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Fluke 374 FC Multimeter Review-Honest Guide

Are you tired of having to guess when dealing with your electrical projects? Look no further than this Fluke 374 FC multimeter review. The Fluke 374 FC Multimeter is the perfect tool for any job, whether you’re a professional electrician or an amateur DIYer. It can accurately measure voltage and current from any device up to 1000A AC/DC. While its built-in thermal imaging camera and true-RMS reading make readings more accurate than ever!

Plus, it’s so easy and convenient to use, thanks to its intuitive interface. With this Fluke 374 FC Multimeter Review, you’ll never have to worry about inaccurate readings or miscalculations again. Now, all that stands between you and your project success is getting your hands on one of these bad boys. The reviews are in – people are raving about how reliable it is despite being incredibly easy to use! 

Fluke 374 FC Multimeter Review | Basic Info

Electrical professionals need to have the right tools and equipment when completing work; one tool essential for any electrical job is a multimeter. One popular multimeter model is the Fluke 374 FC, and this blog post will provide an in-depth review of all the features this device offers. 

Key Features

  • True RMS voltage and current
  • 600 A AC and DC measurement
  • 2500 A AC measurement
  • Directly records test results to the cloud and phone.
  • To 6kΩ resistance measurement
  • Dependable continuity detection
  • Quick recording
  • CAT-IV safety rating
  • Size: 249mm x 85mm x 45mm
  • Weight: 395g

Things That’s Included

  • Fluke 374 FC True RMS Clamp Meter
  • Instruction manual for Fluke 374 FC True RMS Clamp Meter
  • Red/black test leads with probe tips
  • Soft carry case
  • Calibration certificate

Fluke 374 FC Multimeter General Specifications

AC Current Via Jaw600A
AC Current Via Flexible Current Probes2500A
DC Current600A
AC/DC Voltage1000V
mV DC500V
Resistance6000 Ω
Capacitance1000 μF
Size249 x 85 x 45 mm
SafetyCAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 VCAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V
IP RatingIEC 60529: IP30, non-operating
Temperature-10 °C to +50 °C
Weight395 g

Fluke 374 FC Review | Features

Design and Build Quality 

The first thing to note about the Fluke 374 FC is its design. This pocket-sized multimeter comes in a rugged case, making it durable enough for use in harsh environments. The large display screen measures 4 ½ inches across, which makes it easy to read even from a distance. The buttons are also well-placed and intuitively designed, meaning you can easily access all of the device’s functions with minimal effort. 


The Fluke 374 FC offers many features that make it highly useful both on the job and at home. It comes with integrated Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect your device to a computer or mobile device with ease. 

In addition, there are several safety features built into the device, including dual input protection against wrong polarity connection as well as overload protection up to 1000 volts AC/DC. The multimeter also has a CAT IV 600V rating, meaning it can withstand high voltages without problems. 


One of the most important considerations when buying a multimeter is accuracy, which is where the Fluke 374 FC shines. It boasts an accuracy rating of 0.1% (± 1LSD) for DC voltage measurements up to 1000V, making it one of the most accurate devices on the market today. 

Furthermore, its measurement speed—which measures how quickly readings are displayed—is fast enough that you won’t have any issues taking multiple readings quickly and accurately. 

All in all, the Fluke 374 FC multimeter is an excellent choice for those who need reliable accuracy at an affordable price point. Its rugged construction makes it ideal for harsh environments, while its integrated Bluetooth technology makes it easy to connect with other devices wirelessly. And best of all? Its accuracy rating ensures that you’ll get precise readings every time!

If you’re looking for a reliable multimeter that won’t break your budget, consider this device seriously!

Function Plus Performance

The Fluke 374 FC is a great digital multimeter that is easy to use and get readings from. It features an auto-ranging amp clamp, which takes the hassle out of operating it, and the hold button allows you to take quick readings without having to risk dropping it while using both hands.

It’s compatible with the TPAK magnetic hanging strap, although you’ll have to buy one separately. However, there is a nice carry case included in the box. The AA batteries can last up to three hours depending on how heavily Fluke Connect or the backlight are used. The battery compartment also has a handy flap for easy access when needed.


The Fluke 374 FC is a reliable piece of equipment and runs smoothly more often than not. It’s great for continuity checks, and all the internal components are shielded nicely. 

Plus, it has good safety ratings to ensure your readings are accurate, rated to CAT-IV 600V and CAT-III 1000V. The only downside that is experienced is that the casing may give way if it sees too much heavy usage. So if you plan on using it in a robust environment, you should get something else.

Fluke Connect App

The Fluke 374 FC can make your life much easier with its wireless capabilities! It includes the Fluke Connect App, which allows you to connect up to four meters at once, allowing you to take readings without being in person. 

With it, you can record valuable diagnostic information and create reports remotely while staying comfortable wherever you may be. With this tool, you can streamline your process of testing and managing electrical systems more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Plus, its built-in data logging feature gives instant access to your measurements over time, ensuring accuracy and reliability every time!

