10 Best Multimeter for Electronics Technicians Reviews 2021

Professionals always need the best multimeter for electronics and electrical purposes. But when we talk about electronics, it is difficult to grab the best multimeter for electronics technicians. The reason is simple in electronics tracing circuits needs more precision and stable values.

Fieldwork is always a bit rough and needs dedication. Every electronics technician works hard to combat such tough situations. The best digital multimeter is the one that helps electronics technicians in tracing every ac dc electrical circuit.

Furthermore, if you're a DIY enthusiast or electronics hobbyist ,a multimeter can be your best friend. As time passes we see multiple advanced features have been embedded in the latest digital multimeters. 

Which is the best multimeter for electronics?

We have two types of multimeters analog multimeters and digital multimeters. When we talk about multimeters for electronics repair then digital multimeter should be your priority. The reason is simple they have the best calibration settings with a True RMS value. Read on best multimeter for solar panels.

When you ask me about a single all-in-one multimeter for electronics technician then Fluke 87-V is my first choice.

Best multimeter for electronics technicians

Factors affecting the performance of a digital multimeter?

Grabbing a multimeter without any prior research might be risky for you. I have tried to compile almost every possible feature that you should know while getting one, lets have a look.


With time things get older and need maintenance. When we talk about true RMS digital multimeter, they need calibration.

True RMS VS RMS Value

When you measure the voltages in any circuit, the values are much volatile known as stray voltages. To remove these stray voltage specially designed integrated circuit is installed in digital multimeters. The working principle is very simple it collects multiple values and processes these values with an inbuilt program.

If you can afford then a true RMS multimeter is far better then digital multimeter. Because it provides you a real time value of multimeters.


Multimeter displays are starting from 7 segment displays to LCD displays. But in digital multimeters the display count matters a lot, it ranges from 1999 counts to 9999 counts. When you talk about display then KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter is best for beginners and professional electricians.

Battery Backup

Almost every good digital multimeter comes with a battery backup of 400+ hours. If the multimeter is for home use then it's enough. But if you're an electrician then an industrial electronics multimeter must need 600+hour battery backup. Fluke 115 is a perfect multimeter for electronics technician

Test leads

Test leads play a very vital role in a True RMS digital multimeter. The AC and DC voltages are dangerous and need to be handled with care. To get the desired results with safety CAT-III & CAT-IV test leads must be used. The best test lead is CAT-III because it minimizes the noise and can measure ac and dc voltage up to 1000 volts.

Non-contact voltage detection

Non-contact voltage detection is a new advancement in digital multimeters. It improvises safety features because it uses a very small amount of current to detect voltages.

AC DC voltage selection

Being an electronic engineer I know that it's a bit difficult to remember ac and dc voltage selection every time. The best way out is to choose the best auto-ranging digital multimeter. So, you don't have to hassle for ac dc selection.

Which brand of multimeter is best?

FLUKE's most known brand in the market of multimeters, there is no doubt in saying fluke multimeter has the most advanced features. Safety prescriptions are outstanding, all its accessories are reliable and robust. It's among the pioneer brands of digital and analog multimeters.

an inexpensive multimeter

KLEIN TOOLS, No matter its car battery tester or a megger Klein tools always offers top-notch products. The best thing which separates it from others is well-built multimeters at an affordable price tag. You can almost measure every electrical pulse with it, which makes it the best budget multimeter for electronics technicians.

perfect multimeters for electricians

FIELDPIECE  has the most advanced industrial features but it's the most underrated multimeter so far. You can measure almost every electrical value with maximum ranges. If You're heading toward an unknown destination with a limited testing supply then grab this one.

multimeter for electronics technicians

What multimeter do electricians prefer?

Any electrical technician needs a multimeter that fulfills all his needs. In short, I am talking about an all-in-one multimeter on a suitable budget. The majority of electricians normally need auto manual ranges, good display count, long-lasting battery, single-handed usage, and precise measurements.

best multimeter for electronics

Amprobe AM-570 Industrial Digital Multimeter possesses all the above-mentioned features. The best thing about Amprobe digital multimeter s that it can measure up to 1000voltsunder normal circumstances. A smart battery operating system shuts it down after a couple of minutes of inactivity.

