Fluke 376 FC Multimeter Review

If you need a reliable, accurate and powerful multimeter for commercial and industrial applications, the new Fluke 376 FC could perfectly fit your needs. This versatile all-in-one meter offers advanced features that professional electricians and field technicians will appreciate. In this Fluke 376 FC multimeter review, we’ll look at how the Fluke 376 FC can influence your work efficiency without compromising safety. Keep reading to find out why this multimeter stands out from its competitors! So let’s begin this Fluke 376 FC review.

Key Features

  • Measures 1000 V AC or DC voltage
  • Measures 60 k of resistance with continuous detection
  • Can record results on your phone or cloud
  • Capture intermittent faults
  • Create and share reports from the field via email
  • Min, max, average, and inrush recording
  • Allow working safely and conveniently 
  • Integrated low-pass filter

Things That’s Included

  • Fluke 376 FC True-RMS Clamp Meter
  • 18-inch iFlex® Flexible Current Probe
  • TPAK magnetic hanging strap
  • TL75 Test Leads
  • Two AA batteries (Installed)
  • Soft carrying case
  • Coated instruction card
  • Safety information sheet

Fluke 376 FC Multimeter Review | Basic Info

The Fluke 376 FC offers an unprecedented and creative way of clamp meter operation. Its detachable iFlex cable allows you to conveniently measure around large or oddly shaped wiring looms, saving time on tough projects! It’s the perfect tool for tackling jobs that require inrush current measurements and low pass filters – perfect for contractors who need a reliable workhorse.

Welcome TRMS technology guarantees the accuracy, and auto-ranging means you don’t have to switch between measurement metrics. The 376 FC Fluke is CAT III & IV rated for high voltage work with three phase utility systems – safe and efficient!

Illuminate any dark situation with the backlit LCD screen of this tool, and take it anywhere easily in its included carry case. Plus, don’t worry about finding power cells – two AA batteries come right out of the box!

The Fluke 376 FC is your go-to for circuitry testing. An upgrade from the 337 models, it’s also got a Bluetooth-friendly brother – meet the 376 FC! Both are top choices and come with respectability that only one of the most esteemed brands can bring.

Fluke 376 FC Multimeter Review | General Specifications

AC Current Via Jaw999.9 V
AC Current via Flexible Current Probes2500A
DC Current999.9 V
DC/AC Voltage1000V
mV DC500 mV
Frequency in Jaw5.0 Hz to 500.0 Hz
Frequency via Flexible Current Probes5.0 Hz to 500.0 Hz
Resistance60 kΩ
Capacitance1000 μF
Size249 x 85 x 45 mm
IP RatingIEC 60529: IP30, non-operating
SafetyCAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V

Fluke 376 FC Review | Features

iFlex Flexible Current Probes

The Fluke 376 FC Multimeter is an electrician’s best friend, and the iFlex Flexible Current Probe takes it to a new level. With its ability to measure current up to a staggering 2500 amps, the iFlex makes complex measurements quicker and easier. 

No longer is a bulky clamp meter needed for those high-current applications. Its flexible design also means electricians can make measurements in tight situations without breaking their backs or lugging in heavy equipment. 

Whether you need to wire diagnostics on a motor or detect induction heating, the iFlex probe covers you.

Inrush Current Detection

The Fluke 376 FC Multimeter is a feature-rich tool perfect for electrical diagnosis and repair jobs. Its inrush current detection capability is one of the many features that set it apart. This feature allows you to detect and analyze any large currents that can occur during equipment startup or tool plug-in, which can be disruptive and cause malfunctions in your equipment. 

With the Fluke 376, you’ll no longer have to worry about costly repairs down the road; this feature gives you peace of mind by helping to prevent future issues before they start!

Low Pass Filter

The Fluke 376 Multimeter is a handy tool for electrical contractors. Its built-in Low Pass Filter makes life easier by capturing glitches and noise pulses which can interfere with the readings. 

This feature also helps accurately test frequencies up to 10 kHz, saving precious time on the job. With this trusted device, you don’t have to worry about taking inaccurate measurements.

Its filter removes unnecessary noise so that you can do your job right the first time every time!


The Fluke 376 Multimeter offers everyone, from experienced engineers to amateur hobbyists, the safety and reliability that comes with CAT III and CAT IV certification. You can have peace of mind knowing your readings will be accurate and that you’ll remain protected from hazardous voltages. 

The combination of its features and advanced measurement capability up to 1000V for AC/DC voltage and current. This makes the Fluke 376 a great investment for any job or project. With one device in your toolkit, you can confidently face whatever life throws your way.

Fluke Connect App

Get your hands on the Fluke Connect App and make data storage easy – no matter where you are! Store all results from smart devices directly in a cloud-based database. 

With instant access, utilizing this app allows colleagues around the globe to review or analyse key information quickly.


If you’re looking for a multimeter to tackle your toughest jobs, the Fluke 376 Multimeter is what you need. This advanced device has an auto-ranging feature that makes it easier to use. This means no more fumbling with settings as you move between tasks. 

