Top 8 Best Automotive Multimeter Reviews

Electrical or electronic issues in your car are not new. To analyze such issues, you need the best multimeter for automotive use. If you’re a guy like me who loves to do DIY stuff, then you must have the best automotive multimeter in your tool kit.

Your car can be faulty anywhere and at any time. Therefore, getting the you must know how to test your car wiring with multimeter.

An automotive multimeter is the latest and best solution to all auto repair electrical issues. In addition to that, you can easily measure AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, and capacitance.

If you want to test your car engine or spark plugs the first thing you need is a multimeter. I have written simple steps about how to test spark plug wires using a multimeter.

This blog is specifically about buying guide and automotive multimeter reviews to help you make the right decision. 

Do I really need a true RMS automotive multimeter?

No, you don’t need a true RMS function in automotive multimeters except for specific tests or to be used in especially demanding measurement tasks.

Do I really need a true RMS automotive multimeter

But if you want accuracy then, you would need a true RMS multimeter for automotive repair. However, most automotive tests require a multimeter for measuring voltage and currents. Therefore, any multimeter will work well as long as it’s rated for automotive applications.

If you don’t want to read further about the best automotive multimeters then you can choose the top-rated one from below list. Read on which one is the best fluke multimeter for electricians.

Best Automotive Multimeters Reviews-TOP 8 Picks

I’ve gathered all the knowledge you need in buying the best automotive multimeter. Here is the the list of 8 best multimeters for automotive troubleshooting.

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If you are not familiar with automotive electrical systems, it is important to consult a wiring diagram or other reference material before attempting to use a multimeter for diagnosis. Multimeters can be dangerous if used incorrectly, so it is important to understand how to use them.

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Comparison Table of Automotive Multimeter

Best Automotive Multimeters | Our Top 8 Picks

1. KAIWEETS KM602 Smart Digital Multimeter | Best Smart Multimeter for Automotive Troubleshooting

Best Automotive Multimeter

This heavy-duty Kaiweets digital Automotive Multimeter has the ability to do voltage and frequency measurement effectively. It is the first one on the list of best multimeters for automotive use.

Industrial problems troubleshooting is a bit difficult and risky but you can do them easily. It has a built-in thermometer which allows users to save time and tool belt space. Moreover, it has a 6000 count display and includes a lot of additional features.


  • It has Display counts of up to 6000, which gives you a high refresh rate display.
  • You can measure voltage up to 1000V in both ac/dc circuits.
  • You can measure current in AC/DC from 1 mA to 10A.
  • The thing which makes it perfect for automotive use is its auto-ranging feature.
  • It comes with temperature measurement features. So you don’t have to search for the best HVAC multimeter anymore.
  • backlit display allows you to work at darker places easily.
  • The data hold function makes it easier to use the multimeter in confined places.
  • Dual fuse protection improves its safety standards.
  • True RMS function is also installed in it making your measuring more precise.
  • Overload protection for safer use.

Why do you choose?

This KAIWEETS KM602 Smart multimeter is truly a versatile device because it has Non-Contact Voltage Detection and Leakage Current Detection. It allows users to quickly check for live wires without having to get any closer. This automotive multimeter stands out for its ability to measure up to 1000V in ac/dc circuits.

If you’re confused about checking 220V ac outlets with the multimeter, I have made a step-by-step guide for you. In addition, the Auto-ranging feature means that there is no need to manually change scale when voltage measurement changes, making this automotive multimeter easy to operate. 


  • Comes with a TFT colour display.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Tough enough for constant use.
  • Has an Oscilloscope mode to chart voltage signals precisely.
  • Prove accurate Reading.


  • Thus it’s a complete package with no loop holes.

Package Includes

  • KAIWEETS KM602 Smart Multimeter
  • CAT-III standard test leads
  • Type K temperature probe
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Temperature probe connector
  • Carrying case
  • User manual

2. Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter | Most Relaible Multimeter for Car Testing

It is a pain to work with a traditional multimeter. You have to hold the probe in one hand and read the display of the multimeter in another hand. Fluke 233 remote display multimeter solves this problem by allowing you to detach its remote display from the main unit.