Top 10 Best Multimeters for Electronics Technicians

1. FLUKE-87 V Best Multimeter For Technicians

FLUKE 87-V is an advanced digital multimeter for electronics projects. It provides real-time and precise values effectively. This helps you to investigate variable frequency drives, plant computerization, system troubleshooting, and commission of new electrical and electronics systems.

The Fluke 87-V is one of the best fluke electronic Digital Multimeter, it has an adaptable True-RMS value measuring algorithm. It offers auto and manual ranges for both ac dc circuits testing. It has 22 different accessories within this combo kit. Unlike other fluke multimeters, its battery lasts longer.

The best thing about a fluke multimeter is that you can calibrate it via fluke labs.


  • FLUKE 87-V is an advanced digital multimeter for electronics projects. It provides real-time and precise values effectively. This helps you to investigate variable frequency drives, plant computerization, system troubleshooting, and commission of new electrical and electronics systems.
  • The Fluke 87-V is one of the best fluke electronic Digital Multimeter, it has an adaptable True-RMS value measuring algorithm. It offers auto and manual ranges for both ac dc circuits testing. It has 22 different accessories within this combo kit. Unlike other fluke multimeters, its battery lasts longer.
  • The best thing about a fluke multimeter is that you can calibrate it via fluke labs.
  • Features
  • Fluke i400 clamp meter also comes with it for current measurement.
  • A complete set of different test leads includes in the package.
  • Built-in thermometer program, you just have to plug in the thermocouple.
  • Dual display resolution system, from 6000 to 20000 counts.
  • It can measure up to 1000v AC DC voltages.
  • Overload Protection Fuses inside the circuit.
  • Can also measure milliamperes (mA).
  • True-RMS ac voltage and current for accurate measurements.
  • Pros

    • compact in size
    • Silicon cover provides extra safety.
    • one year warranty
    • can measure up to 400 Amperes


    • A carrying bag is missing. 


    Best multimeter for electronics technicians working in industrial areas and commercial zones. It is one of the best fluke multimeters, designed for maximum productivity.

    It can work perfectly at high-energy grid systems and high altitude levels. Real-time values can also be recorded with more accuracy.

    2. Fieldpiece HS33- Best Multimeter for HVAC Technicians

    The HS33 was intended to gauge considerably more HVAC/R boundaries. It also measures temperature with brisk remuneration by means of a k-type thermocouple plug. A diode test and an underlying non-contact voltage (NCV) analyzer are also some of its main features.

    It is the best multimeter for electronics technicians who works on HVAC systems. What do you need besides an attractive holder alongside the separable test leads? 

    It is an advanced digital multimeter, based on the original stick meter, designed to measure at higher ranges. High ac voltage and continuity indicators are given. You can never get the best multimeters for electronics work in this budget. It is one of the best digital multimeters with all the advanced features you're looking from a very long time.


    • Minimum and maximum data hold ability.
    • 400 AC and capacitance at a single time.
    • Rugged rubberized bumpers are installed in it.
    • Deluxe meter case.
    • Non-Contact Voltage Detection
    • Overload Protection Fuses inside the circuit.
    • Detachable Clamp for HVAC system 
    • True-RMS ac dc voltage and current measurements.


    • Best for HVAC system
    • Detachable clamp system also available
    • The more stable and precise value


    • Display quality can be enhanced.


    It is a perfect auto-ranging digital multimeter for tough conditions, it can perform perfectly along with all the safety features. Moreover, it is one of the best brands that are producing the best digital multimeters for electronics on the best budget.

    3. Testo 760-2- Best Budget Multimeter for Industrial Electronics

    Testo can be a great companion for an electronic technician. The thing which makes Testo the best digital multimeter is it's robust built and high-ranging measurements. It has two variants Testo 760-1 and Testo 760-2, which offer True RMS value estimations, low pass channel, temperature sensing functionalities, and auto testing mechanism.