The Auto-Range system quickly adjusts to provide accurate readings in any range, up to 1000 volts AC and DC, ten amps, and 100 ohms. 

With the Fluke 376, you can expect greater accuracy and reliability with each measurement. So don’t delay, and get your hands on one today!

Backlit LCD Screen 

The Fluke 376 Multimeter is one of the top multimeter models on the market today, and that’s because of its convenient backlit LCD screen. Not only does it allow you to see your readings in all kinds of settings, from bright outdoor spaces to dimly lit garages. 

But it’s also incredibly easy to use—turn on the light, and you’re ready to go! But don’t worry about wasting power. The backlit LCD screen consumes a fraction of energy compared to other multimeters. 

So if you need a reliable device that provides accurate readings with no matter the lighting conditions, the Fluke 376 Multimeter is your best bet!


  • TRMS technology
  • Auto-ranging
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Logging capabilities
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Transmit measurements wirelessly via the Fluke Connect app
  • Record measurements wirelessly


  • For beginners and general electricians, it will be over specced.
  • No temperature testing

Things That Are Unimpressive In Fluke 376 FC

If you want to work with a digital multimeter that can alert you when you get too close to a live circuit, the Fluke 376 FC won’t be the right tool. Unfortunately, it does not come equipped with the capability of issuing a non-contact voltage warning. 

So working around energized circuits can guarantee some level of risk. To combat this, ensure safety measures are in place and developed before commencing work. 

Adequate testing and accident-proofing are essential for electricians looking to stay out of danger’s way!

Who Needs Fluke 376 FC?

The Fluke 376 FC True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter is the perfect tool for various technicians and inspectors. Electrical engineers in the field need to be able to quickly measure current, voltage, capacitance and more wherever they need to. 

The Fluke 376 FC allows them to do just that, plus take advantage of built-in troubleshooting functions as they go. Installers can also benefit from this tool by taking advantage of its cutting-edge design. This allows measurements in tight quarters that bulky test leads struggle to reach. 

From busy industrial sites to small home repairs, the Fluke 376 FC is an essential multi-function meter for any technician or inspector who wants their job done right.

Users’ Opinion About Fluke 376 FC Digital Multimeter

The Fluke376 FC digital multimeter is an incredibly useful tool. With 4.7 stars on Amazon, users think it’s a must-have in any work bag. Not only is it worth the money, but the accuracy it can provide is unsurpassed. Its versatility makes it perfect for technicians, hobbyists and everyone in between!

Fluke 376 FC Multimeter Review | Final Verdict 

The Fluke 376 FC multimeter is an impressive tool for professionals and hobbyists. With its unique functions and advanced technology, you can rest assured that your job will be accurate and completed promptly. 

Its intuitive design and large display make it easy for anyone to work with. It is also affordable despite its many features, making it a must-have tool if electronics diagnostics are part of your job description. 

Although more expensive models are on the market, this device covers all the essential bases while still within your budget. Its innovative capabilities make it a great go-to tool for any electronics project or electrician needs. 

If you’re looking for reliable performance from your digital measuring device, then the Fluke 376 FC multimeter is definitely worth the investment.

Fluke 376 FC Multimeter Review FAQs

How much does a Fluke 376 FC weigh?

With a weight of 395g (14 oz.), this model is perfect for technicians working in the tight spaces that often come with the job. The sleek design measuring 249 x 85 x 45 mm, won’t get in your way either – leaving space for that hard-to-reach spot where you need to take readings. If you are after an accurate meter without being weighed down, the Fluke 376 FC is for you!

What is Fluke 376 FC?

The Fluke 376 FC True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter is an electrical troubleshooting and diagnostic tool. It’s perfect for industrial, commercial, and residential applications since it has the accuracy and features to solve problems quickly and accurately. The Fluke 376 FC Clamp Meter can measure current up to 1000 A AC or DC when used with iFlex flexible current probes. Its low pass filter and sensors make Fluke 376FC ideal for capturing motor start-up current using the inrush function. 

What is the difference between Fluke 376 and Fluke 376 FC?

The Fluke 376 is a standard current clamshell-style clamp meter with all the basic features, including AC/DC ranges up to 1000 A with 0.5% accuracy. Technically, the most notable difference between these models is that the Fluke 376 FC has iFlex flexible current probes, allowing more accurate measurements in tight spaces or when accessing large cables or bus bars. Adding low-pass filters also helps reduce the effects of voltage transients when measuring high-power systems. At the same time, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to share your data with any compatible device easily.

Does fluke iFlex work for dc?

The fluke iFlex is an amazing tool for troubleshooting DC electrical systems. It can measure current even in hard-to-reach places and save you time. The good news? It works for DC! Its flexible current probe has a wide range measured from 0.1 to 600A, making it perfect for any DC current level you might come across. Plus, its Bluetooth RemoteView lets you keep an eye on the measurement from your smartphone— incredible! So yes, the fluke iFlex works for DC— and with remarkable ease.