UNI-T UT191E Multimeter Review 2023

Looking for a reliable, budget-friendly multimeter? Check out our UNI-T UT191E Multimeter Review right now.

You can trust the UNI-T UT191E Multimeter to get the job done right. With an easy-to-use LCD and a light, compact design, it’s perfect for DIYers and electricians. It provides accurate readings within 1% accuracy, so you know your measurements will be precise every time. It also includes features like auto-ranging capability and a low battery power indicator, making it even more dependable.  

The UNI-T UT191E is built with quality components that will stand up over time with proper care and last through years of use without fail. This is the tool you want when working on any electrical project!  

Check out our UNI-T Multimeter Review now—read what we have to say about its performance reliability before purchasing today!

Key Features

  • Measurement setting retained following a power restart
  • 2m drop resistant, IP65
  • Measurement of true RMS/Peak values
  • Auto backlight
  • Current reading at 20 A
  • LoZ AC measurement
  • Featured with bar graph

Things That’s Included

  • Test lead
  • Battery
  • Carrying bag
  • Point contact temperature probe (UT191T)

UNI-T UT191E Multimeter Review | Basic Info

The UNI-T UT191E Multimeter is perfect for industrial users! Certified by CE/GS/cTUVus, it can handle up to 600V of CAT III. Plus, it’s IP65 rated, so you don’t have to worry about using this multimeter in damp or dusty settings. 

UNI-T UT191E Multimeter

Best of all, UT191E has the function memory feature that stores your latest mode setting and is ready to go when you turn it back on. 

Plus, UT191T has precise temperature measurement capabilities. So no matter your conditions, the UNI-T UT191E Multimeter is a great choice!

UNI-T UT191E Multimeter Review | General Specifications

AC DC voltage (V)600V 
Frequency 10Hz~1MHz
Data Cycle0.1%~99.9% 
Display Count6,000
Sampling Rate3 times/second
Analog Bar Graph31 sections
Power9V battery
Product Weight428G
Size180mm x 87mm x 59mm
IP RatingIP65

UNI-T UT191E Multimeter Review | Features

1- Design And Display

The UNI-T UT191E Multimeter is designed with a 6000-count display for maximum accuracy. All the segments are shown when powered on, and typical usage displays the selected measurement and number. 

This multimeter has an excellent viewing angle, so readings are easily visible from any angle. It also has a fast response time; the display updates about three times every second, so fluctuations in measurements can be seen quickly. 

Furthermore, battery level indicators alert users when their power source runs low, transitioning from full at 6.2V to empty at 2.2V and fading around 3.4V. 

This product offers great accuracy and convenience with its modern design and display features.

2- Analog Bar Graph

The UNI-T UT191E Multimeter is an affordable and accurate multimeter with a great feature – an analog bar graph. This bar graph updates at the same speed as the digital display, giving you a quick visual indication of voltage or current readings. 

It’s also incredibly helpful for troubleshooting because the bar graph will always accurately represent the measured value, providing real-time data to help you resolve any potential issues quickly and easily.

3- Low Input Impedance

Its LowZ feature is impressive – it offers 300kOhm input impedance and can measure up to 600VAC with no fuss. This is an incredibly useful tool for electricians measuring AC voltage, as they won’t have to worry about other readings muddying theirs up. 

Plus, this multimeter is designed to be comfortable and easy to use, making accurate measurements a breeze. The UNI-T UT191E truly packs a punch!

4- Volt And Frequency Measurement

The UNI-T UT191E Multimeter is an excellent accurate volt and frequency measurement tool. For example, milliVolt ranges remember the last AC/DC setting, and both 1V AC readings and 7V AC readings are 5% down at 2kHz and 800Hz settings, respectively. 

Furthermore, the 0.1Vrms ACV frequency range runs from 2Hz to 2.5kHz while the 1Vrms ACV frequency range ranges from 1.1Hz to 30kHz. Additionally, no zero crossing is required when measuring frequencies, though a zero crossing is necessary for measuring AC frequencies – this multimeter can handle up to +/-9.8V offset at 0.1VAC too! 

Finally, the frequency input slot can quickly measure frequencies between 1.1Hz to an impressive 1.1MHz without requiring that pesky zero crossing again!

5- Current Measurement 

The UNI-T UT191E Multimeter can accurately measure current with an alarming warning above 10A. If 20A is selected, it is protected by an 11A/1000V 10x38mm fuse. 

But this meter also has a range specifically for mAuA measurements which is fused with a 0.6A/600V 6.3x32mm fuse. It even includes switching peak measurements on AC mode, making the UT191E a well-rounded and versatile multimeter.

6- Ohm, Continuity, Diode, And Capacitance Measurement

The UNI-T UT191E Multimeter is a great device for testing many components. It features accurate readings of Ohm, Continuity, Diode, and Capacitance measurements. For Ohm, the times are quite fast; a 100ohm reading can be had in just 2.8 seconds! 

