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10 Best Multimeters for Electricians Reviews 2022

If you're an electrician and looking for best multimeters for electricians reviews then this guide is for you. Digital world is spreading vastly. And with the innovation of new technologies, digital multimeters are the advanced devices to test and overhaul electrical appliances.

A digital multimeter will provide the readings of all the electric appliances from house to industrial use. You can check the voltages and sensitivity of the devices by using the test leads. A precise reading would be enough to guide you while testing electrical circuits.

Latest advancements in multimeters

Whenever you want to buy any digital multimeter, you must check the performance and compatibility of the multimeter. It's necessary to choose the device that could measure the TRMS current flow and voltages in multiple ranges. 

The non-contact voltages measurement is also a latest advancement in best  multimeters for electricians. Moreover, Nothing is more sensitive and precise in providing the results than a digital multimeter with TRMS values. It also provides a contact free voltage detection to ensure safety standards. 

Furthermore, it's essential to know the features and the limitations of the multimeter before buying for yourself. With good knowledge and right information you can buy the best multimeters for electricians as per your need.

How to choose a multimeter for commercial use?

If you are searching for a multimeter for commercial use, you must buy one with a durable frame and a comprehensive sensitive operation. I must tell you that apart from ohms, volts, and amps various digital multimeters can measure the frequency, capacitance, resistance, and temperature as well.

Why you need the best multimeters for electricians?

Well, it's quite amazing to explain that you need a multimeter to test your appliances for accurate functioning. The DC and AC power supply would be differentiated and you can test the resistance and ohms to find out the capability of your device. 

The multimeter for professional use is commonly expensive, and it's important to know about your requirements before buying any multimeter. However, a digital multimeter will determine the workload and the flow of current that the device is consuming.

Thus, there would be no difficulty using the electrical product while testing for accurate voltages, frequency, temperature, amperes, resistances and even diodes.

The 10 best multimeters for electricians 

It's never easy to buy any digital multimeter for commercial purposes without knowing its features. Thus, you have to dig into detail while choosing the right multimeter for you. Here, I would like to mention some best multimeters for electricians of 2021. 

Do you need a reliable household tool to measure voltage, current, and resistance? Then you don't need to go anywhere simply, buy a Fluke Digital probe multimeter to solve your problems.

The device is versatile and provides the digital calibration of all the electric appliances. Its efficient in fulfilling your needs and the flexible operation would allow you to use this digital with or without gloves.

Its ABS plastic body and accessories would compel you to buy it for long-lasting usage. There are original CAT-III test leads comes in a mat black carrying bag.

The product measures the AC and DC both to manage the workload. Its low-voltage impedance would let you know the false readings, and you can test the mA fluctuation because of its microamp feature. 

best fluke multimeters for electricians


voltage range: 1000 volts

Frequency Ranges: 50Hz to 100Khz

Temperature: -55C to 400C ( not perfect for HVAC systems)

Material: ABS plastic

Ampere Detection: 10 A

Weight: 300 grams

Fast fuse blowing: up to 440mA

Backlit: Available


Safety caps on probes gives it a great look. The product comes with a Cat III safety design that comprises 50 % of the display. Hence, its backlit light would provide ease of work in the dark.

The sensitive operation can tell you the minimum true frequencies by attaching the test loads. However, it can measure the 10 A of current whether it's AC or DC.


  •  Best for circuits, diodes, and resisters testing
  • Comes with 4000 counts
  •  backlit display
  • It's hands-free, and you can clamp the device.
  • Highly sensitive and affordable
  • Durable design for flexible usage 


  • User manual is not descriptive  

Why do I like it?

So, when you are looking for best multimeters for electricians, Fluke 15B is the right option because of its light-weight. You can detect the capacitance of all capacitors. This multimeter is the best outcome of money, and you can find out all electrical detail effortlessly.

If you want to get a combo of both quality and performance, you must buy the Bside EBTN multimeter. A three line display is available, which no multimeter offers. Its display is highly considered because of backlit light, and you can carry on your operation even in dark and bright sunlight easily.

You can see three test results for frequency, voltage, and analog bar at the same time. Its operation is effortless with super-fast detection, and you can test the loads with ease.

The device comes with a protective case, and you can use it without fearing any shock or any other hazards. Its a True RMS multimeter, which can measure the 9999 counts, frequencies, capacitance, resistance, diodes, and non-contact voltages.