    An additional feature of selective auto-test arrangement empowers electronic technicians to work without any mental pressure. Moreover, a smart test lead detection system enables it to switch between current ad voltage automatically. If you are charging your car's battery, the multimeter will automatically start showing Amperes and frequency.

    Furthermore, the switching between AC and DC voltages and amperes is complete auto.


    • Built-in leads connecting reminder on display.
    • Advance tests for car ignition, battery testing, and motors overhauling. 
    • Bigger LCD Display.
    • Auto zero level calibration with UL and ETL programming.
    • It Can measure AC/DC voltages up to 1000 volts 
    • A data hold button is also available.
    • A low battery level indicator is also available.


    • Strong grip from sideways.
    • True RMS values.
    • Compact size.


    • you can not measure temperature with it.


    A good multimeter for electronics technician needs auto mode which is available in it. So, it is an all-in-one multimeter for home use and industrial purposes. The Probes are flexible enough and also of very good quality CAT-III standard. All qualities make Testo the best multimeter brand for multipurpose projects.

    4.Amprobe 37XR-A True RMS Digital Multimeter

    From last few decades, Amprobe digital multimeters are getting attention of industrial electricians. In addition to this, the thing which makes it superior to others is its economical price range. Amprobe is also giving tough competition to many best multimeter brands. Whether you need to repair a basic computer or complex electronic control systems, it will do all

    HAVC conditioning project workers and electronics field specialists always prefer multimeters with maximum features. It is an auto-ranging multimeter, which offers True-RMS values and troubleshooting functions. If you're an electronic engineer or investigating modern robotic system and control frameworks, you must check this one.

    Furthermore, a True-RMS multimeter with splendid blue backdrop illumination and an optical PC interface. Amprobe offers suitable digital multimeters for beginners and professionals at a reasonable cost.


    • It can measures up to 1000V on Both AC and DC.
    • you can also check capacitance up to 400 micro farad precisely.
    • Auto-ranging capability.
    • Min and max data hold options.
    • Auto power off the system, help in the savage of battery.
    • Input warning tone when you insert leads in the wrong jack.
    • It has also an option of simple diode check,which is the need of every electronics technicain.


    • Magnet for attaching on metal surfaces
    • Non-Contact Voltage Technology.
    • Optical interface for PC.


    • More (4) batteries are required as compared to other digital multimeters.


    If you're a field worker and need best multimeter for electronics technician, then it is for you. It comes with all the advanced features at the best budget price. Hence, as comparing to flukes electronic digital multimeters, the price is too justified.

    5. UNI-T UT61E True RMS Digital Multimeter For DIY enthusiast

    The Unit-Trend UT61E Meter can quantify AC/DC Voltage and Current. You can check Resistance, Diode, Continuity, Capacitance, and Frequency on it. Furthermore, there is an RS232C or USB standard sequential port for PC connectivity.

    Information hold, relative mode, maximum estimation, low battery show, show backdrop illumination, and rest mode are additional features. This brand is on the list of best multimeter brands for electronics due to such a loaded feature. Hence, It is quick and easy to use with reliable life.

    Moreover, an Operating Temperature system measurement is installed in it. A type k temperature probe makes it more easier to measure temperature precisely. True RMS Multimeter with RS232 Connected with Computer makes it Fully-Featured, and best multimeter for small electronics.


    • Backlight with night sleep mode.
    • It can measure AC/DC Voltage and Current, Resistance, Diode, Continuity Buzzer, Capacitance, Frequency.
    • Full Features Capacitance and Frequency Measurement.
    • Safety feature while heavy usage.
    • Overload protection fuses for voltages and current measurement.
    • A wide LCD with Backlight display
    • It can run on a single 9V battery easily.
    • Auto off feature is a good step from energy saving point of view.