Now, you can keep the probe on the circuit while reading your readings at ease. Fluke is also considered the best automotive multimeter due to many reasons. In many overload protection devices, it is mandatory to use an overload protection function that’s what fluke pre-installed in it.

If you need fluke clamp meters then fluke T5-1000 and T6-1000 are also great option. With Fluke 233, you will get enhanced battery life, and temperature measurement capabilities as well. 

All these features come at an affordable price which makes it the best value for money multimeter for electrical engineers or HVAC technicians. It provides accurate measurements during installation or maintenance works.


  • It comes with a detachable display with a range of 10m.
  • It is a true RMS multimeter so you can measure all values accurately. 
  • With its auto-ranging function, you can measure voltages up to 1000V in both ac and dc.
  • You can measure current up to 10A constantly and 20A till 30 seconds.
  • If you’re working on highly fluctuating electrical circuits then you can use its min/max/avg value function.
  • Its display has a radio transmitter that automatically shuts down after display attachment.
  • With Fluke 233 you can measure capacitance up to 1000 micro-farads.
  • Both continuity and diode tests are also available in it.

Why do you choose?

This remote display multimeter allows users to measure high voltages with its fine-built cat-iii standard test leads. Its large LCD screen displays AC and DC voltage readings at once. So you don’t need any other electrical while working on your car. A silicone cover provides additional protection against drops or bumps. This case makes fluke 233 more durable than other similar multimeters on the market today.


  • Takes accurate readings due to TRMS.
  • Detachable display
  • The software is beneficial as well at the probe.
  • Auto-shutdown after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • Auto-ranging multimeter
  • can sense temperature also


  • You can not measure current below 1 amp precisely

Package Includes

  • Fluke 233 True RMS Multimeter
  • CAT-III standard test leads
  • 9V Battery
  • Temperature probe 80BK-A
  • Alligator clip set

3. Amprobe AM-570 Digital Multimeter – Best Automotive Multimeter for Heavy Duty Use

The best thing about this multimeter is its outstanding look with a bigger illuminated display. You can do almost all kinds of automotive diagnostics with this Amprobe multimeter.

So, if you are an automotive technician or somebody who do a lot of DIY projects in his garage then this is the right choice. If you don’t know how to test your car wiring with multimeter then Click here!


  • It comes with a 6000 counts display so there will be no lag in readings.
  • It has auto-ranging modes so you can choose the correct range to measure voltage ranges.
  • You can measure the frequency of both AC and DC signals.
  • Due to CAT-III safety standards, you can measure dc and ac voltage 1000V.
  • It is capable of measure current up to 10A.
  • You can also measure mA with this Amprobe multimeter.
  • Like other digital automotive multimeters, it also comes with temperature measurements ranging from -4°F to 1832°F. 
  • In cars, you also have to check capacitance at various points. With Power probe multimeters you can check capacitance from 0.001μF ~ 60mF.
  • Min/Max option allows you to get accurate readings on highly fluctuating electrical values.
  • Resistance is also important to check the alternator of your car with a multimeter. So, it comes with a resistance measuring range of 0Ω-60MΩ.
  • Diode and continuity tests can take your automotive skills to another level. So, always do a wiring continuity test before replacing any fuse or relay. I have also made separate guides on how to check relay and fuses with a multimeter.
  • It shut down automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Why do you choose?

Electricity is everywhere. You can’t escape it, but you can use it! The CAT-IV 600V safety rating ensures a safe and accurate automotive meter. It is a perfect choice for all your needs with a protective silicone finish for a better look.

With the Large LCD Screen with a Bright backlight, this DMM is perfect for household vehicles of any make or model. It’s accurate and versatile to cater to different needs. Automotive troubleshooting is a bit tough job so you need an automotive meter that is easy to carry, simple to use, and provides accurate readings.