In addition to this, it's super-fast in switching the functions and ideal for commercial and home use. Among best multimeters for electricians it can be your priority. Lets dive into its features and specifications.

best non contact voltage multimeter for electricians


data holding option: Available

display counts: 9999

current measures: up to 10A & 99mA

voltages: 750VAC, 1000VDC

Frequency: 999.9kHz/2.000MHz

Temperature: -20℃ -1000℃

Power supply: 2 x 1.5V batteries

Weight: 171 grams

Material: Plastic


It is a well designed contrast of black and red. The device is designed to facilitate the users with the best. You can operate the product without using the hands, and its backlit feature.

An elegant large LCD display would allow you to take readings with ease. Moreover, there is an auto power off and the low battery indication feature to serve in the best possible way.


  • Display is amazing
  • Compact and durable
  • Perfect backlit dispaly 
  • Three calibrations Measures
  • Excellent comeback for money


  • The meter doesn't come with batteries.

Why do I like it?

Hence, if we talk about its usage then, this special multimeter is effortless in operating. It provides accurate readings, and there are three-line calibrated display to provide comfortable usage. It is battery operated and has a large display for detecting the every electrical value.

KAIWEETS digital multimeter is made to measure the precise AC and DC voltages. The device is innovative and equipped with the latest features. Like every electrical concerned to measure industrial current, capacitance, frequencies, resistances, and temperature. However, its backlit light dual display would allow you to take readings comfortably.

The probes slot and the flashlight at back are other excellent features of this digital multimeter. Moreover, its feasible in detecting the voltage, and the display turns on when live wires come in contact.

You will easily find the low battery, data retention, and auto-ranging feature. The product is double insulated and has a silicon cover to prevent any shock and damage. It's fantastic with a double ceramic fuse for anti-burn quality, and a thermistor protection unit is beneficial for delivering a high-quality voltmeter.

best multimeter for industrial electricians


Frequency: 100kHz/1000kHz

Material: ABS

Backlit : Yes

Temperature measurement: 1000 Fahrenheit 

Voltages with CAT IV: 600 Volts

Voltages with CAT III: 1000 Volts

Resistance: 30Ω to 60MΩ

Capacitance: 10nF to 100MF

Accessories: Test leads, 2x1.5v Batteries and Thermocouple  

Weight: 599 grams


The unique thing is with an LED-backlit display . There is a dual display facilitated with a bar graph. You can use the device in dark because of the flashlight at the back. 

Additionally, the whole multimeter body is protected with a silicon case, and there are no chances of any burn or shock.


  • Comes with a durable outer case with double insulation
  • The product has test leads and k-type thermocouples.
  • The LED indicator light is for input terminals.
  • Measures the capacitance, duty cycle, and resistance accurately.
  • Facilitated with visual and audio alarm.
  • Flashlight available.


  • A bit Heavier

Why do I like it?

I like this multimeter because of its dual display and the sensitive operation to detect the voltages, currents, frequencies, and resistance. You can check the live wire voltages and its robust for use commercially or at home.

HT112B multimeter comes with a smart mode that can automatically detect the resistance, voltage, and continuity testing. The device takes reading automatically, and you don't need to put in an extra effort. However, its slim design and the large display with minimalist buttons would an electrician to use the device without any interference.

Thus, with the double protective rubber sleeves on the side and certified for CE & RoHS, this multimeter is an amazing package for the users. You can take readings, and there is no trouble in measuring the precise voltages with this digital multimeter.

best digital multimeters for electricians


Frequency: 100kHz/1000kHz

Display: 6000 counts wide LCD

Temperature measurement: 1000 Fahrenheit 

Voltages with CAT III: 600VDC, 600VAC

Current limit: 10Amp 

Resistance: 6Ω to 60MΩ

Capacitance: 6nF to 60MF

Power Supply: Four batteries required- CR123A 

Weight: 270 grams


If you are looking for a slim and efficient pocket size multimeter then, congrats you have find the one. A larger display and the short-sized button is comfortable for users who works in field. Furthermore it has a tough protective case, and there is no fear of falling or burning. It's perfect for industrial electricians and DIY lovers.


  • Has low battery and error jack prompt
  • Insulated and well-protected frame
  • Has a loud buzzing sound with a greenish light
  • There is an indicator for the wrong lead jack.
  • The display comes with 6000 counts.
  • Pocket size


  • A bit can not measure 1000VDC

Why do I like it?

Its compact design is more facilitative for commercial use. It can measure the voltages, frequencies, and capacitance accurately. Display is large but multimeter is compact enough so good to go.

If you want to take precise readings for voltages and the current count for the large electric appliances, the Fluke multimeter is the perfect device to have. It comes with true RMS technology to measure the non-linear loads.