True RMS Measurement 

The Fluke 374 FC is a multimeter like no other. It boasts True RMS AC and voltage measurement, allowing it to conclude precise readings even on circuits with nonsinusoidal waves. And that’s not all; it measures AC and DC voltage up to 600V, resistance up to 6000, and capacitance from 1μF-1000μF! 

With this powerful tool in your arsenal, you can confidently make accurate measurements on the most chaotic systems.

Measurement Capabilities

Whether you’re a professional electrician or a budding DIY enthusiast, the Fluke 374 FC Fluke multimeter has all the measurement capabilities you need. Not only does it measure both AC and DC up to 600 A. But with the optional iFlex flexible current probe, AC can also be measured up to 2500 A! Further, you can measure up to 1000 V of AC and DC voltage accurately, thanks to the true-rms voltage and current feature. 

Resisting temptation? You can resist up to 6000 Ω with ease and with one hand, thanks to the continuity detection feature. It’ll even record min, max, average and inrush values so that you never miss variations in your readings. If your project calls for some capacitance measurement, it can do 1000 μF too! All-in-all, this multimeter is much more than meets the eye.


The Fluke 374 FC is a great investment in quality and precision. With a three-year warranty, you can have peace of mind that your product will stand the test of time and has the full backing of the manufacturer. The multimeter is regularly tested to maintain the highest standards so you can rely on it for your toughest jobs. You won’t regret making this purchase – get your hands on the Fluke 374 FC today and trust in its top-notch performance!

Affordable Price

If you need an affordable digital multimeter but still want something reliable? This Digital Fluke 374 FC multimeter is perfect. Offering all the features you need to get a job done right, the Fluke 374 FC provides accuracy and convenience at an incredibly competitive price. 

Notable features include things like True-RMS measurements, temperature mode, resistance/capacitance/frequency measurements, and more. With awesome customer reviews from around the world, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product when buying the Fluke 374FC digital multimeter. Don’t wait – grab it today!


  • High amperage ranges
  • Up to 1000V voltage
  • Can easily measure DC millivolts
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Large Backlit display
  • True RMS
  • NIST certificate


  • No hanging straps
  • Battery life is not much impressive

Things That Are Unimpressive In Fluke 374 FC

With so much of today’s equipment relying on AMP connections and communications links, it can be a real setback when diagnosing the issue when a tool like the Fluke 374 FC fails to offer AMP with its leads. Beyond that, while it does one of the basics like ohm out contactors and relays, it falls short regarding high efficiency equipment and interpreting their communication links. At that point, you’re up against a wall.

Who Needs Fluke 374 FC?

Fluke 374 FC Wireless True RMS Clamp Meter is perfect for anyone needing highly accurate AC and DC current measurements. This advanced tool can quickly and accurately measure amps, volts, and ohms quickly and accurately with its multipurpose jaw, capturing in-rush current without data loss. 

It can be used in any electrical system found in HVAC/R systems and other industrial applications. It also has the wireless capability to transfer data to a smartphone or PC easily. With its wide measurement range, intuitive interface, and reliable readings even at high temperatures, the Fluke 374 FC is an invaluable asset for any job.

Users’ Opinion About Fluke 374 FC Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 374 FC Digital Multimeter is one of the most popular models on the market, with an impressive 4.6 rating from users on Amazon. People need to get enough of the device’s simplicity and accuracy in measuring AC/DC, capacitance, etc. Recent reviewers note that it can be used daily at work with no issues – which is seriously great! 

Unfortunately, customers also note a weak wifi/blue tooth signal that could use some improvements, but overall they are giving this multimeter a great review.

Final Verdict 

All in all, the Fluke 374 FC Multimeter is an excellent choice for professionals and DIYers alike who are looking for a reliable, accurate, and durable multimeter. The fast sampling rate and response times make it ideal for faster debugging. 

Its laser distance meter capabilities allow users to measure long distances and little places accurately. As if all of this isn’t enough, the user-friendly design makes it considerably easier to use than similar devices on the market. 

With all the convenience, accuracy, and reliability that the Fluke 374 FC provides, there is no doubt that this multimeter will be an invaluable addition to any engineer or technician’s toolkit for years to come!


What is the warranty on a Fluke 374 FC?

The Fluke 374 FC is the perfect choice for your projects, complete with a soft carrying case, batteries and an impressive three-year warranty! Get a piece of mind knowing you have reliable equipment on hand.

What is a Fluke 374 FC used for?

The Fluke 374 FC is a digital multimeter that can measure and diagnose problems with your vehicle’s electrical system. It reads automotive voltage, current, temperature, resistance, and diode tests. It’s a versatile tool that makes it much easier to complete difficult automotive repairs. With the Fluke 374 FC, you can save time and money by quickly pinpointing where an electrical fault might be tucked away in a car system. It’s an invaluable tool for any auto mechanic or home hobbyist looking to identify faults in their vehicles with accuracy and speed!

How to use Fluke 374FC?

Attach the clamp jaws to the device you’re testing; it will take care of the rest while giving you accurate results in up to 10 Hz resolution. Get more out of this versatile tool by taking advantage of wireless technology – upload data, software updates, and configure settings via Bluetooth or USB connection. You can bring this information back to your computer for further analysis and diagnosis.