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UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter Review 2023

By shafiq usama

UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter Review

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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable multimeter? 

Say hello to the UNI-T UT33B+, your new go-to digital multimeter. This intuitive device is perfect for electricians, educators and engineers – it’s easy to use, accurate and has an impressive CAT III 600V safety rating. Plus, its aluminium housing keeps it safe from external damage! 

With two 5A-rated jacks and an ergonomic design, this versatile multimeter will quickly become your most trusted tool. Feel confident you can accurately measure electricity without breaking the bank on expensive equipment. 

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Key Features

  • Battery test with status indicators
  • Manual range
  • Battery testing good or bad judgment
  • Maximum voltage range 600V
  • 200M ohm resistance range
  • Connected disconnected buzzer function
  • Backlight function
  • Withstand 2 meters drop
  • CAT Rating: CAT ll 600V 
  • LCD Display

Things That’s Included

  • Test leads
  • Manual
  • Holster

UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter Review | Basic Info

The UNI-T UT33B+ is the latest innovation in digital multimeter technology, and it has taken performance to a whole new level with its entry-level model. The bright and clear LCD display ensures the data is easily read, providing users with an enhanced experience. 

UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter Review

It also features improved accuracy with a maximum error of ±0.5% for DC voltage measurements. For those looking for reliable data on a budget, this multimeter is an ideal choice that won’t disappoint. 

The UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter is an entry-level digital multimeter that offers users a high degree of safety and reliability with its CAT II 600V rating. On top of this, the multimeter has a range of resistance measurements up to 20MΩ. 

It also has an easy-to-use battery test function that displays accurate readings on the large LCD screen. This versatile meter will be an exceptionally useful tool for those who value accuracy and safety above all else!

UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter General Specifications

AC Voltage 600V
DC Voltage 600V
AC Current
DC Current 10A
Resistance 20MΩ
Continuity Test10Ω…50Ω, acoustic indication
Weight 50g
CAT Rating600V CAT II

UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter Review | Features

1- Display

The UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter has undergone a design facelift featuring an ergonomically designed rotary switch that offers improved user experience and convenience. Its LCD features a more efficient layout for quick readability, allowing you to see the information at a count of up to 1999. 

This reliable device is simple yet practical, making it an excellent choice for various electronic needs.

2- Break-Through Beep Function

A multimeter’s breakthrough beep function saves time by quickly alerting users to desired readings. The UNI-T UT33B+ multimeter has a particularly advanced version of this feature, offering users a reliable and varied alarm when approaching desired readings. 

The audible beep will sound when the voltage reaches around 0.15V above or below the set value, leaving users with no doubt regarding their desired calculation result. Furthermore, it provides preset values in 4 ranges, so you don’t have to worry about entering your range parameter every time you use it – the UNI-T UT33B+ multimeter will remember them! 

With a long lifespan of up to 5 million uses and a data hold function to help further review results, the UNI-T UT33B+ multimeter is an excellent choice for easy and accurate testing.

3- Backlight Function

The UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter offers cutting-edge convenience in a classic design. It features an auto backlight off function, which ensures that the display will automatically turn off its illumination after 30 seconds of non-use, prolonging battery life and saving energy. 

This useful tool is necessary for anyone in any field requiring detailed measurements. If you’re looking for a reliable digital multimeter, the UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter with auto backlight off function is an excellent choice.

4- Measuring Instrument Features

The UNI-T UT33B+ multimeter is incredibly useful for those in any technical field. This device earns its keep, easily warranting its place in your toolbox. An automatic power-off feature conserves battery life and alerts you if the battery is low.

While a convenient HOLD function allows you to freeze readings on the display so you can recheck results later or record them accurately, don’t worry about precision either; an easy manual ranging option allows you to gauge everything from low voltage to high currents accurately. 

With features like these, the UNI-T UT33B+ multimeter will be an indispensable part of your daily tech arsenal.

5- Wide-Range Of Measurements

The UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter offers a wide range of measurements that can provide accuracy and efficiency for virtually any work. 

