5 Best multimeter for Electronics Repair Reviews & Buyer’s guide

Wondering to learn about, best multimeter for electronics repair? Every electronic technician’s job is to deal with power-sensitive elements daily. Naturally, a multimeter becomes their necessary equipment. 

Moreover, technicians who must work with their multimeters have to measure several parameters daily, especially for operation. Simply it means that they must have separate instruments for measuring current, resistance, and inductance.

Carrying different equipment for measuring some elements is super difficult in several situations. Therefore, the only solution for such a problem is to use high-tech multimeters that could work in all circumstances.

However, you will face difficulties in choosing the best among different options, do not worry here. We have minimized that labor for you. So read on to learn about best multimeter for electronics repair.

Are multimeters dangerous?

If the best multimeter for electronics repair or the tested leads are not maintained properly, shock hazards can occur. Especially if the meter is not properly rated for voltage, then arc flash can occur. In addition to this, the meter is exposed to different transient voltages outside its operating conditions, especially because of the defective components or parts.

Should I buy a multimeter or clamp meter?

If you wish to measure current, then the clamp meter is the best multimeter for electronics repair, but for some different measurements like resistance, voltage, and frequency, such multimeters are preferred. All of them are for better accuracy and resolution. So, if your main concern is about safety, then clamp meters are the best tool for safer use.

Are cheap multimeters any good?

Mostly the cheap multimeters are perfectly working, even though you will not get whatever you are paying for, or as you might be expected. Especially if the multimeter is open, you must have the hack to get the Wi-Fi or some special port.

Can you isolate yourself with a multimeter?

If your multimeter is set to get voltage, then you might get a high resistance. On the other hand, if everything is working fine, then it will not shock you. On the other hand, if you have one lead in hot, another information could complete that shock.

How accurate is a clamp meter?

Mostly such multimeters are super accurate. However, the DC clamp meters are not accurate. Anything less than about 10 amperes. To increase the clamp accuracy, turn around 5 to 10 wires around the clamp. After that, run low current through the wire.

A Complete Buyer’s Guide about Best Multimeter for Electronics Repair

A good multimeter is one which can perform all your tasks easily. After technical requirement the second things comes to your mind is budget. To make your struggle easier I have also shortlisted best budget friendly multimeters for you.

Furthermore, Before buying a good multimeter for electronics repairing you must need to know a few things. 

Range limits

Here are some of the excellent recommendations of the ranges:

Resistance 10 ohms to 20 MOhm

Current range ten micro-Amperes to 10 Amp

The voltage range is to millivolt to 600 V.


Suppose you’re working on electronic card with mA current. If the accuracy is not high enough you will never trace it. Low Pass filters (Loz) improves the accuracy of multimeters.


Display is the foremost important thing for the best multimeter for electronics repair. From 7 segment display to dual LCD display multimeters have a range of 1999counts to 6000 counts. In addition to this backlight display also plays a vital role in display of digital multimeters.

Like digital multimeters analogue multimeters also comes with a backlight display. Tekpower TP8260L is an analogue multimeter also comes with high accuracy and backlight display. Furthermore, If you need an old-school multimeter with high accuracy this must be in your kit.

Recommended Tekpower TP8260L Analog Multimeter With Back Light,

Tekpower TP8260L

  Overall Rating: 4.5/5

  It can measure 

  • Voltages upto 600Volts
  • Current upto 10A
  • Resistance upto 20kohm
  • Zero level adjustment
  • Backlit display
  • 1 year warranty

Continuity response time

It can be not very pleasant if your multimeter has a slow response and sometimes It can be time-consuming while analyzing the circuit.

Testing transistor

If you are using the PNP transistor, then the voltage can be between 0.4 to 0.9V. On the other hand, NPN can be found by over-limit while testing.

Temperature measurement

For the best multimeter for computer repair, it is always good to check for the temperature measurement.

Frequency measurement

If you want to measure the frequency, of best multimeter for computer repair then here are some of the optional modes like:

  • Min Max recording mode
  • Frequency counter
  • Auto range mode

Safety features

You must also check the safety features while working on the multimeters. Moreover. all good multimeters have inbuilt glass or ceramic fuses to avoid Short circuits. 

Input resistance

If you are encountering the multimeter for the first time. In such a regard, the input resistance is considerable because it determines the accuracy of any multimeter.

Battery Life

Normal multimeters are the ones which has 400hours battery life. It is always best to choose the 1000 hours of battery time. 

5 Best multimeters for Electronics Repair

1. INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

INNOVA 3320 is the auto-ranging multimeter. It is designed for different troubleshooting types of household and automotive electrical issues. Such a need can be an effective way to eliminate the dial in the correct range while using electronic measurement. Always keep it around ten mega ohms, which is perfect for household use.  Moreover it’s design is not like normal electronic multimeters.


Get the automatic right range of current with the help of auto-ranging scale.

It has a large and clear features display.

Get the color-coded LEDs to get the status of charge easily.