The voltage drop across the Ohm test terminals is 1.0V open, and 0.33mA shorted for added accuracy of readings. For continuity tests, it’s even faster – less than 5ms to get reliable results! A beep indicates that all connections are fine when the resistance falls below 50 ohms. 

Similarly, the diode range uses 3.2V with the max. display being set at 1.200V at 0.86mA (max current being 1.4mA shorted). Lastly, capacitance measurement can take up to 6.5 seconds for a 11000uF capacitor!

7- Backlight And Flashlight

The UNI-T UT191E Multimeter has a handy backlight and flashlight feature that makes work easier in dark environments. What’s great about this multimeter is that the backlight will automatically turn on when working in dimly-lit spaces.

While the flashlight won’t have to be manually switched off. It shuts off along with auto power off. On the other hand, the backlight and flashlight start fading at 4 volts and disappear completely at 2.7 volts. 

Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that the UNI-T UT191E has your back no matter what dark workspace you enter.

8- Auto-Shut Off

The UNI-T UT191E Multimeter stands out because of its auto-shut-off feature. There is no need to worry about running out of battery power; it turns off automatically after 16 minutes. 

This is great for those who are always multitasking or distracted and must remember that they have left the multimeter on. With the UNI-T UT191E Multimeter, you’ll always have power no matter how busy your day gets!

9- Safety Protection

The UNI-T UT191E Multimeter is equipped with great safety features. It contains overload protection up to 600V and is CAT III 600V Rated, ensuring it operates at a safe voltage. 

Plus, it has a 2m drop-proof design, so you won’t need to worry if you accidentally drop it. All in all, you can use this multimeter without concerns about its safety features.


  • Suitable for use in damp and dusty environments
  • Supports accurate and precise temperature measurement
  • Designed for industrial users
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • CE/GS/cTUVus certified multimeter
  • Budget-friendly
  • One year warranty
  • Clip/stand-up facility
  • Highly-durable
  • Plugs and leads should last the lifetime of the unit.


  • Failing to verify the smd mosfet and digital capacitor
  • No fast working
  • The box doesn’t have MRP

Things That Are Unimpressive In UNI-T UT191E Multimeter

When the UNI-T UT191E arrived, it was immediately clear that this product was made with low cost in mind. While included, the instruction manual is written entirely in Chinese – not a great feature.

Despite the low probe resistance rating of 15mOhm, the probe wires are stiff and only 79cm long.

Who Needs UNI-T UT191E?

If you’re an industrial user looking for a reliable, high-precision multimeter, then the UNI-T UT191E would be your top choice. It’s part of their professional series designed to handle demanding applications. In any workshop or lab, the UNI-T UT191E could prove invaluable for electrical measurements. Plus, its portable design lets you take it on the job site!

Users’ Opinion About UNI-T UT191E Digital Multimeter

Customers of the UNI-T UT191E Digital Multimeter have raved about its great features. Everything you need is right there, available to use at a simple flick of the switch. The construction of the device is robust.

So much even that users are sure that the original plugs and leads will last as long as possible. On top of this, it was well-packaged, with all instructions included in an accurate and detailed manner. 

With a backlight and handy clip/stand-up features, it’s perfect for use on test jigs. 

UNI-T offers a wide range of multimeters, so no matter your needs, there is a model for you!

UNI-T UT191E Multimeter Review | Final Verdict 

All said and done, the UNI-T UT191E Multimeter is an excellent tool for amateur or professional electric work-related jobs. It is fast, accurate and efficient when measuring current, resistance, etc. The LCD is clear and small in size, making it simple to read quickly. 

It also has various functions, from DC/AC voltage measurements to diode testing. Its robust design makes sure that you are safe from electrostatic shock. 

The only drawback we found was that it needs to measure temperature. This should not be an automatic disqualifier. When considering buying this multimeter. 

It’s specifically made for those looking forward to having an affordable yet reliable digital multimeter in their arsenal device list. If you are searching for an at-budget electrical digital multimeter, then the UNI-T UT19E Multimeter will be your best pick!

UNI-T UT191E Multimeter Review FAQs

1- How accurate is the Uni T multimeter?

The Uni T multimeter is known for its accurate readings across almost all applications. It features a built-in digital display showing reliable, precise reading in digital and analog formats. 

Its intuitive design is also quite easy to use and makes it friendly to beginner users. Multimeters like the one from this company are incredibly reliable and perfect for personal and professional use. 

Highly dependable with a reasonable price tag, the Uni T multimeter is worth every penny.

2- Where is Uni T manufactured?

Uni T is a global electrical testing instruments manufacturer that produces innovative, high-tech products from their base in China. Their production plant is located in Shenzhen and can produce world-leading products for its customers. 

They are well known for their smart measurement systems, which enable precise measurements with greater accuracy. 

3- What is the price of a digital multimeter unit?

Budget models generally cost around $20, while midrange to high-end models cost several hundred dollars. Uni t is one of the more respected manufacturers in this space and offers reliable tools with good accuracy. The costs of their digital multimeters range from $40-$130, providing plenty of options for your budget and needs.