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The 10 Best Multimeter under 100 dollars- A Budget-friendly Buyer’s Guide

By shafiq usama

5 best multimeter under 100 multimeters reviews

As an electrical engineer, I love explaining how things like circuits and electronics work. I write on my blog to share simple explanations, reviews, and useful tips about the latest technology.

We're living in a world of technological advancements. Trying different electrical and electronics DIY projects is becoming popular day by day. The reason is simple, cheap, and extremely customizable. If you're searching for the best multimeter under 100 dollars then fasten your seatbelts. Here we go!

An Auto Digital multimeter is the best choice If you’re not an electrician. Just rotate the knob and get your desired values. For a technician working without a multimeter is like working blindly.

We're living in a world of technological advancements. Trying different electrical and electronics DIY projects is becoming popular day by day. The reason is simple, cheap, and extremely customizable. If you're searching for the best multimeter under 100 dollars then fasten your seatbelts. Here we go!

An Auto Digital multimeter is the best choice If you’re not an electrician. Just rotate the knob and get your desired values. For a technician working without a multimeter is like working blindly. Read on how to test temperature sensors

As time passes technology upgrades and the same way multimeters too. Best multimeters for electricians are very common but finding the suitable one is a real effort. Every job has its own requirement.

How much one should spend on digital multimeters?

If you're thinking to get a digital multimeter you must have a budget. The budget is dependent upon your application and the scope of the job.

Let's say you're an electrician then you must need a multimeter with higher variables. But if you're an electronics engineer or technician you must prefer precision with a wide range of features. A budget of 100 dollars is quite enough, irrespective of your job's nature.

Are low-budget digital multimeters are good enough?

When you say a low budget, you must have to know what is cheap and what is expensive. in Low budget multimeters, you will get lesser capacity. But the safety features and structure will be the same.

A little research is needed and you will be able to grab the best digital multimeter. To make your hassle a bit easier I have compiled a list of the top 5 digital multimeters under 100$. Let's have a look!

How to choose the best multimeter on a limited budget?

The field of electrical is very vast and deep. It started from millivolts and gradually goes up to High voltage. Now the question arises of how to choose a budget multimeter with no prior experience.

Always try to grab the one having maximum features and ranges. Auto/manual ranging multimeter has been considered as the best automotive multimeter under 100.

Every electrical concern knows that fluke multimeters are best. But when you say best budget fluke multimeter then the lowest budget fluke multimeter starts from 53$, which Fluke 107 digital multimeter but it has very limited operations so can not fall in the top 5 budget multimeters.

Keeping in the mind those requirements, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best digital multimeters under 100 dollars for 2021.

List of 10 Best Multimeter under 100 Dollars

1. Fluke 107 Pocket Multimeter

The Fluke 107 is the perfect tool to help you get your job done. It's compact, easy to use, and delivers accurate measurements. Moreover, You can measure current and Voltages in both ac/dc circuits. In addition, it comes with a data hold option, so you work quickly in confined places. This multimeter also has an audible continuity test tone which helps identify problems quickly and accurately without looking at the display screen.


  • It is an Auto-ranging DMM.
  • 6000 counts display resolution helps you in reading values quickly.
  • You can measure ac/dc voltages up to 600V.
  • It can measure current up to 10A.
  • You can hold the data on display and analyze it later on.
  • It is equipped with a backlight so that you can use it in poorly lit areas.
  • You can measure frequency up to 100KHz and the duty cycle of any electric signal.
  • You can measure resistance up to a max. Range of 40MΩ.CAT-III safety rating.


The design of the Fluke 107 pocket multimeter is very compact. It consists of a bright LED that helps you read measurements faster and more efficiently, even if pitch dark. In addition, the large digital display has a backlight for easy viewing in poorly lit environments. On the top of the multimeter, there is a protective rubber boot that protects the screen. Fluke did not put any holes or slots on the protective boot, which makes it water-resistant to some extent.


The Fluke 107 pocket multimeter is very safe even if your hands are wet. It has an input impedance of 10Mohm and can withstand voltage up to 600 volts. Moreover, it is ATEX approved for Zone 1 hazardous area applications. Therefore, it can be used in any areas where electric shocks are dangerous, for example, Construction sites and Battery rooms.

  • Pocket size DMM
  • Shock resistance
  • Data hold option
  • Audible continuity test tone
  • No temperature measurement option.