It includes a maximum voltage range of 600V with a DC/AC voltage measuring range of the same, up to 200M ohm resistance range, a 10A DC current measuring range and a Continuity test featuring an acoustic indication between 10Ω and 50Ω resistance. 

This comprehensive multimeter meets the expectations of any demanding environment or professional technicians, offering reliable results tailored to their needs.

6- Protection

The UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter provides professional protection for real electrical engineering work. It offers a maximum safe voltage of 600V CAT II, ensuring it can handle even the most complex electrical tasks. 

On top of this safety feature, the multimeter is designed to withstand a free fall of up to 2 meters, lending even greater assurance that it will stand up to any challenging situation. 

With years of reliable use, the UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter Protection tool can provide lasting benefits in any number of situations.


  • Manual range
  • Resistance up to 200M Ohm
  • Non-Contact test
  • Wide range of measurements
  • Large screen display
  • Easy to use
  • Low battery indicator
  • Palm-sized


  • The ball is easy to fall off

Things That Are Unimpressive In UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter

The UNI-T UT33B+ digital multimeter undoubtedly provides a range of useful features. However, its potential as an effective tool could be much higher in display counts. 

Its full displays total to a mere 1999, which is quite unimpressive compared to other multimeters offering up to 5999 displays. 

Therefore, if you are looking for the utmost accuracy and need quick readings, there may be better choices than the UNI-T UT33B+.

Who Needs UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter?

The UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter is an excellent choice for those who need a reliable tool to troubleshoot and measure DC Voltage, AC Voltage, Resistance, and other parameters. Its’ true-rms measurement feature guarantees the accuracy of readings, while its automatic range switching ensures convenience with measurements. 

Its backlit LCD screen allows users to read the numbers in low light conditions easily. 

Professional electricians, home mechanics, and hobbyists alike can benefit from the UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter due to its long battery life and abundant features that make any testing task easier to handle. No matter your expertise level or project requirements, this multimeter has you covered.

Users’ Opinion About UNI-T UT33B+ Digital Multimeter

UNI-T’s UT33B+ Digital Multimeter receives high user ratings for its value and quality. With an impressive 4.2 overall rating on Amazon, users have commended the product for decent accuracy, good input protection, and a reasonable price tag. 

This particular multimeter is designed for DIYers maintaining their vehicles, home appliances and electronics but could be better for those in an industrial environment–UNI-T equipment is primarily geared towards household consumers rather than bigger industrial jobs.

Final Verdict 

The UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter is an excellent choice for those needing a reliable and accurate multimeter. It has every necessary feature a professional would need, much more like low offset voltage and resistance testing. 

Furthermore, the user interface is straightforward and intuitive and will last you for years with regular maintenance. It provides advanced measurements useful for many modern applications and performs basic diode and continuity measurements, which are essential for getting right. 

With its wide range of features, this multimeter will be your go-to tool regardless of your job. Whether you’re a professional engineer or tinkerer fixing things around the home, this review of the UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter guarantees that your efforts will be well-spent.

UNI-T UT33B+ Multimeter Review FAQs

Is Uni a good multimeter?

This multimeter could be the best in its price range and might even outshine ones from higher ranges! It’s speedy when locking onto AC/DC voltages, taking just a few seconds for resistance. A great find if you’re after accuracy at an affordable rate.

1-How do I choose a digital multimeter?

Choosing the right digital multimeter is about more than just voltage and current. Temperature, frequency, capacitance, inductance – there are a lot of features to consider! And remember diode testing for those extra-special projects.

2- What is the weakness of a multimeter?

Digital values can be tricky to read – they fluctuate quickly before stabilizing. In some cases, it may take longer for the reading to level out and become accurate, which could slow the progress of an application. Furthermore, digital multimeters are particularly vulnerable to external noise influences.

3- How long do multimeters last?

No Yeezies here, folks: just a trusty multimeter ready for action. While it won’t last forever if any components fail or new requirements call for higher resolution measurements than what’s available on the old equipment, your device has infinite lifespan potential in theory!