How to Test Electronic Throttle Body with Multimeter? Guide Of 2023

Electronic throttle bodies are an integral part of modern vehicles, controlling the amount of air entering the engine in order to maintain the optimal air/fuel mixture. Testing an electronic throttle body with a multimeter is a great way to diagnose any issues that may be causing the throttle body to fail. Before testing throttle body … Read more

How To Test Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor? | Updated Guide 2023

If you were asking, how to test dusk to dawn light sensor? Well, you can use a multimeter to measure the voltage output of the light sensor. When the sensor is exposed to light, the voltage should increase. When the sensor is in the dark, the voltage should decrease. This will help you determine if … Read more

How to Test a Car Computer? – Everything You Need to Know

As time passes, cars are getting advanced. Today every car operates from a car computer. So here I will discuss briefly how to test a car computer or PCM. As we all know, a car computer is also known as PCM. Basically, it controls all electrical functions of the car, from your tape recorder to … Read more

How to test ECU with multimeter? Automotive Guide

Every car has an ECU, which executes all kinds of automatic programs in your car engine. From your ignition coil to the fuel pump relay, every function of your car relies on ECU. Therefore you must know how to test ECU with multimeter. However, before jumping on to the guide let’s find out how an … Read more

How To Test a Fluorescent Ballast? 2 Methods

Fluorescent lights are a common fixture in many homes and workplaces. They provide energy-efficient lighting and can last for a long time. However, like all electrical components, fluorescent lights can develop problems over time. One of the key components in a fluorescent light fixture is the ballast. So, learn how to test a fluorescent ballast. What … Read more

Step-by-Step Procedure: How to Test a Single-Phase Motor with a Multimeter 2023

If you are wondering, How to Test a Single-Phase Motor with a Multimeter?  “Simply, disconnect the motor from its power source to test a single-phase motor with a multimeter. Set the multimeter to measure resistance (ohms). Check the motor’s windings for continuity by placing the multimeter probes on the corresponding terminals. If the multimeter shows … Read more