2. Innova 3340 Professional Digital Multimeter

If you are looking for a multimeter that is easy to use, has excellent features, and will last longer, the Innova 3340 is perfect for you. It offers special functions like auto-ranging, auto shut-off after 15 minutes of inactivity, and dual ceramic fuses. It also comes with min/max and hold buttons that save retrieved data. This multimeter even has rugged corner guards to provide drop protection!


  • It is an auto-ranging digital multimeter.
  • 2000 display count is what you will get in Innova 3340
  • Overload protection is also installed in it, so you don't have to worry about damage.
  • You can measure ac and dc voltage up to 600V.
  • It can measure current up to 15A.
  • A separate battery testing option is also available in it.
  • It has an input impedance of 10MOhms, so it's perfect for automotive use.
  • You can also measure temperature on both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.


The side probe holders in the silicon case give it a compact and trendy look. The design of the Innova 3340 Multimeter is effortless and practical. It has a bright backlit display with a hold option that displays the last voltage or resistance reading. Min/max ranges and hold the button at the top make it easier to use these functions.


The corners are protected by a silicone casing that can withstand any drop test. It also comes with an overload relay which gives it surge protection. Dual input ceramic fuses make it easy to use. This multimeter can be safely used in any area where electric shocks are dangerous. It comes with the most advanced features like over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, frequency features.

  • It shuts down automatically in idle conditions.
  • The automatic zero adjustment option will give you exact values.
  • Reverse polarity protection makes it perfect for everyday use.
  • The data hold option makes it easy to use.
  • Test lead holders should be on the rare side.

3. KAIWEETS Smart Auto-ranging Multimeter

The KAIWEETS intelligent multimeter is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to measure voltage, resistance, continuity, and more. It's easy to use with an auto-ranging function that allows it to detect your measurement range automatically. Its simple button design makes it easy to switch between tasks with one hand. KAIWEETS HT112B has a bigger touch display with overload protection on all ranges, so you won't get any surprises while testing. Plus, it comes with a free carrying case so you can keep everything together when not in use!


  • It has a True RMS value function so you can measure values of non-linear loads.
  • It has a high resolution of 6000 counts.
  • Bigger LCD with intelligent functions.
  • An analog bar graph is also available on display.
  • You can measure temperature on both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.
  • 800mA input fuse overload protection saves its board.
  • It also has a smart mode that automatically selects modes of measurement.
  • Double insulated test leads save you from damage.


The KAIWEETS HT112B is equipped with a bright LED display, making it easy to read measurements in poorly lit environments. The touch screen is evident and easy to see even in sunny conditions. There are four buttons on the front of this multimeter, one for each function. The multimeter has a unique style due to cell-phone like display.


This multimeter is great for taking measurements in confined spaces. It has overload protection on all ranges which can help you avoid electric shock. Also, it has an auto-off function that saves you time by automatically turning off the multimeter when it is idle.

  • Data hold function
  • A carrying case also comes with it.
  • Dual input ceramic fuses improve the safety of the system.
  • Auto and manual ranging multimeter
  • NCV (Non-contact voltage detection) is not available.

4. AstroAI 6000 Counts digital multimeter

Have you ever had to troubleshoot an electrical problem? If so, you know how frustrating it can be. But now there's an easier way to get the job done! The AstroAI 6000 Counts digital multimeter is here to help make your life easier and more efficient. You can measure voltage, current, resistance, and more in electrically noisy environments! And with its 6000 count display, it's easy to see your results. It is a perfect HVAC multimeter for technicians. And best of all, it even comes with a one-year warranty.

best multimeter under 100


  • 6000 counts resolution allows you to see values easily.
  • It is a True RMS multimeter.
  • An auto-ranging feature allows you to measure values precisely.
  • Double ceramic fuses use in it to enhance safety functions.
  • Resistance and capacitance both can measure temperature up to 60MΩ and 60mF, respectively.
  • You can measure voltages up to a maximum range of 1000V in both AC/DC.
  • It has the ability to current up to 10A. 
  • An automatic shutdown function is also installed in it for idle conditions.
  • You can also measure temperature up to -40°C to 1370°C.
  • Both continuity and diode test are possible with it.


The AstroAI 6000 Counts digital multimeter has a unique design that will fit right in your pocket. It measures 5.8″ X 2″ X 1.8″, So it's easy to keep on hand or lay out flat on the countertop while you work! There are protective rubber pads placed at strategic locations around the display, ensuring that it stays in place and won't slide around while you work. It also has a multitude of ports such as Voltage, Current, Resistance, and even temperature. The AstroAI digital multimeter is the perfect companion for any professional electrician.