    • Build quality is high.
    • The case is shockproof.
    • Very light in weight


    • Intelligent Low battery indication is not available.


    It is a fantastic meter by any standard; especially for the price. As it is known the best multimeter for electronics technician ever made. Even it is better than the fluke when we compare prices and functions. A bit heavy but can be managed easily. 

    6. Amprobe PM55A- Best Multimeter For electronics technician

    The Amprobe PM55A advanced multimeter is a non-contact voltage multimeter. It is an auto-running multimeter for estimating Volts and current even at milliamp level. It is one of the best digital multimeters for electronics labs. Its compact size allows you to carry it with you all the time.

    The meter has a non-contact voltage locator that detects AC voltage without contacting or intruding on the circuit. It can be used for household small electronics. A discernible progression sensor affirms that the circuit conducts power.

    Moreover, a diode test recognizes whether the circuit works appropriately. It can be auto powered off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity that can save a lot of power. If you're a beginner and reluctant to test tools then it can be a wise choice.


    • A pocket friendly electronics multimeter for everyone.
    • It can measure 600 Volts precisely.
    • An Average-sensing meter is installed in it.
    • Non-contact voltage tester is available in it.
    • Auto tect feature provides real time measurements.
    • Auto power off the system.
    • Battery timing upto 400plus hours.


    • Best multimeter for field purposes
    • Advanced safety features
    • Pocket size


    • Probes can not be detached


    Due to its little measure and case, it is protected and easy to carry. Furthermore, you must go for it if you need a true RMS multimeter for your car electronic system. Auto power off feature also enhance its battery backup

    7. Klein Tools MM400- Best Multimeter For beginner and professional electricians

    Klein Tools is planned from the beginning by electrical experts for electrical and electronics DIY projects. Klein Tools MM400 is an auto-ranging multimeter that measures almost everything which any multimeter does.

    Similarly, it can likewise measure temperature, capacitance, and test diodes. It is the best multimeter for small electronics and home use.

    When I survey and found some worthy multimeters for electronics, I found Klein tools among the best multimeter brands. Long periods of field research, joined with broad contribution from circuit repairmen across United States.


    • It can measure AC and DC voltages up to 600V.
    • This tester can measure resistance, temperature, voltages.
    • Low battery indication available.
    • K-type thermocouple adapter for temperature measurement.
    • Smaller in size with bigger display.
    • Silicon rubber casing on it for safety perspective.  
    • Long battery life.
    • The battery compartment is easy to access.
    • A back-filp stand on rare gives you a tilt view.
    • High qiuality cat-III leads comes with it.


    • 4000 counts display 
    • 2x Complimentary Alkaline AAA cells
    • Rare lead holders


    • Display quality is a bit compromised.


    Klein Tools offers one of the best multimeters in electronics and electrical industry. If you are an electronics technician who use to work in dark industrial places then it can help you out. This is perfect for car battery testing as well as other electronic products testing.

    8. LOMVUM T28C - Best Industrial Electronics Multimeter

    Lomvum is the benchmark for many electronics related multimeters. An electrical tester with 6000 counts and True RMS value is truly unbelievable in such a limited budget. It can measure ac and dc amp, ohm, voltage, with temperature & frequency.

    If you are a person while working who holds many other tools then this multimeter is perfect for you. You can hang it at any place. LCD backlight can help you out in dark places.

    A removable elastic coat around the multimeter guards it solid and, and offers minor drop security. Hanging magnet and information hold make taking and recording estimations simpler than any time in recent memory.

    It is designed on non-contact voltage technology to enhance its safety. For its more safety, overload resistance is given at all ranges.


    • It can Accurately measure AC / DC, voltage, and capacitance.
    • Maximum reading over time ability.
    • Manual ranging and continuity buzzer is installed initially in it.
    • Polarity protection and overload protection for all ranges for safety.
    • Transistor checking ports for both NPN & PNP type.
    • User manual and 2-year warranty makes it interesting for a buyer


    • Reliable.
    • Easy to use just read a manual once
    • All function loaded.


