Fluke 114 Multimeter Review | An Honest Review For You

Have you ever encountered an electrical problem and needed to test something, like a circuit breaker or car battery? If so, you know how important it is to have the right tool for the job. That’s why we’re doing Fluke 114 Multimeter review—a handheld device that makes measuring volts, ohms, and other electrical components simple and straightforward. 

In this Fluke 114 review, we’ll explore its features and capabilities in depth—including what sets it apart from competing brands. Whether you’re tackling your next DIY project or troubleshooting broken appliances around the house, keep reading to find out if this multimeter could be just what you need!

Fluke 114 Multimeter Review | Basic Info

Fluke 114 Multimeter Review

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line multimeter, the Fluke 114 is a perfect choice. Boasting an easy-to-read backlight display and reliable Auto/Manual ranging that makes it timely, this tool helps identify problems quickly with minimum effort. 

It even makes taking measurements easier with its built-in thermometer and frequency functions. Best of all, it comes complete with test leads, a protective holster, and a handy tilt stand to ensure you always have an accurate reading. Now that’s what we call convenience!

Key Features

  • Automatic ac/dc voltage selection using AutoVolt
  • Minimal interface
  • Reduced input impedance help in avoiding inaccurate readings caused by ghost voltage
  • The large white LED backlit display lets you work in dimly lit spaces.
  • Measure Resistance and continuity
  • Use Min/Max/Average to capture signal turbulence.
  • Category III safety certified at 600 volts
  • Size: 6.6″ (167mm) x 3.3″ (84mm) x 1.8″ (46mm)
  • Weight: 1.2lbs (550g)

Things That’s Included

  • Holster
  • Installed 9 V battery
  • Test leads
  • User manual

Fluke 114 Multimeter Review | General Specifications

Maximum Voltage600V
SafetyIEC 61010-1: Pollution Degree 2IEC 61010-2-033: CAT III 600V
Display Count6000
Bar Graph33 segments, updates 32 per second
Temperature-10°C to + 50°C
Battery Life400 hours typically
Ohms6.000 MΩ / 0.001 MΩ
Continuity600 Ω / 1 Ω
Size167 x 84 x 46 mm (6.57 x 3.31 x 1.82 in)
Warranty 3 Years

Fluke 114 Review | Features

Build Quality

The Fluke 114 Multimeter is a work of art when it comes to building quality. The solid central dial switch, meaty protective holster, and rear-tilting bail all show its robustness. And the 9V battery can be accessed quickly and safely via a separate panel underneath with strong terminals connected directly to the circuit board – efficiency in action! 

All this is packed within a design that allows for one-handed operation – making it ideal for technicians and professionals on the go. It isn’t built in the US like some other multimeters out there, but it’s still Fluke. So you don’t have to worry about quality control – input protection included.


The Fluke 114 Multimeter display is immediately impressive due to its compact size. It has a 6,000 count and refreshes four times per second. You can also check the difference between 4000 and 6000 counts; check out here!

It also comes with a 33-segment bar graph. That allows you to view the signal in analog form – great when up against cheaper meters of other brands. However, the backlight isn’t anything special, and the display looks slightly washed out when seen from 30 degrees or more. It is a good display but could use some improvement.

Function And Performance

The Fluke 114 Multimeter’s Function and Performance are impressive. It has a quick continuity checker, and the range switch has dedicated ranges that make it easy to use. Plus, the battery life from the 9-voter is strong at around 400 hours of nominal usage.

Plus, you can disable the auto power-off for an extra duration. There are convenient buttons like:

  • HOLD – which locks the display
  • MIN/MAX – which records low and high values automatically with an average
  • RANGE – which selects manual ranges and changes between auto and manual scaling
  • SELECT – to change between AC and DC millivolts
  • BACKLIGHT to turn it all on/off. 

With all its capabilities, the 114 Multi Meter delivers great performance!

Safety Protection

Fluke’s multimeters are the way to go if you’re looking for protection. These meters are incredibly tough and have been tested against drops so that accidents won’t be a worry. We can thank the strong cases and rubbery holsters for that. 

While most of the 110 series is strong, its weak point can be seen with the sizable dial switch. No matter how rough they get treated, their input protection remains intact due to power resistors and MOVs. On top of that, it can handle up to 6,000 volts of over-voltage without any failure – earning it a CATIII @ 600V rating to ground.