This digital multimeter is built with user safety in mind. The AstroAI 6000 Counts have over-voltage protection, input polarity protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection and even surge protection. So you can have confidence that this multimeter will be able to handle any jobs you throw at it. It's even designed to allow users to display true RMS readings of voltage or current! 

  • Backlight display with
  • It comes in a very affordable price.
  • Both manual and auto range are available in it.
  • Low battery indication is also available.
  • The backlight in the display is a bit low.

5. Neoteck 10000 Counts Digital Multimeter

This NeoTeck True RMS AC/DC digital multimeter is perfect for professional and personal use. The hand-held design has a large screen and simple buttons that are easy to operate. Moreover, it is ideal for determining values with precision!

best multimeter under $100 dollars


  • It comes with a 10000 counts display.
  • High quality with the ability to measure up to 10A and 2500V.
  • True RMS technology ensures that you get optimal accuracy with every reading.
  • Built-in stand for easy reading and additional protection.
  • Zero and Max hold functions to ensure that you get the best results every time.
  • Continuity test for testing wires and other components.
  • Selectable frequency allows you to pick the best testing frequency for your application.
  • Overload protection- protects the multimeter from high voltage or current.
  • Overvoltage protection- Light and sound alarm to let you know if your readings are too high.
  • Short circuit protection- Ensures that you will not be able to measure a short circuit and ruin your meter.


This handy meter has a smart protective cover that doubles as an inclined stand and can be attached magnetically with the included built-in metal plate. This ensures that it will always be accessible and easy to read. It also has a protective rubber casing to be protected while it's out in the field.


With over-load protection, over-voltage protection, polarity protection, and short circuit protection, this multimeter is designed to keep you safe! In addition, it beeps if there is any problem with the connection to let you know that something isn't quite right. Such a multimeter is difficult to find in this tight budget.

  • Easy to use for inexperienced users.
  • Low battery warning.
  • Simple and easy to use, even for beginners.
  • The large display makes it perfect for harsh conditions.
  • The backlight in the display is a bit low.

Finding a budget-friendly multimeter with auto-ranging is not an easy job. But a little research can definitely help you in grabbing a good one. Usually, the best multimeters under 100 dollars are not quite satisfactory and get smacked within a year. keeping in mind the users need Proster to come up with its latest model VC99. Moreover, it possesses all the essential functions required to perform any electrical job.

PROSTER V99 AUTORANGING MULTIMETER best multimeter under 100

Key Features

  • Backlit display can save you from many issues that you might face in dark places. Test points always need extra care so this backlight display allows one to work more efficiently.
  • Almost every electronic circuit has transistors. From its key features, the Transistor checking port is exceptional.
  • True RMS technology ensures that you get optimal accuracy with every reading.
  • You can also measure the frequency and duty cycle of ac dc voltage.
  • A data hold option allows you to see values easily.
  • If the battery is dying or draining fast a low battery indicator starts blinking.
  • temperature probe installed inside it gives you a precise value of temperature.
  • Most digital multimeters of this league have seven segment displays but it has an LCD display.
  • True RMS value is an exceptional thing in this multimeter, providing us with a precise value.


Usually, when you try to find a budget multimeter you don’t see many companies offering their premium class. The main thing which attracts a person is a multimeter body and color. Believe me, holding a multimeter all the time is not an easy job. You can tuck in the multimeter with the help of a rare clip easily. Its design complements its tough nature. It comes with an easily accessible battery compartment.


The first thing which separates it from other digital multimeters is its ABS-built anti-shocking body. A Rubber casing also comes with the package. Normally any budget multimeter doesn’t have protective rubber case. The mistake is in human nature, so taking one step ahead Proster comes with a 10 amp inbuilt fuse to avoid further damages. Like many auto-ranging digital multimeters, it also has a processor-based control safety for many options. If you insert the leads in the wrong slots, it starts beeping.

  • High-end quality testing leads
  • Two spare AAA Dry Cells
  • Dual temperature sensing mode
  • A multimeter and leads carrying bag
  • A bit larger in size than other Digital multimeters

If you're a technical person you must know the value of a good multimeter. A wise person does some research before buying any product. Especially in the case of the best budget multimeter. There are a lot of things that you should know like, auto and manual functions, RMS Value precision, and definitely the built quality.

From fewer trusted brands, Tekpower is offering the best multimeter for under 100 dollars. If you're looking for a single multimeter having all essential features then it's one of them.


