How to wrap a tree with Christmas lights? Guide 2023

Decorating for the holidays is a time-honoured tradition, and one of the most amazing decorations is Christmas lights. Wrapping a tree with festive lighting can transform your home into a winter wonderland full of cheer.

Whether you’re decorating a single tree or an entire yard, it’s important to do it safely and efficiently. If you don’t know how to wrap a tree with Christmas lights, then this article will provide step-by-step instructions on wrapping a tree with Christmas lights like a pro.

Gather Supplies

Gathering supplies is an important step in wrapping a tree with Christmas lights. For those looking to decorate their tree with the festive string of bright bulbs, it’s important to ensure you have all you need before starting the process.

The basics for this project include Christmas lights, extension cords, a ladder (if needed), staples or nails, and a hammer. The type of lights and number needed to depend on the tree size; typically, 100-200 feet should be enough for an average-sized tree. 

Consider pre-testing all your lights to ensure they work so there will be no difficulties wrapping them around the branches. 

Lastly, if your outdoor power source is far from where you plan on setting up your decorations, consider investing in an outdoor timer so that your Christmas lights can turn on automatically at a designated time each day.

Measure & Plan

Wrapping a tree with Christmas lights is essential to any holiday decorations. It’s important to take the time to measure and plan before you wrap your tree – this will ensure that you create a beautiful display that lasts throughout the season.

Start by measuring the circumference of the tree’s trunk at its widest point. It gives you an idea of how many lights you will need. Generally, for a one-foot wide circumference, you’ll need about 200 lights; for each additional foot, add 100 more. 

Next, plan where to wrap the lights around the tree. Start at the base of the tree and wrap around in vertical sections. Once complete, wrap any remaining lights horizontally from top to bottom.

Finally, plug in your lights to check that everything is working properly before displaying them proudly!

Wrapping your tree with Christmas lights may take some time, but following the right guideline will help you create a beautiful holiday display that you will enjoy all season long. With proper planning and preparation, it can be easy to wrap your tree with festive cheer! If you know more about the compression of Fluke and Klein, then click here.

Safety Considerations

When setting up your Christmas tree, wrapping it carefully and considerately with Christmas lights is important. Here are some safety considerations when adding lights to your tree:

  1. Make sure that all of the bulbs are secure and not loose before you wrap them around the branches.
  2. Inspect each string of lights for any damage, such as broken or frayed wires or cords. Discard damaged strings immediately.
  3. Test the strands of lights by plugging them in before wrapping them around your tree to ensure they all work properly.
  4. Use insulated staples when attaching a cord or wire to a wall or other surface, but never nail through cords or wires.
  5. Only use electrical tape when needed and ensure all connections are properly insulated.
  6. Avoid using metal screws or nails to hang lights.
  7. When possible, wrap lights around a branch rather than out and up the trunk of your tree.
  8. Unplug all strings of lights when you leave the house or before bed.
  9. Refrain from overloading electrical outlets with too many strands of lights.
  10. Ensure any extension cords used are rated for outdoor use if your tree is located outside.

Follow these safety considerations to wrap your Christmas tree safely and enjoy a beautiful, safe holiday season!

Step-by-Step Guide

To wrap a tree with Christmas lights, begin by measuring the circumference of your tree. It will help you know how many strings of lights you need and how far you should space them. If possible, wrap the tree outside to get an accurate measurement.

Step 1

Use a ladder to reach the top of the tree and place a string of lights around it at the base. Ensure to leave enough slack so that when you wrap the string down to cover all sides of the tree trunk, it will still come back for one more wrap before powering off into its own plug or outlet. I have listed the best budget multimeters you can check out.

Step 2

Continue wrapping your chosen Christmas light pattern around every branch as far up as you can reach from the ground using a ladder or a step stool. 

You may need two people to wrap the tree with Christmas lights to reach the highest branches. Secure the wrap with zip ties or wire. 

Step 3

Stagger the twist ties around the tree trunk to ensure a secure wrap. Make sure to wrap it evenly, as it will constrict and harm the tree over time. Now, move up in your wrap, leaving about two feet between each wrapped line for the best coverage and desired shape.

Step 4

Tuck in any extra lights and adjust them to make them look even across the tree’s surface before securing them with additional twist ties or wire wherever necessary.

Step 5

Once you’ve finished wrapping the tree, plug in your strings and attach them to an outdoor timer if desired. It will allow you to turn your lights on and off at particular times throughout the day or night. 

Finally, stand back and admire your beautiful tree! 

If you want your tree to look like a spiral Christmas tree, wrap one strand of lights in a circular motion around one side of your tree while gradually moving up its branches until you reach the top.


In conclusion, wrapping a Christmas tree with lights can be easy and fun. By taking the time to measure and plan properly, you can have your tree lit up and ready for the holiday season. For added effect, consider wrapping greenery around the tree in addition to or instead of lights.

With the right materials and patience, you can create a festive display that will bring cheer to your home this holiday season!