. Fluke multimeter is a Powerful electronic tool capable of measuring multiple electrical properties. However, having a  fluke multimeter eliminates the need to carry other devices. Such as a voltmeter, electrical tester, and ohmmeter for simple measurements. 

A multimeter plays a significant role in the life of an electronic technician. However, the process of choosing the best one is complex. And even missing out on the tiniest detail can lead to a series accident. To save your time, i have gathered the 5 best Fluke multimeters for Electronics work.

Stick till the end of the article to discover them all and how you can buy the best one.

What Makes a multimeter Best for Electronic Technician?

As I already mentioned, that how a multimeter is a crucial and essential element for an electrician. It should also be noted that to fulfill the requirements of an electronic technician.

A multimeter should meet specific standards. It should be accurate and fast with displaying measurements that are easy to read. Furthermore, it is advised to opt for Digital Display and True RMS Measurements and, most of all, 600 voltage measurements to satisfy technical requirements.  

Buying Guide- How To Choose The Best Fluke multimeter For Electronics

Here is a comprehensive guide that covers all the factors you should look into before making the actual purchase.


This might sound like a bit of detail, especially when buying some diagnostic tools like a digital multimeter.

Ask yourself if you want to perform some operations around the house or need some observations, experiments, or professional use.

Fluke multimeters are available in various sizes, forms, and qualities, with prices differing a little from each other.

Buy one that suits your mode of use. By this, we mean that there is no use in spending a large amount of money on a high-grade multimeter. Because if you will only use it once or twice then its useless to buy an expensive one. In addition, don't choose a low-quality one if you are an electronics technician. Because electronics work required precise measurements.

Therefore, if you need a budget friendly multimeter for home use then just have look on my list of 10 best budget multimeter reviews.


The following detail to pay attention to when buying a multimeter is its type. There are just two types of multimeters making your decision more easy:


This type is pretty self-explanatory. It’s just a basic form of a multimeter with a dial and a needle attached to it. This is quite old-fashioned but still used today by many electronics technicians as it shows minute leakages also. In addition to that, these analog multimeters are affordable and fast.

However, experts do not recommend them for an expert technician.

Automotive multimeter

In contrast to the previous type, Automotive multimeters are far more advanced, precise, and accurate. Moreover, the readings are displayed in a clean format on a LED screen. However, this variant is more costly than an analog multimeter as it can measure a whole array of electrical factors. To make your experience a bit easier i have also made a list of 8 best multimeters for automotive use.

User friendly

As mentioned already, fluke multimeters vary in form. Therefore, it is advised to buy one that goes best with your task mode. By this, if you are just a beginner and aim to perform simple measurements, then opt for one that is easy to use.

Comfortable Design

Having an efficient tool that is compact enough to fit in your hand or pocket can be tremendous, and luckily most Fluke meters are compact and ergonomic.

However, it is advised not to get tricked by this compact design and spend your money on the smallest size available, as it can lead to difficulty in reading the measurements.

All in all, try to go for one that can fit in less space but focus on its display, functioning, and quality.


This is where the actual game starts. Ranging is also distributed further into Manual and Auto Ranging.

Manual Ranging

This is basically when the multimeter requires you to feed in a spectrum of Values yourself. It's a rather time-consuming and tricky process and not advised for beginners as deciding a range of values demands practice and experience. Moreover if you're in need of best multimeter for electronics work then fluke multimeters are the best.

Auto Ranging

This is a common choice of the most electronic technician as it requires absolutely no effort at all. Most Fluke Meters And Digital Multimeters are Auto Ranging.


And we are down to the most significant factor, which is accuracy.

Accuracy plays an integral part in the efficiency of an Automotive multimeter but is also a tricky part to judge.

Why? Because there is no exact way of judging it. And often, a cheap quality device ends up beating a commercial-grade multimeter inaccuracy.

However, paying attention to the lead probes and clamps gets you closer to making a good choice. Always avoid rusty clamps and probes because they are never reliable.

Likewise, try to stay away from cheap manufacturers.

Battery life

Good battery life is the demand of every Customer, and why wouldn't it be? There is no use of an electronic device if it can't even last long.

Most people use 3AA or AAA batteries as they are likely to last long. However, This detail may differ with different models and types even after you use the same battery.

Here, you are advised to thoroughly examine the packaging and user manual as it states all the information required about the battery.

And Did you know that some automotive multimeters automatically shut down when not in use? So make sure to consider them while making your purchase.


Lastly, Don’t walk away with complete tools, in places where electricity is involved. Make sure you choose products that are robust enough to keep you safe from all the possible risks.

Consider items that come along with safety certification and rating. Here Fluke Digital Multimeters will be the right choice for you. They provide a minimum of CAT I, CAT II, or CAT III ratings to assure that you spend your hard-earned money on a product that meets specific protection and quality standards.

Don't forget to look for a warranty. Reliable manufacturers always provide a minimum of 2 years warranty along with Customer service.

5 Best Fluke Multimeter For Electronics Work

Now when you have gone through all the prominent factors in buying a Digital multimeter. Take a look at the 5 best Multimeters from the brand Fluke. They specializes in making quality reliable electrical testing kits.

1. Fluke 117 True RMS Digital Multimeter

If you are looking for a multimeter for an electrical technician, then this Fluke 117 multimeter will be a choice for you to consider. This multimeter has won the award of Amazon’s Choice among other Fluke testers.