  • You can also measure micro-amperes
  • Insulated silicon rubber coating on multimeter.
  • Safety fuses are installed in it.
  • Loud beep indications
  • A magnet hanger also comes with it.


Waterproof standards needs improvement.

Package Includes

  • Power Probe Multimeter
  • CAT-IV standard test leads
  • A magnetic hanging strap
  • 3x AAA Batteries
  • Temperature probe
  • Alligator clip set
  • 2x spare ceramic fuses, 10A & 600mA
  • User manual

4. Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter for Automotive testing | Best Compact Multimeter for Automotive

In the world of electrical testers, the Fluke multimeter is the benchmark for every best multimeter brand. From countless fluke digital multimeters, I have chosen Fluke 115, as the best automotive multimeter.

The reason is very simple, its simple operation, compact design and is easy to use. Furthermore, it provides the perfect answer for standard electrical and electronic test requirements. Let’s have a deeper look!


  • First of all, it is a true RMS digital multimeter so that you will get real-time values in just a fraction of seconds.
  • It has a bigger display with a resolution of 6000 counts.
  • It is equipped with min/max/avg ranging, so you don’t have to worry about voltage fluctuations.
  • It comes with cat-iii-rated safety standards so that you can measure voltages up to 600 in both ac/dc.
  • A white led back-light is also installed in the display so you can work at night. I have also made a comparison of fluke 115 vs 117 for your better understandings.
  • You can measure a steady current of 10A, but in an overload situation, you can measure up to 20A for 30 seconds.
  • A separate hold button allows you to see electrical values on the still screen.

Why do you choose?

This lightweight multimeter will come in handy for just about any application where troubleshooting can be a challenge. The Fluke 115 True RMS Digital Multimeter provides the perfect answer if you’re looking for a cost-effective, reliable automotive multimeter that delivers accurate readings.

It comes with a Large white LED Back-light to work in poorly lit areas. A rubber case saves it from damages and gives it good insulation.


  • Bigger display with led back-light
  • Highly Calibrated from fluke labs.
  • Back flip support
  • Robust quality


  • You can not measure temperature with it.

Package Includes

  • Fluke 115 TRMS Multimeter
  • CAT-IV standard test leads
  • 9V Battery
  • User manual

5. Innova 3340 Professional Digital Multimeter | Best Professional Multimeter

The Innova 3340 is a professional Automotive Multimeter. It is specifically designed to safely and accurately troubleshoot many automotive and household electrical problems. You don’t need a separate household battery tester for your car battery testing.

Innova is considered the most advanced multimeter for automotive repair work. Hence, you can enjoy a variety of options like Test alternator diodes, duty cycle, solenoids, breaker points, wiring, switches, and more.

If you want to how to check switches or circuit breakers with the same automotive multimeter then I have made a separate guide.


  • This Innova 3340 has a large backlit display.
  • You don’t have to rotate the knob again and again because it is an auto-ranging multimeter.
  • It is also capable of measuring current in micro-amps.
  • You can measure voltages up to 1000V and current up to 10A in all kinds of circuits.
  • It also has reverse polarity protection in case of the wrong connection of leads.
  • It also has a separate option of RPM (rotation per minute) checking.
  • You can measure batteries from a separate option with a range of 1.5V to 24V.
  • You can also measure temperature with this smart handy tool.
  • The auto power-off feature saves its energy up to 30%.Probe holders on both sides of the display from tangling.
  • Separate indication LEDs are also installed in it, which tells you the status of battery health. So although it’s not the best battery tester, it can be a good alternative.

Why do you choose?

The 3340 is a perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their toolkit with the latest technology. With its large display and back-light, you’ll never need another multimeter again. It is a pocket-friendly multimeter so that means no more bulky carries around.

This pocket size multimeter can go everywhere with you. The side holders allow test leads to tuck in them when not being used.