You can differentiate between AC and Dc voltages automatically, and its Volt Alert technology would determine the non-contact voltage.
The device is made to facilitate the users with accurate voltage readings, consistent and reliable performance, and perfect safety features.

Its LED light display and the magnet at the back let you use this best fluke multimeter without using your hands. 

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter


Current: 10 A

Temperature: 10°C to +50°C

Weight: 1.21 pounds

Material: Plastic

Voltages: 600 V


Fluke digital multimeter is an excellent product with an innovative design. The magnetic hanger is feasible to operate without worrying about touching and holding the device. The frame is protective and has an anti-shock feature to let you take the precise readings.


  • You can detect the AC and Dc voltages separately.
  • Has a large LED light display
    You can measure frequency, capacitance, and resistance with ease.
  • Has true RMS for non-linear loads
  • Best in performance and has incredible safety features.


  • Not perfect for mA.

Why do I like it?

Its compact design is more facilitative for commercial use. It can measure the voltages, frequencies, and capacitance accurately. Display is large but multimeter is compact enough so good to go.

LOMVUM multimeter is apparent from the name and can be used to determine the precise electric measurements. The product is designed to overcome the reverse polarity protection, low battery indication, and overload protection. Its unique features is that it can measure  600V with CAT IV and 1000V with CAT III test leads. A built-in ceramic explosion-free fuse is also installed to provide compatibility and durability.

The most important factor that could be beneficial for the users is its data hold feature, and 3 inches wide display with backlit light to provide clarity and precise measurements. Its sampling speed is 2-3 times per second, and the edges are protected with rubber.

LOMVUM TRMS 6000 Counts Electrical Tester


Frequency: 9.999MHz

Temperature: -20 °C~1000 °C

Weight: 621GRAMS

Material: rubber and plastic

Voltages: on CAT-IV: 600 V

 Voltages: on CAT-III: 1000 V

Sampling Speed: Two Seconds

Temperature Sensor: K-Type Thermocouple

Safety: Two Fuses

Power Supply: 4x *1.5volts Batteries


The multimeter is ideal with suitable size and precise measurements. You can determine the ELECTRICAL VALUES within seconds, and the device has 3 inches display with backlit light. The ceramic fuse tubes are incredible in empowering the product with a shock absorbing and water-resistant nature. 


  • Its multifunction and measures the frequency and temperature accurately
  • Can detect the non-contact voltages
  • Comes with double protection feature
  • Can detect the overload as well
  • You can get the previous data


  • Sometimes it may provide the inaccurate resistance.

Why do I like it?

I like its durable frame with excellent compatibility to measure the frequencies, resistance, and continuous voltages. Its safety class is amazing with IEC-61010, 600V CAT IV, 1000V CAT III. You can experience a well-maintained voltmeter with the accurate operation.

7. MESTEK Auto Ranging NCV Multimeter for Electricians

MESTEK is well-known for delivering the multi-purpose digital multimeter to provide precise electric measurements. Because of its sensitivity, you can measure the frequency, capacitance, resistance, voltages, and workloads with ease. Among the best multimeters for electricians it has its own standard.

It is facilitated with an independent battery measurements feature and indicates low battery, workloads, and polarity. The device will shut-off automatically when the battery will near to end.

However, there is a data hold mode and a built-in flashlight, backlit features to provide the comfortable and flexible usage of this device. You can use the product for home and office to experience quality electric networking.

The precise workload would allow you to use it without any worry.

best multimeter for electricians


Frequency: 40Hz~400Hz

Temperature: 0~40℃

Weight: 12.6 ounces

Material: plastic, metal, Silicon Casing

Voltages: 600VAC, 600VDC 


The product comes with a large backlit display and is served with a flashlight to provide a clear view even in dark. You will be having overload protection and fuse blow alarm when buying this device.


  • Comes with low battery indication and auto shut down
  • You can record the required data
  • Non-contact voltages measuring
  • Perfect for commercial and home use
  • Can detect the overload and blow fuses before damage


  • The battery may have a shorter life span

Why do I like it?

The device is fantastic with the smart mode of measuring resistance and frequency. You can take accurate readings without using your hand. The backlit light and the handy display is ideal to serve you with the best.

Extech digital multimeter is excellent to measure the volts and frequencies effortlessly. This digital device can detect the resistance with PTC to protect the circuit. The troubleshooting product will help to determine the automotive and household problems.

The best multimeters for electricians always need  a flashlight and backlight to provide a comfortable and visible reading while in dark.