    • Over sized.


    For the price, there is no way this durability and functionality can be beaten. As a licensed electrician, or an electronics technician, you might be looking for an all-around best digital multimeter. Now, stop looking this is perfect for you. For the price it is the best multimeter for electronics with ac voltage detector

    9. Amprobe AM-570 Digital Multimeter for Electronics Engineer

    The Amprobe AM-570 is the best multimeter in its group intended for proficient electronics technicians. All the HVAC specialists who need to keep up, support, or want electrical frameworks tracing it will suit them.

    Accordingly, Pressed brimming with highlights, True RMS, a low impedance capacity to distinguish stray voltage, and a low pass channel to precisely take estimations on factor recurrence drives.

    The Amprobe AM-570 Digital Multimeter considers snappy go/off-limits checks without the requirement for an extra instrument. Furthermore, it offers double thermocouples for taking differential temperature estimations with type k temperature probe.

    The AM-570 can be utilized to analyze electrical issues in electrical hardware, wiring, and force supplies. With the included temperature thermocouples and test drives, this digital multimeter can be associated with a circuit or gadget to gauge its electrical or execution properties to affirm usefulness.


    • True RMS meter is installed in it.
    • Non-contact detection of voltage.
    • AC and DC measuring of voltage up to 600v & 1000V.
    • It can measure resistance, temperature, current.
    • A low pass filter is build to get an accurate measurement of frequency.
    • Impedance is low so voltage measurement is almost perfect.


    • Particularly designed for industries.
    • The bar graph is given.
    • Good quality meter.


    • Display quality is a bit compromised.


    One of the best multimeter for electronics technician. It is cheap with all features present in fluke multimeters. It is one of the best budget multimeter you will find online in a limited price range.

    10. AstroAI DM6000AR- Best Multimeter for HVAC and Electronics

    The AstroAI True RMS Multimeter is intended to be securely and precisely utilized by experts. DIYer's that need somewhat more force utility from their standard advanced multimeter AstroAI is their first choice.

    Firstly, it's simple and protected to work with cutting edge highlights worked for estimating everything. Secondly, Run tests on diodes and semiconductors while having the option to quantify voltage, current, obstruction, progression, capacitance, and recurrence, all on one gadget. Thirdly, Backlit is installed for visibility in dark light areas.

    AstroAI multimeter is expertly intended to investigate electrical issues or only for hardware preparation. You can use it while working by just attaching it somewhere, as a magnet is on its back. A multi-function socket is installed that can be used for dual purposes like capacitance and transistors.


    • Wide range testing system.
    • Auto-ranging capability and true RMS system for measuring current and  voltage both.
    • Wider Display for precise measurement.
    • It can bear high voltages.
    • Magnet is installed on the back.
    • Backlit for perfect vision.


    • Durable exterior.
    • Polarity Indication.
    • Overload Indication.


    • No Transistor Checking ports


    Well, clearly this is not a top of the line meter at this low cost yet with a wide scope of usefulness, 6000 check show, and asserted TRMS is still of interest and entirely useable. Moreover, It is enormous with such a satisfying blue-ish backdrop illumination however a huge simple enough to understand the show. But near to me, it is one of the best multimeter  for electronics technician

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    Buyer's Guide For Best Multimeter For Electronics Technicians

    Multimeters have become as basic as wrenches and screwdrivers to professional electricians and technicians. You must have enough knowledge before you went for buying, for this purpose I did a lot of research which will surely help you. 

    Multimeter measures current, voltage, and, regularly, the opposition too over a wide reach, permitting the gadgets tech to have a solitary generally useful meter rather than a few distinct ones. They give a brisk check of whether the circuit is shorted and offer you other quick responses when you're investigating.

    A couple of multimeters measure limit, obligation cycle, decibels, or different estimations. A few models let you add sensors and take estimations like dampness, wind discourse light levels, or temperature.

    Multimeters might be advanced or simple, and various meters cover contrasting reaches for every boundary and shift in their affectability. Here are a couple of the best multimeters for gadgets specialists.

