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UNI-T UT33A Multimeter Review 2023

Have you wanted to take your DIY projects and repairs to the next level? 

With a quality multimeter like the UNI-T UT33A, you can easily troubleshoot electrical problems with unbeatable accuracy. We’ll break down our honest opinion on its features so that you can decide if this tool is right for you. 

This easy-to-use multimeter comes equipped with several user-friendly functions that make measuring voltage and current a breeze — plus, it has all the necessary safety measures built in, so no worries! It shows accurate readings quickly and even has an auto-shutoff feature for when things get too hot. 

Check out our blog post on the UNI-T UT33A multimeter now to learn more about its features!

Key Features

  • new LCD display layout
  • Can withstand 2 meters drop
  • CAT rating: CAT ll 600V
  • 2mF capacitance test function
  • Automatic range
  • Capacitance test
  • Maximum voltage range 600V
  • 200M ohm resistance range
  • The ac voltage range is at least 200mV
  • Backlit Function
  • Continuity buzzer
  • Compact and lightweight

Things That’s Included

  • UNI-T UT33A digital multimeter unit (1 pc.)
  • Test leads (2 pcs.)
  • Holster (1 pc.)
  • Battery (1 pc.)
  • User manual (1 pc.)

UNI-T UT33A Multimeter Review | Basic Info

The UNI-T UT33A Digital Multimeter is a must-have tool for anyone needing quick and reliable readings. CaA 1.5 V battery powers this pocket-sized device to perform various measurements, including voltage, current, resistance levels, diode, and continuity tests. 

With its auto ranging feature and transistor tests, the UNI-T UT33A makes quick work of any testing job. This high-quality multimeter is a great investment for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. 

Whether you’re an electrician, mechanic or hobbyist, the UNI-T UT33A is an essential tool in your toolbox. If you wanted to learn Fluke vs klein then,you can click here.

UNI-T UT33A Multimeter Review | General Specifications

Display Count3999
AC/DC VoltageUp to 500V
AC/DC CurrentUp to 10A
ResistanceUp to 40 Mohm
Diode TestYes
Continuity Test Yes
Analog Bar No
Transistor CheckYes
Backlit FunctionYes

UNI-T UT33A Review | Features

1- Display

Are you looking for a reliable multimeter for your DIY projects? The UNI-T UT33A Multimeter is designed to provide accurate voltage, current, and resistance readings. However, it is important to note that the display might get unstable at 1.6V and can show overflow beforehand. 

The battery symbol will show at 2.4V, and readings will be correct to that level. The display can show OL or high readings if the voltage exceeds that. The display updates about 2.5 times per second, providing real-time information. 

With a display count of 3999, this multimeter is an excellent addition to your toolkit.I made the list of best budget multimeters you can check out.

2- Multiple Functions

If you’re looking for a multimeter that can perform multiple functions, then the UNI-T UT33A is a great option. With its rotary switch, you can choose between different voltage ranges, both AC and DC. And with the SEL/REL button, you can select AC in mV and current ranges while zeroing the capacitance range. 

Additionally, the meter has a hold/backlight button that freezes the display reading until the button is pressed again and turns on the backlight when held down. 

So whether you’re an electrician or engineer, the UNI-T UT33A can help you easily complete your tasks.

3- Volt And Frequency Measurements

The UNI-T UT33A Multimeter is an incredibly precise Volt and Frequency Measurements tool. It boasts a 1V AC reading down by only 5% at 2.5kHz, and its input impedance on DC and AC comes in at 10-11 Mohm. 

In addition, on mV AC/DC, the Multimeter’s impedance is only 2kOhm when the input voltage exceeds 1 volt – proving how effective this unit can be in even the most challenging electric environments.

4- Current Measurement

The UNI-T UT33A Multimeter offers hassle-free current measurements with its specifically designed ranges. The 10A range is equipped with a 10A/250V 5x20mm fuse, while the mA range is fitted with a smaller 0.2A/250V 5x20mm fuse for increased accuracy. 

An added feature to the 10A range is an audible alarm that goes off when the measurement exceeds 10A. 

With these stunning specifications, handling current measurements with the UT33A is an efficient and secure process that assures precision and safety. To learn more about Fluke 325, you can click here to get guidance.

5- Ohm, Continuity, Diode and Capacitance Measurements

The UNI-T UT33A is a great choice if you want a versatile multimeter. With the ability to measure ohm, continuity, diode, and capacitance, you’ll have a tool that can handle a variety of electrical measurements. 

When measuring ohm, be prepared to wait about 3.5 seconds for a 100ohm measurement. The ohm voltage is 1.0V open and 0.31mA shorted. Continuity is much faster, beeping about 20ms when resistance is below 31ohm. 