  • True RMS AC voltage and current, which provides explicit and accurate measurements.
  • It also characterizes NIST Calibration, ensuring that voltage and current test tools are up to the mark and match the specs and required standards.
  • Large LED display to make reading measurements easy for the user.
  • It is also equipped with CAT III 600 V user rating for Customer safety.
  • Lightweight, which makes it easier to carry around and attach tool belts.
  • It is also capable of retaining and storing displayed data.


  • Built-in Thermometer
  •  Accurate MIN/ MAX/ AVERAGE readings
  • Ergonomic design
  • Competitive testing capabilities


  • Poor display from different angles.

What’s included in the Pack: 

  • Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter
  • Holster.
  • Installed 9V battery.
  • 4mm silicone test lead set.
  • User manual

2. Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter

This multimeter is specially designed to assist people who can not hold the multimeter for a long time. It gives you a 10 M safe distance with a magnet at the rear end of the display. The connectivity is good with a promising range.

So, if you often find yourself troubleshooting a faulty device from a distance, then Fluke 233 is best to grab. There is no glitch inn say that it is the best fluke multimeter for electronics work.


  • It is capable of measuring up to 1000 volts AC and DC
  • With its Auto hold feature, You don't have to hold down the button to read the measurements continuously
  • It permits you to measure all sorts of AC drives far more precisely than a general RMS  device
  • Built-in thermometer to obtain temperature readings conveniently
  • Extended battery life of 400 hours to assist you in long work hours.
  • True RMS to prevent ghost voltages and inaccurate readings


  • Automatic Radio Transmitter
  • Wide Backlight with easy to read digits
  • Auto power off maximizes battery life.
  • Less power consumption


  • No Micro Amps range.

What’s included in the Pack

  • Multimeter
  • AA batteries (x5)
  • Test leads
  • Alligator clips
  • Type-K Thermocouple (80BK-A)
  • Manual

3. Fluke 179 ESFP True RMS Multimeter 

If Accuracy, reliability, and Ease of usage are what you want, then Fluke 179 ESFB is your call. It has all the features that an electronics technician required.

Being an electronics engineer, i know that we have to measure from high voltages to micro amps in electronic circuits. All mobile and computer boards operates under 5 volts, so you can trace them easily.


  • Customers love its Durability and reliability.
  • It’s a one-time purchase to get rid of all worries in the future.
  • It is suitable for both at home and professional use
  • It permits both auto & manual ranging.
  • Accurate True RMS technology permits accuracy in nonlinear loads
  • It can bear shocks to a greater extent than other multimeters
  • It offers a lifetime warranty for better after-sale assistance.


  • Easy to use
  • Continuity, Resistance, and diode tests
  • Portable and sturdy exterior
  • Display Hold and Auto hold feature


  • Quite expensive than other Fluke testers.

What’s included in the Pack

  • 80BK Temperature Probe
  • Installed 9V battery
  • Test leads
  • Users manual

4. Fluke 87V Digital multimeter with Clamp Meter

If you are looking for a multimeter kit caoable of doing everything, then just grab it. As it can troubleshoot many HVAC applications in a few seconds. Moreover, its accurate results makes it suitable for every type work.

No matter if the conditions are critical and noisy, you will get best results. Multiple test leads and a detachable clamp lead also comes with it. 


  • Capable of measuring up to 10 A  and 20 A  in 30 seconds
  • High-resolution display makes reading the small digits  easier
  • Built-in indicator beeps when input is wrong.
  • True RMS keeps Ghost voltages away.
  • Built-in thermometer and TC probe make it all in one tool.


  • CAT IV Rated
  • Removable Holster
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hassle-free device


  • Heavier than other models

What’s included in the Pack

  • Fluke 87V True-RMS Industrial Multimeter
  • Fluke i400 400A AC Current Clamp
  • Fluke 80BK-A DMM Temperature Probe
  • Fluke TL75 Hard Point Test Lead Set
  • Fluke AC175 Threaded Alligator Clip Set

5. Fluke 116 Best fluke Multimeter for electronics work

Wrapping up our list of Best Fluke Multimeters For Electronics with another digital multimeter from Fluke 116. The innovation involved is something it should be praised for. While using the term innovation, we by no means wanted to convey that it's complex for a beginner. Fluke 116 is the best Fluke multimeter For beginners for automotive and other technical work.


  • It offers micro amp testing, which is quite rare in automotive multimeters nowadays.
  • It incorporates LoZ technology to keep you away from ghost voltages
  • Hassle-free and safe to use.
  • It uses non-contact voltage detection with Volt alert
  • Fluke offers After-sale client assistance to resolve the issues related to it.
  • It relies on a single 9V battery only.


  • Built-in thermometer for temperature readings
  • Easy to use and ergonomic design
  • Accurate MIN/MAX/ AVERAGE measurements
  • Budget-friendly


  • Readings take a while to appear on the screen.

What’s included in the Pack

  • Fluke 116 True-RMS multimeter
  • Fluke 80BK-A DMM Temperature Probe
  • Fluke TL75 Hard Point Test Lead Set
  • Fluke Hostler
  • 9V battery
  • User guide manual


No matter if you are an Electronics Technician or just a newbie, these fluke multimeters are the best one. However, the market is flooded with manufacturers claiming themselves the best one. But, i have made this list explicitly to present you the best Multimeters from FLUKE to save your valuable money. We hope you find it informative and will garb the best one.

Good luck!