  • Cheaper
  • Pocket friendly size
  • Perfect for car battery testing
  • You can also measure micro-amperes with it.


  • You can not measure high voltages with it.

Package Includes

  • Innova 3320 Multimeter
  • CAT-IV standard test leads
  • 1X AAA Battery
  • User manual

6. Mastech MS8268 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter | Best Automotive Multimeter

This newly-released Mastech digital Multimeter is an auto/manual ranging Multimeter. Although it’s a budget-friendly multimeter it possesses all the qualities of a good multimeter.

From its sharp display to precise functionality everything is great. Personally the reason I added Mastech in the list is its high GRIP. Its way good and easy to carry. 

Moreover, this multimeter comes with a warranty of 1 year. Furthermore, its outer rubberized case not only gives it safety but also a better look. So, if you have to pick the best automotive multimeter then it can be the best option.


  • A big 6000 count LCD with a back-light, so you can work in dark places easily.
  • You can measure voltages up to 1000V in ac/dc circuits.
  • It is also capable of measuring current up to 10A.
  • If you insert the test leads in the wrong slots, you will be notified with a beep and light alert option.
  • It comes with both auto and manual ranges.
  • The backlight is of blue color gives it a perfect look.
  • Auto power-off feature in case of inactivity saves a lot of battery.
  • You can also measure temperature with a k-type thermocouple that comes with it. 
  • It is also equipped with display relative measurement in all functions except frequency.
  • Data holding, to hold the readings while you take measures saves a lot of time.
  • Back-stand is included, so you can place it on your dashboard.
  • 1-year reclaimable warranty.

Why do you choose?

Mastech MS8268 has a 6000 count LCD with a back-light, so you can work in dark places easily. It has unbeatable sturdy and professional looks that make it the perfect choice for any occasion or location! The rear flip stand allows users to place it anywhere.


  • It works perfectly for measuring low current like LEDs.
  • You can measure high voltages with it.
  • Low battery indication.
  • Suitable Grip


  • Temperature sensors are not available.

Package Includes

  • Mastech MS8268 Multimeter
  • CAT-III standard test leads
  • 3X AAA Battery
  • k-Type thermocouple
  • User manual

7. Klein Tools MM700 | An All-in-one Multimeter for DIY lovers

This digital Multimeter is at a professional level multimeter and engine analyzer. Most of the time it seems difficult to trace a fault.Therefore, in such tricky situations, a Klein automotive multimeter is the only solution. It can perform almost every electrical test.

Moreover, all the essential accessories, including batteries and temperature sensors, come with it. If you’re struggling with Klein mm700 vs. mm600, then I have also made a detailed comparison for you.


  • It comes with a 6000 counts LCD display.
  • You can measure current and voltages up to 10A and 1000V respectively in ac/dc circuits.
  • It is a True RMS multimeter so you can trace your battery’s highly fluctuating voltages easily.
  • It comes with both auto and manual voltage ranges.
  • back-light is also installed in the display to work in dark places.
  • Auto shut down after 15 mins of inactivity saves a lot of energy.
  • You can also measure temperature with a k-type thermocouple that comes with it. Both Celsius and Fahrenheit options are available in it.
  • LoZ mode removes all the ghost voltage and gives you precise measurements.
  • Data holding option, to hold the readings while you take measures saves a lot of time.
  • Automatic zero adjusts Overload protection on all ranges makes it perfect for beginners.

Why do you choose?

Klein mm700 is one of those automotive multimeters which engineers and technicians both use the most. From the exterior, it is totally covered with a soft silicone case. It is also a drop test certified multimeter.

So, if you’re planning to buy it then don’t stop yourself. But budget is your concern then you should opt for Klein mm300 multimeter its also a good quality multimeter for automotive use.


  • Overload protection
  • Low battery indication
  • Both the clip end and input end are of aluminum.
  • Removal of ghost voltages with LOZ


  • Magnetic hanger is missing. 