However, the device is made with rubber and plastic to comprehend all the favorable features to protect the circuit. It's anti-static, anti-skid, and water-resistant to deal with all unusual circumstances. The product has an automatic power-off feature and limitations up to 90V. Its built-in non-contact measurement would let you use the product for years.

best multimeters for technicians and electricians


Display: 2.2 inches

Resistance: 20MΩ

Weight: 15.8 ounces

Material: Plastic and rubber

Voltages: 600V overvoltage


The product is specifically made to deal with various circumstances. You can measure the voltages up to a limit and its body is made with plastic and the rubber protection outside protect the device from damage. The 2.2 inches display has a backlit and flashlight feature and you can take measurements in dark.


  • The device can hold readings and works well in the dark
  • Has lantern-shaped probes with alligator clips
  • The product has a durable protective sheet all around
  • The display is amazing with backlit
  • Best to record voltages and resistances


  • Sometimes its built-in alarm may not work because of sudden operations

Why do I like it?

The most valuable feature is its hands-free operation and the rubber protection outside. There are a complete voltage assessment and the frequency with precise resistance. The device has compact alligator clips and can define the volts with precise and sensitive measurements.  

Crenova digital multimeter is the ideal device with a double fuse and the overload protection feature on all ranges. Its auto-ranging tester can measure the frequency, continuity, and resistance at all levels. Its display is fantastic with 3.5 inches screen and you can see the precise readings in dark because of backlit light.

However, its sampling speed is 3 times per second and the device can hold the data for the backup. Thus, you can take readings whenever you want and can have a record of the specified readings as well.

best cheapest digital multimeters for electricians


Frequency: 20kHz

Resistance: 2MΩ/20MΩ

Weight: 11.3 ounces

Material: ABS+PVC

Voltages: 9V Battery


The product comes with a large backlit display and is served with a flashlight to provide a clear view even in dark. You will be having overload protection and fuse blow alarm when buying this device.


  • You can see the labels in darker areas
  • You can lock the readings on the screen
  • Comes with a foldable stand for hands-free function
  • Has the built-in double fuse
  • A durable and fine quality device


  • You have to install a 9V battery before using this product

Why do I like it?

I like this device because of its auto-ranging feature and the precise measurements of various electric appliances. Its display is comprehensive and you can read the labels & readings accurately.

Fieldpiece is famous for introducing the latest and advance digital multimeter with excellent in-built features. You can determine the high voltages with capacitance and there is no difference in the measured readings even you test one product repeatedly. It's feasible to calculate the non-contact voltage.

The device is durable and fits well in your hands. You can estimate the readings without any effort. The silicon leads are compact with a rubberized frame that can withstand unusual conditions.

best multimeters for electricians


Impedance: 560kO

Resolution: 0.1 mV

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Material: plastic

Voltages: 600VDC


The product comes with magnetic hangers and detachable test probes to perform hands-free functions. The frame is made with rubber and the display is fantastic to visualize the clear and the waveform of the findings.


  • Can measure the non-contact voltages
  • It can indicate the continuity and the resistance
  • Comes with a manual ranging stick
  • Facilitated with 9 Volts battery
  • Affordable and sensitive
  • Detachable clamp meter


  • Doesn’t come with backlit light

Why do I like it?

I like its multi-optional display with precise detailing of electric appliances. You can measure the parameters that could be beneficial in operating the product with ease. All the qualities that best multimeter for electrician poses are available in it.

Buyer’s guide of Best Multimeters for Electricians

When you roam around the web to grab the best digital multimeters for electricians, you will find the many multimeter having almost similar specifications.

Therefore, you have to know about your needs and find out the one that could accomplish your requirements. Thus, I have listed some best multimeters for electricians and engineers that have performance and quality within an affordable price range.

Buying is a difficult task and no one is pro at shopping. Thus, if you want to buy the best digital multimeters for 2021 with the latest and advanced features then, you must go through this article to buy the product that could help you for maintaining your power supply compliances.

You must watch more features regardless of some defining parameters. Stay tuned to get more detail.

What should be the compatibility of the multimeters?

There is a lot of price difference when buying a multimeter for home or industrial use. The device should be durable and compatible to measure the provided voltages and the current flow with accurate readings. The frequency and the capacitance are other extra features for determining the accuracy of the device.

Ohms, Amps, and volts

The multimeter should be capable to detect the Ac ranges and Dc ranges as well. The More accurate multimeter would differentiate between these two volts and you can use the appliances without any trouble. The current and the resistance are the primary features that could be determined by the voltmeter in the waveform. You should know these specifications before buying any multimeter.