    So, what should be the basic features technicians should look at in a multimeter. These features will help you in picking a good multimeter for electronics. Come have a look at those features.

    Suitable price for Multimeters for Electronics Technicians

    It was obvious that a person who is willing to buy a multimeter, the first thing is a price he is going to look in a multimeter. There are various brands with different budgets. The price will in general go up with the number of highlights and goals. Modest multimeters are normally not adjusted, so you'll need to counterbalance that low price tag with the expense of getting it aligned before you begin utilizing it. The scope of qualities the unit can quantify additionally will in general go up with the cost. But make sure that you go for the best budget multimeter with all advanced features.


    Another main factor that will lead you to buy the best electronic digital multimeter is all its features. We already discussed above all the basic features, those features are compulsory.

    In the addition you should look for more features, that is going to be a plus point for you. For example, if you need to test DIY electronics then you should go for one which is in the list of best multimeter for DIY electronics.

    Best Multimeter Brands

    The brand is one of the most important factors, as many local brands are in the market which is not reliable. As fluke electronics multimeters are on top of the list, they provide the best features on the best budget.

    Furthermore, You need the multimeter to accompany great tests, however, a multimeter that sells great substitution tests at a sensible cost is more appealing than one that sells the meter modest and expects you to purchase a different one later if a key segment falls flat.

    Safety features of best multimeter for electronics

    Safety is usually neglected as a factor when looking for a multimeter. You need to choose a multimeter for the foreseen load. The expense of the multimeter goes up alongside the heap in kilowatts it can deal with. Nothing is more important than safety, in today's market fluke electronics multimeters are giving top-notch safety features.

    Accuracy of Best Electronic Multimeter

    How much important is accuracy in your work? the answer is very important, you should go for a multimeter with perfect accuracy. As I mentioned the best multimeter brands, you can grab one from there.

    Importance of Counts in Best Multimeter for Electronics 

    The counts on the display of a multimeter show how much it can count or how many digits it can show. An average multimeter can show counts from 5000 to 50000 which is enough for a technical person.

    TRUE RMS & its Importance in best multimeter for electronics

    Almost all of the brands advertise that their multimeter can measure true RMS, the important point is that how accurately it can measure. True RMS is very important in the measurement of the HVAC system, AC/DC, power lines, and computer repair.

    In addition to this, the true-RMS can read spikes, pluses, and distortions that are very important for the digitization of a problem.

    Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ'S


    AC or DC current and voltage is utilized to quantify things you may discover around the house. If you're completely unaware of a multimeter usage then read the manual first.

    you might have a rough idea how to measure values. Typically in both analog and digital multimeters you just have to rotate the knob, select the parameters and probes to measure precise values. 


    Purchasing a multimeter is a slight bit of testing. Our surveys were chosen dependent on various variables, including quality, highlights, consumer loyalty, and best worth. The above article includes all basic and advances information that can surely answer your question.


    As a rule, the best multimeter for the vast majority is a straightforward auto ranging digital multimeter. In any case, if you are in search of a plan that can play out a particular capacity, there are numerous multimeters out there that have been custom-fitted to do precisely that. Continuously make certain to survey various models online before making your buy.


    A true RMS multimeter can gauge fluctuating current or AC voltage. Not all multimeters measure RMS but most of them do. True RMS value multimeter works on the principle of average value and instantaneous values. So, the chance of error minimizes to almost zero. 


    It's difficult to tell what somebody's inspiration or requirements would be with regards to picking a multimeter to purchase, in any case, for general use, it's difficult to turn out badly with a standard advanced multimeter.

    And they are somewhat more costly, they are a lot simpler to peruse and use for estimations. By just an eye on the above article can lead a beginner towards the right choice.


    Most electrical professionals know the significance of having a multimeter in their home. It can save a great deal of time, bother and money by precisely investigating electrical issues. This article can make you aware of all the basics you should know before grabbing a technical multimeter.