Package Includes

  • Klein MM700 True RMS Multimeter
  • CAT-IV standard test leads
  • 2X AAA Battery
  • k-Type thermocouple
  • User manual
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Alligator clips pairs

8. Fluke 87V Max Digital Automotive Multimeter | Best Digital Automotive Multimeter

If you have a good budget and you’re looking for a one time investment then Fluke 87V Max is an excellent choice. It is equally valuable for automotive technicians and electronics hobbyists.

From troubleshooting RV electrical problems to checking thermocouple it cover up everything . If you still looking for the best HVAC multimeters then jump on to my recent blog.

Moreover, it has multiple measurement ranges, and the user-friendly feature of auto power off provides help in maximizing battery life.


  • It is an auto-ranging multimeter with True RMS functions.
  • You can measure voltages up to 1000V in both AC and DC circuits.
  • You can measure current up to 10A respectively in ac/dc circuits. Moreover, you can also measure mA with this multimeter.
  • The best thing about this multimeter is that it is dust and water-proof with IP67 ratings.
  • Continuity and diode tests both can be performed with automotive digital multimeter.
  • You can measure temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scale with this automotive multimeter.
  • After 15 mins of inactivity, it automatically shuts down saves a lot of energy.
  • A back-light is also available in the display to work in dark places.
  • Dual fuse protection saves your digital multimeter and you too.
  • You can also measure temperature with it on the Celsius and Fahrenheit scale.
  • you can also hold the readings by just pressing one hold button.
  • You will get a life-time guarantee on this fluke 87v max multimeter.

Why do you choose?

It is the most compact digital multimeter in the market. Despite its small size with comes with a bigger display with a backlight. At such an inexpensive price what you can expect. Because it performs all the basic functions and yes some of the advanced ones also.


  • Prefect for all kinds of electrical troubleshooting.
  • Water and Dust Proof
  • Allows hands-free testing.
  • Auto shutdown, battery saving mode


You can not measure high current(above 10A) with it.

Package Includes

  • Fluke 87V max digital Multimeter
  • CAT-IV standard test leads
  • 9V Battery
  • Temperature probe
  • User manual
  • Alligator clips pairs

Complete Buyer’s Guide to Best Automotive Multimeter

Automotive technicians and engineers rely on multimeters to test and diagnose electrical issues in vehicles. There are many different types of multimeters on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. This guide will help you understand the features and applications of different types of automotive multimeters, so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Buying a multimeter without prior knowledge is dangerous for both, vehicle and you. So, here I mentioned some important features that you should consider before buying the best automotive multimeter.

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The best multimeters for automotive use are equipped with a clear and easily readable display. It is important to ensure that the readings are visible even in low light conditions, so consider choosing a model with a backlit display.

Guide to Best Automotive Multimeter

Additionally, if the display is detachable or remote, it offers added convenience and versatility. With a detachable or remote display, you can easily view readings from a distance or in hard-to-reach areas. This feature enhances the usability and functionality of the multimeter, making it an excellent choice for automotive professionals and enthusiasts.

2-Auto-ranging Function

The majority of automotive multimeters, feature an auto-ranging function. This convenient feature eliminates the need for manual switching between different measurement settings to obtain accurate readings. For instance, when measuring voltage, instead of manually selecting the appropriate range such as 20V, 200V, or 2000V, the multimeter will automatically detect and display the correct range for you.

do you need auto ranging multimeter

This auto-ranging capability is highly beneficial as it saves time and reduces the likelihood of measurement errors. With this feature, automotive professionals and enthusiasts can easily and efficiently obtain accurate measurements without the need for manual adjustments.


All best automotive multimeters should perform multiple functions and handle electrical tasks with ease. These advanced tools must possess the latest features such as auto-ranging, true RMS, and LoZ (Low Impedance) capabilities to effectively detect and avoid stray voltages that could impact measurements. When searching for an automotive multimeter, it is essential to ensure that it can efficiently diagnose and identify various electrical faults and issues in automotive systems.

are automotive multimeter versatile

Unlike manual ranging multimeters, auto-ranging multimeters simplify the process by automatically selecting the appropriate voltage ranges based on the variable being measured. This feature saves time and reduces the risk of user error during measurements.

