Can Tesla jump-start another car? Guide 2023

Can Tesla jump-start another car? It's the most common question we get from Tesla owners. You can't jump-start a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) car with Tesla electric vehicles. Due to Tesla's unique power system, they can't jump start because they need a conventional 12-volt battery. 

If that happens, jumper cables or portable jump-start devices hooked to a functioning ICE car's battery are recommended. When you have a dead battery, the first thing to do is prioritize safety and get professional help.

Can a traditional car jump-start a Tesla?

You can't jump-start a Tesla with a regular combustion engine car. If you try that, both vehicles might get damaged. Electric systems in Tesla's are different from those in conventional automobiles, and incompatible voltage requirements make it unsafe and impractical to jump-start one with another.

What can I do If my car battery dies?

It is essential to understand that you can take a few steps to address a dead Tesla battery as soon as possible. First, you should note that Tesla vehicles have various features and resources to assist you in such situations. To help you, here are some suggestions.

Contact Tesla Support 

There is a 24/7 customer support service provided by Tesla, which can offer advice and assistance in the case of a dead battery. Alternatively, you can contact Tesla support by calling their toll-free number or using the Tesla mobile app.

Use Tesla Roadside Assistance

Tesla Roadside Assistance can help if you can't fix the problem alone. Tesla owners can contact this service for help jumpstarting their batteries or arranging a tow truck if needed.

Tesla Mobile App 

Various Tesla features can be accessed remotely with the Tesla mobile app. Whenever your battery dies, you can use the app to contact Tesla support, request roadside assistance, and monitor your battery status.

Try a Jump Start

If you can access another vehicle with a working battery, you can jump-start it. In Tesla cars, the onboard systems are powered by a 12-volt auxiliary battery. The vehicle can be started once the systems are active.

Service Appointment

Schedule a service appointment with a Tesla Service Center if the battery issue persists or you suspect a deeper problem. Tesla technicians explicitly trained to work on electric cars can diagnose and fix battery issues.

Can a Tesla jump-start another car?

The battery in a Tesla is powerful enough to propel it on the road, but it can't jump-start another car. Basically, electric vehicles are different from traditional combustion engine cars because of their electrical architecture and systems.

Tesla cars have 12 volts batteries, and even the Tesla company does not recommend that the electrical car jump start. if you jump-start a Tesla car with another, I say you must will damage your car I noted, based on my experience and knowledge.

How to jump-start a car using a Tesla car?

can tesla jump start another car

No, You can't jump start a Tesla car. In the case of an emergency, whether you're on the road or looking for help, I have a solution for you. It's recommended that you have a low-voltage (lithium-ion) battery that you can use to jump-start your car. You can follow these steps:

Open the Hood

In the first step, you should open the hood and see the opening hood with no power. It is possible to remove the maintenance panel by pulling it upwards until the trim clips holding it in place are released by pulling it upwards.

Removed the trim clips

As soon as the trim clips attached to the trim panel of the cabin intake are released, the panel can be removed by pulling it upwards.

Connect the red cable.

It is essential to connect the red positive (+) cable of the low-voltage power supply to the red positive (+) terminal of the low-voltage battery to ensure proper operation.

Connect the black cable.

You must connect a black negative (-) cable on the low-voltage power supply to the low-voltage battery's black negative (-) terminal.

Turn it on

To use the external power supply, you need to turn it on (refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer). If you want to wake it up, touch the touchscreen.

Disconnect the cables

You should disconnect both battery cables when you no longer need external low-voltage power, beginning with the negative (-) cable once the external force is no longer needed.


To reinstall the cabin intake trim panel, place it back in its original position and press down until firmly attached.

Place the panel back.

Place the maintenance panel back where it belongs and press down until it's secure.

Close the hood

Make sure that you close the hood before starting the engine. Taking care of your car is one of the best things you can do for it.

Safety precaution 

Please make sure your car security is off and the doors aren't closed before you jump start low voltage (lithium-ion). If the doors are closed, you'll have trouble and need to call Tesla.


Can Tesla Model S jump-start another car?

A Tesla Model S boasts cutting-edge electric technology and impressive performance. In conventional gasoline cars, jump-starting involves a different process. Tesla Model S does not have a traditional 12-volt battery for jump-starting.

Not recommended

A high-voltage battery pack powers the electric drivetrain. Jump-starting a Tesla Model S is not recommended and could damage its electronics. Electric vehicles are fundamentally different from traditional internal combustion engines (ICEs). A 12-volt lead-acid battery powers auxiliary systems in ICE cars, such as lights and electronics, but high-voltage batteries power EVs like the Tesla Model S. 

The packs supply power to all onboard systems, so they can't be used to jump-start conventional vehicles.

Jump starting a Tesla car cause damage to the engine?

Since Tesla don't have traditional internal combustion engines, jump-starting them won't damage them. A high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack powers Tesla's electric motors rather than burning fuel. 

When you jump-start a Tesla, you don't have to worry about damaging the engine. However, using another vehicle to jump-start a Tesla can damage its electrical components or battery. If your Tesla battery is dead or having issues, follow the manufacturer's instructions and contact Tesla's customer support.

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Why can't you jump-start a Tesla with another car?

Can Tesla jump-start another car? Since their electrical systems differ, jumping-start a Tesla with another vehicle is not a good idea. Lithium-ion batteries power Tesla cars, while lead-acid batteries power classic cars.

Directly connecting these two systems is incompatible and dangerous because of the voltage and electrical architecture differences.

Leading to expensive repairs

Additionally, Tesla vehicles' complex electronic control systems may not respond well to sudden voltage fluctuations. Tesla's delicate electronics can be damaged by jump-starting them with another car, leading to expensive repairs.

Overall thought

Before jump-starting a Tesla, the owner asks can Tesla jump start another car?  Despite their impressive features, Tesla aren't designed to jump-start other vehicles in the traditional sense, including regenerative braking and cutting-edge software. Unlike internal combustion engines, Tesla don't have conventional 12-volt batteries, making jump-starting difficult.

If a Tesla owner encounters a situation where another car needs a jumper cable, what would he do? You can use an alternative method, like a portable jump starter, or seek professional help. To care for and maintain Tesla vehicles, you must understand their unique power dynamics and electrical systems.

The Tesla brand continues to innovate and advance the electric vehicle industry, but owners and enthusiasts need to know what their cars can do and what they can't.