Key Features

  • A blue 6000 counts LED display will definitely amaze you. 
  • Display with Backlight is available only in good quality multimeters. Working at night or in dark place needs such multimeters with backlight.
  • It can measure AC/DC voltage up to 1000 volts depending upon the test leads quality.
  • Auto and manual ranges of all measurements are also available.
  • Extremely Stable values, provides you a more precise reading.
  • An auto power off feature will definitely saves power to some extent.
  • A beep sound feature can make your work easier. Usually while tracing a circuit you can’t look at the multimeter screen all the time.


No matter you're working in your home or somewhere in the field, you need a robust multimeter. The manufacturing design of Tekpower mastech multimeters is a bit round with a black and mat green color scheme. A rare mounted folding clip behind the multimeter gives you an incredible grip.


The safety of the multimeter and the person itself is the prime focus of Tekpower. An anti-shocking ABS body casing protects it from jerks and you from high voltages. Its compact size fits in your hand easily and gives it an extra grip. A beep sound starts if you insert the probes in the wrong slots. It comes with cat-iii safety rating test leads.

  • Bigger screen size
  • Auto/Manual both setting are available
  • Automatically power off
  • Frequency range is not available in it.  

Might be you belong to an electrical field and you have a desire to buy the best multimeter under 100 dollars with shocking features. It is obvious that plenty of auto-ranging multimeters will be in a row for you. Klein Tools MM700 multimeter is best for measuring voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and duty cycle with an auto-ranging multimeter. Klein Tools MM600 and Klein tools MM700 are almost identical with some minor differences. If you want to know more about the comparison of Klein tools MM600 and Klein tools MM700 then I have also written a blog on it. A set of complete accessories come along with the multimeter. 


Key Features

  • It has a thermocouple sensor to measure temperature, which is viable mostly for people working on HVAC systems
  • It has Both Auto/Manual selection. Auto AC/DC selection can save you more many disasters.
  • It provides a 4000 count LCD Display.
  • It is perfect for battery voltage testing and can be a better alternative to battery testers.
  • A low battery indicator is also installed in it
  • If you’re working on the low distribution side then it’s enough for you because one can easily measure up to 600 volts and 10 Amperes AC/DC.
  • Two AAA Batteries are enough to power it up and your power capacity.
  • Silicon Rubber case is what makes it more suitable for a tough and challenging working environment.


When we talk about Klein Tools built then it has a rugged multimeter look. The orange case has very fine detailing giving it a tech gadget look. The battery compartment is just one screw away. I assure you one thing, you can get a good quality multimeter on a tight budget. Restricting in this tight budget, Klein tools multimeter is a perfect choice.


As corded wires are used here so there is no chance of any electric shock. It gives you a shockproof rubber casing that gives u a good grip with a safety point of view. Rare probe holders are also available which extend the probe's life. If you're looking for the best multimeter under 100 dollar budget then it is a great option.

  • Low battery indication is available
  • Best for Household usage
  • Can measure temperature 
  • Cheaper as compared to others
  • can measure upto only 600Volts

If you're in search of a multi-purpose auto-ranging multimeter then you must have a look at UNI-T multimeters. It’s one of the best multimeters for electricians. Although the reason is its heavy-duty batteries. you can easily use it. You can also test diodes and transistors with their Npn and Pnp ports.

Key Features

  • A widescreen having a backlight display can definitely help you in tracing any circuit more efficiently.
  • An automatic sleep mode feature is also available like all premium class multimeters.
  • An auto-off feature is a good thing from an energy-saving point of view.
  • RS232C port for communication with computers or laptops is something very rare. Live data recording mode can eliminate many confusions.
  • Cat-III test leads come with it, which are capable to measure 1000V ac & dc voltage precisely.
  • A back flappable stand also comes with it.
  • It is a 2M drop test certified multimeter


From a design aspect, it is a bit larger but looks pretty tough. Available only in one combinational Color Red and black. A silicon case protects it from falling and gives a mat finishing look. A rubber tilt stand makes it perfect for bench test usage.


Working in Electrical domains need extra precaution and preventive measures. This is the best digital multimeter for under 100 dollars due to its high safety features. Even if you plug the probe in the wrong slot it starts to beep and will not measure any value. A 1-ampere fuse is also mounted inside it to avoid control errors. You can measure ac voltage up to 1000V but dc voltage restricts up to750V.

