4000 Vs 6000 Count Multimeter | A Massive Comparison 

Are you in the market for a multimeter? Read on for all the details about 4000 vs 6000 count multimeter!

Finding the right one can be tricky, as many types and brands of meters can measure voltage, current, resistance, and more. It pays to narrow your decision if you’re overwhelmed by the variety available.

Although, do you need a multimeter that measures up to 4000 or 6000 counts – which is better for your needs? Well, let me tell you – we have made an extensive comparison between these types of meters and will provide some entertaining insight into our findings!

Multimeters and Count Resolution

Anyone who works with circuits, electronics, or electrical systems needs a multimeter. In troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance, they provide crucial measurements. In a multimeter, “count” refers to the maximum value the display can show. This directly relates to the device’s accuracy and precision. The higher the count, the more detailed and refined the measurement becomes.

What Does “Count” Mean in a Multimeter?

Count resolution refers to how small a measurement unit can be displayed on a multimeter. You can think of it as the smallest measurement step the meter can make. The higher the count, the finer the resolution, making it easier to detect subtle changes in voltage, current, or resistance.

Features and Functionality of 4000 Count Multimeter

For many basic applications, a 4000 count multimeter is a reliable choice. It provides a good balance between cost-effectiveness and accuracy. In addition to household electrical repairs and automotive diagnostics, this type of multimeter is suitable for electrical hobbyist projects. The display’s 4000 count provides sufficient accuracy in these situations.

Features and Functionality of 6000 Count Multimeter

Features and Functionality of 6000 Count Multimeter

However, with a 6000-count multimeter, precision is increased. As the count increases, it can display smaller increments of measurement, allowing for more detailed analysis. Professionals working on complex circuits, engineers, and researchers who require precision in their measurements prefer this type of multimeter.

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Klein 4000 Vs 6000 Count Multimeter

FeaturesKlein MM700Klein MM400
Display Count40004000
Frequency1Hz – 500 KHz1Hz – 50 KHz
Resistance40 Ohm40 Ohm
AC/DC Current Measurement 10A10A
AC/DC Voltage Measurement 1000V600V

Klein MM700 Multimeter

Klein MM700 Multimeter


The Klein MM700 Digital Multimeter offers a unique auto-ranging feature, allowing the user to easily adjust the instrument’s range settings with the press of a button. This makes the device simple and intuitive to use while ensuring measurement accuracy. The Klein MM700 can measure anything from capacitance to frequency, continuity, and temperature, making it an incredibly versatile tool for professionals and enthusiasts.


In addition to its great auto-ranging ability, the Klein MM700 also incorporates True RMS sensing, which allows it to capture accurate readings even if there is significant nonlinearity or distortion in signal waveforms.

With this powerful feature set combined with its compact design, it’s easy to see why so many have come to rely on the dependability of the Klein MM700 Digital Multimeter. For more, you can check out the details of the MM Klein Series; Click Here!

Durable Construction

The Klein MM700 is a multi-meter designed to last the test of time. Its durable construction comprises drop and crush-resistant housing, a removable holster with a belt clip and lanyard loop, and protective rubber corner pads. The device also contains increased stability and accuracy to make working with it easier and more efficient.

Low Impedance Mode

Its Low Impedance Mode helps to reduce ghost voltages and false readings, also allowing for accurate measurements in many hard-to-reach or crowded areas.

Large LCD Display

The large LCD display of the Klein MM700 boasts a wide viewing angle and a backlight for low-light settings. Its unique LED lights directly indicate when both the test lead tip and sleeve are properly connected. Rugged and reliable, this meter is perfect for your toughest jobs.

Multimeter with large display

With all these features combined, the MM700 is an amazing choice for those needing a reliable multi-meter that will last in any condition. It doesn’t matter if you are using it indoors or outdoors; this multimeter will stick by your side no matter what task you look to tackle.

Klein MM400 Multimeter

Klein MM400 Multimeter

Compact design

The Klein MM400 multimeter is great for any hardworking and safety-minded electrician. Its compact design features a protective rubber grip for comfortable five-hand operation, making it easier to access hard-to-reach spots.

Despite its small size, this multimeter packs an impressive list of features, including voltage and continuity testing and AC/DC current measurements, which can be useful when troubleshooting electrical wiring problems in the home or at work.

Auto hold

The Klein MM400 has revolutionized the auto-hold feature of multimeters. What used to be a tedious manual task is now effortless with the push of a single button. Not only is it convenient, but it also provides you with reliable, consistent readings while troubleshooting electrical circuits. It’s amazing how easily this device can keep track of instantaneous voltage or current tasks. 

Multimeter with auto data hold function

With built-in features like data hold and low pass filter, even inexperienced electricians can trust that their readings are accurate and repeatable. Thanks to the innovative technology used in the Klein MM400, electrical troubleshooting has become more efficient than ever!

LCD display with backlight

Klein Tools MM400 multimeter has a highly convenient LCD display featuring an adjustable backlight that provides visibility in any lighting situation. Seeing measurements easily and quickly, even in dark areas, can be instrumental in getting the job done correctly and efficiently. 

Not only does the MM400 perform basic functions like AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency, and capacitance tests—but its backlight feature supports these measurements through superior stimulation of vision. Klein Tools MM400 multimeter is also built with strong, durable parts and engineered with auto-hold technology for handling tricky tasks.

Low battery indicator

The Klein MM400 is an essential tool for modern electricians, and its low battery indicator feature makes it even smarter. Using a special voltage indicator, the MM400 can alert users when the battery is becoming critically low, so you can be sure your work won’t be interrupted.

The built-in low battery indicator ensures that your job will always get done no matter how long it takes, keeping you safe and efficient in whatever situation.

Lightweight Design

The lightweight design of the Klein MM400 also means you don’t have to worry about an added weight burden, as it weighs only .75 lbs without batteries or accessories. This makes you more prepared to tackle any electrical task without worrying about running out of power. 

Shock resistant

Klein Tools MM400 manual range multimeter is invaluable for any professional electrician. It has many features that make measuring time, current, and voltage a breeze. It also boasts a durable construction and shock-resistant design that ensures you won’t have to worry about replacing it due to breakage after years of use. 

The tough shell surrounding the meter is tested to withstand a drop of three feet, so you can work confidently, knowing your tool is well-protected in the most demanding or hazardous environments. In addition to its shock resistance, the MM400 has an intuitive user interface and an easy-to-read LCD display, making using the device simple and efficient. If you know more about the compression of fluke and Klein, then click here.

Bottom Line

So, now you can make a decision of 4000 vs 6000 count multimeter which one is better for you. Though a 6000-count multimeter may have more features, a 4000-count is sufficient for most people’s needs.

Step up to the next level if you need more than what a 4000 count can provide. However, save some money for those who don’t need all the bells and whistles and stick with a 4000.