Built-in features and ranges

A precise multimeter will be facilitated with a buzzing sound and built-in battery indicator, workload detection, backlit, and flash light. These features are necessary to indulge in any multimeter. Thus, you can take an accurate reading while paying full attention to test nodes.

Moreover, a best multimeter should have a compact frame with rubber protection to perform against shocks, water, fuse, and burns. If you want to measure current then i have also made a list of best clamp meter for electricians.

So that you can check the electrical details to find out these features. Moreover, data hold and screen lock features are prominent with ideal findings.

Accuracy and resistance

Some devices come with auto-ranging and true RMS. You have to select between DC and Ac for the comprehensive true RMS. The most important factor is auto-ranging and you can determine this by selecting voltage or frequency at one time. The frequency, Amps, and resistance would be followed by the recorded impacts. 

Nothing is more convenient when it comes to digital multimeter recording the voltages and electrical capability of the devices. Thus, you have to think about various things and together you can make a decision when things are sorted out with the clarity of mind.

Display and price

A multimeter should have a bright display with backlit light and flashlight feature. You can use the device in the dark when these two features are present. The display should be large enough to visualize the readings accurately.

If you are buying a multimeter for commercial use then you may be expensive because of the advanced and more pronounced feature. While a multimeter for a home maybe not so expensive and will provide the comprehensive detection of electric parameters.

When buying a multimeter if you will remember to consider the display and the sensitivity then you will find the right product within your range. The preference should be for your requirements and the product would be available according to that. Thus, watch the list of best multimeters and buy one that could be useful for you.

Safety Guide for Best Digital Multimeters

It's necessary to use digital electric appliances with precautionary measurements. Everyone wants to stay safe and in the case of electric appliances, there is no response time that's why you have to be careful while using the multimeter of electric appliances. I would like to mention some safety guides to provide you the full protection against any unusual conditions. Let's have a look.

  • A person using DMM must be qualified and well-aware to use the product safely. If he/she is capable of OSHA regulations and the NFPA 70E Standard to meet the requirements.
  • The device should pass the consensus standard and should be made with sock absorbing material.
  • If the device is not CATIII rated then you may experience transient voltages with horrible results.
  • Always put in and remove the test probes at 90- degrees angle.
  • The product should be double insulated and water-resistant to avoid any hand injury.
  • It's better to use the multimeter with a hands-free feature for effortless operation.
  • The backlit display would help to see in the dark.
  • There should be zero energy indication when checking the voltmeter for phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground.
  • Never touch the device with bare hands.
  • The functionality of DMM is the person's responsibility. Thus, one should be capable enough to handle and operate the device with ease. The placements of probes and the zero-energy indication are the primary things to consider when using a multimeter to check critical electric parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

When do you need to use a digital multimeter?

Digital multimeters are being used widely to determine the current, resistance, and frequency of any electric appliance. You can obtain the exact capability of the device and it would help to use the product according to the set-in features.

What are the basic sections of a digital multimeter?

The primary and visual elements of a multimeter comprise the display, dial, buttons, and input jacks. You can estimate the accuracy and the functionality of the device by determining the electric capability of the product.

What is the difference between analog and digital multimeter?

The analog multimeters provide the reading on a scale while the DMM has the high-quality display to provide the readings in numbers. The DMM is the most authentic and precise device to calculate the voltages, frequency, and resistance. Thus, it's effortless to use the DMM rather than using an analog multimeter.

Can multimeters measure the continuity between two points?

Yes, the multimeters can measure the continuity along with the resistance and the Amps with precise results. You can record the result and some multimeters can lock the readings on screen. Thus, you can measure the critical factors when using any electric device professionally.

Can multimeter determine the Dc and AC voltages at once?

A precise multimeter would differentiate the AC and DC voltages and would determine the separate readings for both. The input and output readings are different for all devices and you should not take the readings at once. Some multimeters will provide the readings in waveform and it’s the best time to adjust the probes for accurate results.

Do multimeters are dangerous?

Every electric device is dangerous until you check for some precautions. Touching the device with bare hands is more dangerous and can bring about life-threatening results. Thus, you should buy the DMM with a hands-free feature an insulated frame.


I have provided a list of some best and latest digital multimeters to meet your requirements. The products are sensitive and accurate in the functioning and would help to measure the electric parameters including ohms, amps, and volts at the same time. the convenient operating options and the durable frame of the products are sufficient enough for the users.

The compact double insulted frame and the favorable built-in feature make the products prominent for the buyers. You can match your requirements to the features and get the multimeter that could provide ease of work.