The continuity voltage is 2.1V open and 0.31mA shorted. The diode range uses 2.2V, with a max display of 1.999V at 0.07mA and a max current of 0.9mA shorted. 

Finally, a 2000uF measurement will take about 9 seconds. The UNI-T UT33A is a reliable and efficient tool for electrical measurements.

6- Backlit

The UNI-T UT33A Multimeter Backlit is a must-have tool for those serious about electrical work. With its backlight that works down to 1.6V, you can easily read measurements in low-light environments. 

And when you’re done, the backlight will turn off automatically after about 30 seconds to save battery life. The device is compact yet sturdy, making it perfect for use in tight spaces. 

Plus, with its easy-to-use interface, you will save time fumbling with complicated settings. Trust us; the UNI-T UT33A Multimeter Backlit is an excellent investment you won’t regret.

7- Standard Probes

When using a multimeter, having standard probes that fit in the meter is essential. The UNI-T UT33A Multimeter Standard Probes are just what you need for accurate and reliable readings. 

While the probe resistance for one is higher than you might expect at 72mOhm, it is still within the acceptable range. 

One thing to note is that the probe wire is thin, but at 89cm long, it should be sufficient for most applications. With these standard probes, you can rest assured that your multimeter has the proper tools to do the job.

8- Protection

The UNI-T UT33A multimeter is the perfect tool for any technician or DIY enthusiast looking to get precise measurements without sacrificing safety. With its overload protection of 600V AC/DC and input protection of 600V AC/DC, you can rest easy knowing that the device won’t succumb to any electrical mishap. 

And if you are a bit clumsy, the multimeter has been built to withstand drops up to 2 meters, ensuring that it remains perfectly functional even after an accidental slip. 

Overall, the UNI-T UT33A multimeter provides reliable and secure measurements, making it an essential addition to any toolkit.


  • Pocked-size
  • LCD display
  • Auto-ranging
  • Wide range of measurements
  • Low battery display
  • User-friendly
  • CAT rating: CATII600V/CATI1000V


  • The probe wire is a bit thin

Things That Are Unimpressive In UNI-T UT33A

The UNI-T UT33A is a Chinese product that may not meet your expectations if you’re looking for accuracy. While it may have all the features one would need, the results may be off target. 

Additionally, compared to the popular and reliable brand Fluke, the UNI-T UT33A tends to run much slower. When monitoring and measuring, these discrepancies can make all the difference. 

So, while the UNI-T UT33A may seem like a suitable option at first glance, it’s important to be aware of its limitations before purchasing.

Who Needs UNI-T UT33A?

Now as you know, the UNI-T UT33A is a versatile digital multimeter capable of measuring AC/DC voltage, resistance, and current. It also features a continuity test and diode check function, making it an indispensable tool for electricians, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts. 

It’s compact size and easy-to-use interface make it an ideal choice for those who require a reliable and user-friendly device. Whether you’re troubleshooting a faulty circuit or checking the voltage of a battery, the UNI-T UT33A is an essential tool for anyone working with electrical systems. 

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable multimeter to add to your toolkit, the UNI-T UT33A is worth considering.

Users’ Opinion About UNI-T UT33A Digital Multimeter

The UNI-T UT33A Digital Multimeter has received great reviews from users who have tried it out. People are impressed with how well it performs within its specifications and how easy it is to use. 

One of the standout features of this multimeter is its good input protection, which provides users with peace of mind and added safety. Additionally, the compact size of the UNI-T UT33A makes it easy to transport and store, making it an excellent choice for those who need to use it on the go. 

These rave reviews are also reflected in its impressive 4.2 rating on Amazon. All in all, it is a must-have tool for anyone who values accuracy and reliability.

Final Verdict 

Overall, the UNI-T UT33A multimeter is a quality piece of electronics that offers reliable performance. It’s easy to use and designed for convenience and accuracy. With its superior build and versatility, you can use this multimeter in various projects or environments. 

Whether you’re an electronics enthusiast looking to measure precise components or an electrician troubleshooting wiring issues, the UT33A has all the features you need to get the job done quickly and effectively. 

If you’re looking for a reliable multimeter that won’t break your budget, this is definitely worth considering. And given its robust feature set, it will provide long-lasting value for many years.

UNI-T UT33A Multimeter Review FAQs

1-What are the specifications of ut33d?

You can confidently tackle any project with various options, including 200mV to 500V on AC voltage. Don’t worry about accuracy; with a rating of ±(0.5%+2) on DC voltage and ±(1.2%+10) on AC voltage, you’ll get accurate readings every time. Plus, with the added 2000μA to 10A for DC current and 200Ω to 200MΩ for resistance, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. 

2What are the two types of a multimeter?

Are there two types of multimeters? One type shows the measurement with a little analog needle, while the other displays a digital readout. Neat, huh?