True RMS

The Fluke 114 Multimeter True RMS is an ideal tool for general electrical work, as it has a great range of A/C and D/C voltage and ohms readings. Plus, it also comes with a current clamp, allowing you to get precise contemporary values. These features mean that if you’re working on any battery array, inverters etc., you’re covered – all combined in one handy package!

So if you need to do electrical work and want accurate measurements, the Fluke 114 Multimeter True RMS is your choice.


  • Compact Size
  • Rugged and durable
  • 100% accurate
  • Ranges have designated positions.
  • Auto/Manual ranging
  • Low impedance and automatic volt modes included


  • The display is not much bright
  • Can’t measure milliamps and amps
  • No diode test
  • No capacitance and frequency

Things That Are Unimpressive In Fluke 114

If you’re looking for a reliable handheld multimeter, you might need something other than the Fluke 114. It could be a more impressive piece of measurement equipment. Its display isn’t bright, and it can’t measure milliamps or amps, so voltage checks don’t have much to offer. 

There’s also no diode test, so you won’t get a comprehensive readout of your measurements. Of course, there are some perks – with its easy-to-use design. It would be suitable for any casual use. But you’ll need to look elsewhere if you’re seeking something more than basic features.

Who Needs Fluke 114?

The Fluke 114 is a great tool for handy if you work in electrical engineering, HVAC/R, or any area of service and maintenance. This multifunction digital multimeter can measure accurately to low ohms and includes auto-ranging capabilities – perfect for diagnosing a wide range of problems. 

Moreover, it has included a large white LED backlight, which makes working in dark areas or cramped spaces much easier. The rugged design makes it reliable; the Fluke 114 is an indispensable tool that could save you time and money by helping you troubleshoot quickly and accurately.

Users’ Opinion About Fluke 104 Digital Multimeter

Many users have been raving about the Fluke 104 Digital Multimeter, praising its performance and ability for providing voltage, resistance, current and continuity readings. It’s a powerful tool ideal for troubleshooting wiring problems or performing utility jobs. Its accuracy and sensitivity are unmatched, making it the perfect tool for people who need the highest level of precision in their work. 

The ergonomic design also gives users a good grip and makes it comfortable to hold during long periods of use. With its impressive features, it’s no wonder many users describe the Fluke 104 Digital Multimeter as an invaluable piece of equipment in their arsenal.

Fluke 114 Multimeter Review | Final Verdict 

The Fluke 114 Multimeter is an excellent option if you’re trying to decide which multimeter to purchase. Its convenient size and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for experienced and novice users. 

Its True-RMS accuracy feature provides accurate results critical for professional identification and diagnosis of electrical problems. Lastly, its durability is sure to produce reliable readings daily, making it an outstanding tool that won’t disappoint you. 

After Fluke 114 review, All in all, the Fluke 114 Multimeter will keep you safe and connected no matter the job or task at hand. It’s a great value buy that comes with a host of helpful features – so why not dive in today?

Fluke 114 Multimeter Review FAQs

Where is Fluke 114 made?

If you’re considering the purchase of a Fluke 114, you can rest assured that it has been crafted with precision and care. This particular model is put together in China – part of a wider series of meters built for economic purposes. Contrary to popular belief, just because it’s not made in the USA doesn’t mean it won’t have all the hallmarks we’ve expected from the Fluke name. You’ll still be backed by their trademark quality, plus robust input protection for extra protection when operating.

What is the resistance range of Fluke 114?

With its impressive 0 to 40MΩ resistance range, the Fluke 114 True RMS Multimeter is a great choice for those needing an accurate and reliable multimeter. Not only can you measure AC/DC voltage up to 600V with it, but you also perform continuity testing with ease, thanks to its helpful audible buzzer. This multimeter makes it simpler and more efficient than ever before to handle the toughest jobs.

Can fluke 114 measure amps?

Unfortunately, this device could be better for those looking to get into electronics because it doesn’t feature amperage, capacitance measurements, or a diode test function. But if you need something to start off with while learning, the Fluke 114 Multimeter is a jack-of-all-trades; amateur electricians can fulfil all their needs with one device.

Does fluke 114 measure capacitance?

The Fluke 114 is the ideal tool for any electrician, as it measures resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance all in one handheld unit. With its ergonomic design, this multimeter allows you to work in tight or awkward spaces with ease – plus, it offers AutoVolt technology that automatically detects whether you need to measure AC or DC voltage!