Single setting resistance for DC and AC voltage

It comprises the 10 Mega Ohms input impedance.

best multimeter for electronics repair


  • Clear large, display
  • Precise for small jobs
  • Auto ranging a perfect feature for this cost
  • Best battery life indicator
  • Sheathed, long probe leads.
  • Elastic strap for cord wrist


  • No hold functions.
  • No range of capacitance

Why is this multimeter best?

A highly secure option for people who use multimeters most.

2. Amprobe AM-570 Digital Multimeter with True-RMS

It is the best digital multimeter for electronics for all professional electricians. Especially the ones who want to maintain, troubleshoot, and service the advanced electrical system. If you’re confused about how to measure current using multimeter then choose this. Because it is the best multimeter due to maximum safety features. 

You get the multimeter packed with different features. Like dual thermocouples for differential measurements of temperatures and True RMS values.

The low impedance functions, and a low pass is also available for taking accurate measurement. Hence, you can get the best result without any need for checking additional tools.


Has a clear and large display.

Get the color-coded LEDs for the status of the easy charge.

Single setting resistance for AC and DC voltage

Get 10 Mega ohms impedance.

multimeters for computers repairing


  • Min/max memory
  • Data hold
  • Peak hold crest
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Auto power off
  • Low battery warning


  • Display back light is not illuminating evenly.

Why is this multimeter best?

If you’re working on electronic power cards, you can get the correct result.

3. Amazon Commercial 4000 Count Multimeter, IP67

If I have to pass one comment on this multimeter then it will be “Overall a complete package”. Additionally, IP67 is the other perfect feature of this multimeter. Also, the brand is famous for its versatility while showing accurate readings. You will work on this multimeter as you want as it will provide the long hours of battery. Therefore, getting the precise result is now possible with this multimeter in no time.


Handheld digital multimeter which is there for showing frequency and voltage

A built-in thermometer is best for showing easy temperature measurements.

Backlit LCD, which can show you the proper function.

IP67 standard makes it invincible to weather changes and water.

Low pass filter provides a noise free fully calibrated values.

It has Water proof plugs for jacks, which are only available in best multimeters for electronics repairs.

Best multimeters for HVAC systems need temperature sensing. A k-type thermocouple also comes with the package for a precise temperature measurement.

electronic testers for computer repairing


  • Best multimeter for measuring frequency and voltage
  • Compact size easily fits into tool belt and pocket.
  • Counts up to 4000.


  • Need to replace batteries often!

Why is this multimeter best?

If you’re lookin for a most advanced multimeter for industrial equipment repairing then it’s for you. The multimeter worth your consideration because of its frequency and voltage range.

4. Fluke 115 True-RMS-The Best Multimeter for Electronics Repair

With only its simple operation, you can get the compact design, and it is super easy to use. You can get all the requirements for electronic and electrical requirements. The best is to get a comprehensive reading of the multimeter with only a display. Therefore, you can read the accurate voltage and the current readings with 600 count resolution. Moreover,  capacitance and continuity makes electronics circuits verification easier.


Get a safe result for CAT III 600V environments.

Large white LED backlight which works poorly in the dark areas

Get the true RMS for precise measurements.

A calibration certificate also came along with it.

The backlite display light is not very shimmery and has a cool impact.

A hold button makes it easier to see fluctuating values.

You can also measure millivolts and milliamperes. 

Auto-off features shuts the multimeter of after 15 minutes of inactivity, which saves battery as well. 

Best fluke multimeter for electronics repair


  • Gives you the precise and accurate results when you are testing with fuel injectors.
  • Best customers service
  • Sturdy and durable Auto ranging capabilities
  • Comes with CAT-III Standard probes
  • Long lasting battery


  • It can not measure current above 20 Amperes

Why is this multimeter best?

The best multimeter for electronics repair is the one which can measure values with higher calibration levels. Internal fuses also ensures safety standards. 

5. Mastech MS8268 Digital AC/DC Digital Multimeter

If you’re looking for a sturdy electronic multimeter with the manual/auto-ranging then Mastech is something you must see. You can get this multifactional and reliable multimeter in a pocket friendly budget. In electronics repairing accuracy is everything while measuring values. Luckily this multimeter provides well calibrated results in no time.


The body is completely covered with silicon case which makes it anti-shocking.

You can easily measure up to 1000 Volts easily which are mostly required in electronic power cards.

Although the current rang is minimal (10A) But for electronics circuit fault analysis that’s enough.

When incorrect banana jacks get the continuity warning sign

You can also measure frequency Hz which is a remarkable feature.

Best multimeter for electrical appliances repairing


  • Perfect for diode measurements
  • Comes with additional alligator clips
  • You can measure high voltages 
  • Best for DC/ AC


  • Design is a bit old fashioned

Why is this multimeter best?

If you’re the one who prefers results then looks then don’t leave this multimeter. 

Final Verdict

Electronics is a vast field in which you have to measure millivolts and 1200Volts also. So you need a multimeter which can do everything in no time. Best multimeter for electronics repairing is the one which has all functions with maximum safety features. The above mentioned all the multimeters are used widely, but among them the most suitable one is Amazon Commercial 4000 counts multimeter . The reason behind that is, it has been used for different test and comes with diverse auto ranging options.

Now it’s up to you grab the best multimeter for electronics repairing and starts your journey. Good luck!