  • Low battery level indication 
  • True RMS value
  • Bigger display
  • Can easily connect with laptops
  • A bit heavy.

The basic functionality of any multimeter is its universal and portable nature. The best multimeter is one which has these two basic functions. Almost 95% tasks related to multimeters can be done easily with reliable pocket multimeters. But there are only a handful companies who focus on it. Luckily AMPROBE is one of them. Its pocket size doesn’t means quality compromise. One can easily perform all his routine tasks with it.

Key Features

  • The main feature of this digital pocket multimeter is that it has non contact voltage detection. It means now you are now away from electrical hazards.
  • A precise frequency measurement is also available which is not even available in some high end multimeters.
  • Auto-Tect is the most advance feature which allows you to auto selects AC/DC Voltages.
  • Even its compact pocket size nature it can measures voltage up to 600 volts.
  • It has very low input impedance which removes all ghost voltages.
  • You can get an idea of its size by dimensions, 4.41 x 2.13 x 0.43.
  • One 09 volt cell is enough to power it up.


It’s an age of modernity; gadgets are getting smaller and smaller. Its compact nature is a master design in itself. A very beautiful red and black contrast give it a sporty look. You can also track positive and negative probes easily. Its sleek look makes it perfect for car electricians. Depending upon its looks we can say that it is the best automotive multimeter under $100. Its lightweight and small size allow you to carry it anywhere.


When it comes to safety, ICE & CE are benchmarks. Amprobe passed these standards by Fluke safety labs. Non-contact voltages detection saves the multimeter from every explosion. Everyone wants to work in a safe and sound environment Amprobe is the best non-contact voltage detection multimeter.

  • Compact enough can easily fit in your pocket. 
  • Non contact voltage detection
  • Auto AC/DC selection
  • Minimization of ghost voltages
  • Probe holders are not available

Buying Guide for best multimeter under 100 Dollars

A multimeter is worthy only if it’s fulfilling all your requirements. In short, you just need to do some research before purchasing a multimeter. In addition to this, I explained almost every aspect you need to know before buying multimeter of your scope. If you want the best quality clamp meter for electricians then I have also made a separate list for you. 

However, Summing up every vital piece of information, I tried to provide you with a very up-to-date buying guide for the best multimeters with essential key features.

  • We usually don’t give importance to multimeter probes, but they’re responsible for data collection, and the best probes are Cat-III.
  • List Element
  • It’s almost impossible for one not to make any mistakes. Things that keep save you from such incidents are fuses.
  • Data hold Feature is one of the essential functions in good quality budget multimeters.
  • If you're an HVAC technician then must go for an HVAC multimeter with a temperature probe kit.
  • Some multimeter only comes with a manual ranging option but you should go for auto-ranging testers.
  • Overload protection should be the most critical feature for the best multimeter under 100. So, always buy a multimeter having separate fuses for ampere and overvoltage.
  • True RMS provides you the real-time values with almost every possible harmonics. So grab the one if you want precise values.
  • Frequency measurement is not the need of beginners, but professional technicians and electricians need it the most. So decide this yourself.
  • Backlight display is the need of every person. The reason is straightforward; you can work with it in darker and confined places.
  • Auto-ranging multimeters are also available on the market and can give you much more relief.
  • For HVAC systems, you need to focus on temperature availability. Most of the multimeters can measure to 160 degrees Celsius precisely.

If you want to test fuses separately then I have made a separate fuse testing guide for you.

Final Verdict

A multimeter is a need of today's electrician and electronics technician. There is no doubt that FLUKE multimeters are the best among all. But, when having a tight budget to find the best multimeter under 100 dollars then here is the list of the top 10 all-time multimeters.

For an instance let's think about you're performing a job in a remote location. Here you need the best multimeter in your pocket. I have tried my best to dig down the best multimeter under 100. Let's grab the one and start your journey.

Good Luck!

FAQs- Frequently Asked Question

1. Which multimeter brand is best?

All the multimeters which have auto-ranging features are best. But if we have to choose a specific multimeter then it's a bit difficult. To make it simple fluke multimeters are the best among all. To know more about them click on the above link. 

2. How to choose the best budget multimeter?

Choosing a multimeter needs a thorough study and experience. It depends upon the job for which you required the multimeter. I have also made a detailed guide to choosing the best multimeters.

3. Is there any multimeter under 50 dollars?

It's not a universal truth that the more you spend the more you get. There are many multimeters that fall under the budget of 50 dollars but are of good quality. You can check our blog for the best multimeter under 50 dollars.