AstroAI MUS10KRD Multimeter Review-Ultimate Guide 2023

Do you need a multimeter with a “SMART” mode that can automatically detect voltage, resistance, and continuity? AstroAI MUS10KRD Multimeter is the best model for you. It displays the temperature in real time. And makes measurement easier. It is ideal for beginners and professionals to use at home or in a commercial setting. Let’s find out more about the MUS10KRD model.

Why Should You Buy AstroAI MUS10KRD Multimeter?

Purchasing this model is a good idea because of its versatility. AstroAI smart multimeter accurately measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC, and 10A current, as well as continuity, capacitance, frequency, pulse duration, resistance, capacitor, temperature, NCV, and real-time wire. This smart digital voltmeter can solve technical glitches in businesses, cars, and residences.

Review:  MUS10KRD Is A Reliable Model In Multimeter

The multimeter is intended to troubleshoot various vehicle and domestic power outages safely and accurately. It is suitable for improving your home and business, whether you are a DIYer or an amateur. The MUS10KRD multimeter is CE and RoHS-certified. The instrument’s design and manufacturing strictly adhere to IEC61010-1 CAT.III 1000V, CAT.IV 600V overvoltage safety standards and pollution level 2. Which makes it a safe and reliable multimeter.

AstroAI MUS10KRD Multimeter 10000 Counts


Display Counts: 10000 Counts

Auto/Manual ranging: Yes 

AC/DC Voltage measuring range: 1000V

AC/DC Current measuring range: 600V

Resistance: up to MΩ(NA)

Frequency: up to kHz(NA)

Capacitance: up to µF(NA)


  • This multimeter is powered by six 1.5V AAA batteries, three of which are already installed.
  • Highly reliable to use at home and in industries
  • It gives accurate temperatures and voltage measurements
  • The large LCD makes it easy to read measurements
  • Easy to use in all conditions
  • The compact design makes it easy to move.
  • Design with safety and troubleshoot all automobile and domestic electricity use.

Built And Designed Of MUS10KRD

The voltmeter has a unique design with a large LCD color screen. Thanks to the backlit screen display and flashlight, you can use it in low-light conditions. Also, this multimeter is best for testing LED Lights. Furthermore, the multimeter can show the real-time temperature on the screen. Dual ceramic fuses with anti-burn and overload protection can effectively safeguard the multimeter. The silicone cover can guard against damage and electric shock.


  • Easy to use
  • Gives accurate measurement
  • Large LCD color screen
  • Flashlight and backlit screen display


  • It takes more time than a normal meter.


The multimeter’s “SMART” mode can detect voltage, resistance, and continuity automatically. It is intended to provide quality service safely and accurately. It is the one to get if you need a versatile device to troubleshoot various automotive and household electrical problems. It is suitable for improving your home and business, whether you are a DIYer or a beginner.


Why is the MUS10KRD the best choice?

TMUS10KRD is best due to its high-quality build and design. It is designed while take care of you safely. Its perfect build can accurately troubleshoot various automotive and household electrical problems. And the best part is you don’t need to be a technical expert to use it. A hobbyist can easily use it. 

How do I change from Smart to Professional mode?

It is very simple to transition from smart mode to professional mode. Every person can do this easily. To activate the manual mode, press. To return to SMART mode, press and hold.

How do I know when the multimeter detects live wires?

You need to check the wires with the red test lead to detect any live wires. The clamp meter will display an audio alarm when it detects a live wire.