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Amprobe AM-250 Multimeter Review: An Industrial Tester

Are you an industry professional who needs a reliable digital multimeter that can measure AC and DC, voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and microcurrent? The Amprobe AM-250 is the perfect digital multimeter for you. This multi-meter meets International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) safety standard 61010 and is certified for category II installations up to 1,000V and, category III installations, up to 600V.

Why Choose AM-250 Industrial Digital Multimeter?

When you need to measure current, voltage, and resistance for your next industrial project but don’t want to spend money on a high-end multimeter.

Industrial Digital multimeters are either too expensive or not durable enough for industrial use. The Amprobe AM-250 is the solution for you. This meter is both affordable and reliable and perfect for any industrial application.If you wanted to learn Fluke vs klein then,you can click here.

Amprobe AM-250 Multimeter Review: A Professional Multimeter

The AM-250 is a multimeter designed for electrical and HVAC/R applications. It is best for DIY audio projects, such as power amps, speakers, and MOSFETs. Additionally, it also has a maximum reading mode that displays the highest reading in a session to track a sudden increase or decrease in readings.



  • Display Counts: 4000 Counts
  • Auto/Manual ranging: Yes
  • AC/DC Voltage measuring range: 1000VAC/DC
  • Current measuring range: 10amps
  • Resistance: up to 40MΩ
  • Frequency: up to 1MHz
  • Capacitance: up to 3000µF


  • The zero mode stores a reading in memory, allowing for quick measurement comparison.
  • The hold function maintains a measurement on display, even after the disconnection.
  • In the dim light, the backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) is visible.
  • An audible continuity sensor verifies that the circuit conducts electricity.
  • A diode test determines whether the circuit’s diodes are functioning well.
  • After 30 minutes of inactivity, an auto power-off mode turns off the unit.
  • Low-battery indicator reveals to change in the battery. I made the list of best budget multimeters you can check out.

Design And Build OF Amprobe AM-250 Multimeter

Amprobe multimeters are typically well-made and durable, lasting for many years. It has a nice enclosure surrounded by a protective rubber holster and an ergonomic design range dial selector.

Moreover, it is a portable device designed for indoor applications requiring direct connection to the building’s main panel and field service work. If you have a budget then go for the Amprobe 37XR multimeter.


  • Auto and manual ranging
  • Easy to use
  • Large LCD display
  • Peak holding feature
  • It has a detachable lead to measure voltage and current
  • Cost-effective


  • No light diffuser
  • Patchy backlight LCD
  • No battery holder


Amprobe AM-250 multimeter is a reliable digital multimeter that offers multiple services at a low cost. You can use it to diagnose electrical problems in various industrial and household devices, including batteries, motor controls, appliances, power supplies, and wiring systems.

So, if you’re looking for a low-cost multimeter for your daily electronic tasks, the Am-250 is the right choice. Hopefully this Amprobe AM-250 multimeter review is best for you.


Does Am-250 good for industrial applications?

 The Amprobe AM-250 is a professional multimeter affordable and reliable. With a maximum reading mode that tracks sudden increases or decreases in readings, this meter is perfect for any industrial application.

How can I change the battery in Am-250?

Disrupt the test lead probe from the measuring circuit to replace the battery and turn off the meter. Remove the screws to open the battery cover. Replace the batteries with 1.5V AAA batteries and replace the cover.

How does Amprobe AM-510 compare to other similar products?

The Amprobe AM-250 is an excellent product for its price. It’s durable and easy to use. The best part is that it works like a high-end industrial multimeter for a fraction of the price.