Amprobe AM-510 Multimeter Review: A Multi-Purpose

Have you ever used an Amprobe AM-510 to measure AC? It’s a great tool for the job, but I’m unsure how well you can use it. This post will show you how to use the Amprobe AM-510 like a pro. So whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, this post is for you! Stay … Read more

Amprobe PM51A Pocket Multimeter Review: A Minimalistic Choice

The Amprobe PM51A pocket multimeter is affordable, easy to use, and perfect for home and professional use. Whether you’re measuring voltage, current, or resistance, the PM51A has you covered. Plus, it has a capacitor and frequency measurement to help you troubleshoot electronic circuits. If you want to know more about this multimeter for electronics work … Read more

Amprobe AM-250 Multimeter Review: An Industrial Tester

Are you an industry professional who needs a reliable digital multimeter that can measure AC and DC, voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and microcurrent? The Amprobe AM-250 is the perfect digital multimeter for you. This multi-meter meets International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) safety standard 61010 and is certified for category II installations up to 1,000V and, category … Read more

Amprobe AM-520 Multimeter Review-Why It Is the Best?

Have you ever had to deal with a blown fuse? It’s not a fun experience. Especially if you don’t know how to fix it yourself, that’s where the Amprobe AM-520 comes in. This handy little device can help you determine whether or not your fuse is blown, and if it is, what size fuse you … Read more

Amprobe AM-530 Multimeter- True RMS Electrical Contractor Tool

The Amprobe AM-530multimeter is the perfect assistant for any electrical contractor. This multimeter provides comprehensive measurements of AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, and temperature – but it also has a unique non-contact voltage detector that can instantly identify live cables or circuit breakers without physical contact. If you are searching for an authentic voltage detector, fAM-530  … Read more

Amprobe 37XR-A Review: A Professional Handheld Multimeter

If you’re looking for a reliable handheld multimeter to take on the go, look no further than the Amprobe 37XR-A. This professional-grade multimeter is packed with features to help you get the job done, and its compact design makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. So if you need a detailed but … Read more

Amprobe DM78C Multimeter Review: A Compact Meter for Professionals

If you’re looking for a quality digital multimeter that is also compact, the Amprobe DM78C is a great choice. Its features allow you to test and measure various electrical currents, voltages, and resistances. Plus, it’s easy to use to get accurate results immediately.  If you need a new digital multimeter, check out the Amprobe DM78C. … Read more

Amprobe AM-570 Multimeter Review: An Industrial Digital Multimeter

You’re an electrician or technician who needs to measure voltage, current, resistance, and other electrical properties in industrial settings. Standard digital multimeters can’t always handle the tough environments you work in. The readings can be inaccurate due to all of the electrical noise. Amprobe AM-570 multimeter is a true-RMS industrial digital multimeter that accurately measures … Read more