With these modern features and functionalities, automotive multimeters enhance efficiency and accuracy in diagnosing electrical problems in vehicles.


Durability is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for automotive multimeters. As an essential tool for professionals, the durability of a multimeter is crucial to ensure its longevity and reliable performance.

The automotive environment can be demanding, with exposure to various conditions such as vibrations, temperature fluctuations, and potential physical impacts.

are automotive multimeter durable

Therefore, it is important to choose a multimeter that is built with sturdy materials and designed to withstand such conditions. By selecting a durable automotive multimeter, professionals can rely on its longevity and accuracy, making it a valuable tool for their work.

Additionally, it’s illogical to buy a multimeter that’s not long-lasting. So, it’s better to buy an all-in-one multimeter on your first try.

5-Price and Voltage Range

If you came here, it means you value your money. Therefore it’s my responsibility to direct you to the right place. Most of the time, it depends on the brand. But giving a chance to new brands is also not a bad choice but you must have to check maximum ranges before buying the one.

Lastly, being a technician myself I prefer to work with FLUKE 233 for my routine work.

6-Multimeter Accessories

You’ll find a wide variety of accessories to complement your automotive multimeter, from probes to alligator clips to test leads. With these accessories, you can enhance your testing capabilities and ensure you’re well-equipped to handle a variety of tasks.

7-User Reviews and Recommendations

Get insights into other automotive enthusiasts’ and professionals’ experiences with real-world reviews and recommendations. You can use this information to select the best automotive multimeter based on your specific requirements.

8-Best Brands and Models

See which brands and models of automotive multimeters have the best reputations, customer reviews, and key specifications. Based on the top contenders in the market, you will be able to make an educated decision.

How would you use a automotive multimeter to diagnose an electrical problem with a car?

An automotive multimeter can simplify the process of diagnosing electrical issues in a car. A multimeter measures voltage, current, and resistance, among other electrical parameters. Check out this guide on how to use a multimeter to diagnose electrical problems in your car.

1. Safety Precautions

Be sure that you and your vehicle are both safe before using the multimeter. Take the engine off, disconnect the battery, and put on safety gear such as gloves and safety glasses. Mishaps involving electricity can be dangerous, so take the necessary precautions.

2. Selecting the Right Multimeter

For automotive diagnostics, you should choose a multimeter suitable for the job. Choose a multimeter that can measure DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance, and amperage. A multimeter designed specifically for automotive applications may have additional features for testing sensors, diodes, and other components.

3. Testing the Battery

Batteries malfunctioning in cars are a common problem. Set the multimeter to DC voltage mode to check the battery voltage. Connect the red (positive) probe to the positive terminal of the battery and the black (negative) probe to the negative terminal. A multimeter will display the voltage of the battery.

4. Testing Fuses

Your car’s electrical components are protected by fuses. Set the multimeter to resistance mode (ohms) to test a fuse. Probe either end of the fuse, and a functioning fuse should show low resistance (near zero ohms). An infinite resistance will be displayed by a blown fuse.

5. Measuring Voltage Drops

It is possible for voltage drops to indicate a poor electrical connection. Connect the probes to the multimeter and set it to DC voltage mode. Measuring voltage at various points in the circuit begins at the source (such as the battery). A significant drop in voltage may indicate a problem with that part of the circuit.

6. Testing Continuity

Continuity testing identifies broken wires or open circuits. Switch to ohms or continuity mode on the multimeter. Test the wire or component by connecting the probes to both ends. The circuit is complete if the multimeter beeps or shows low resistance. If there is no beep or infinite resistance, the circuit has broken.

7. Diagnosing Sensors

To diagnose sensors, refer to your vehicle’s repair manual. The multimeter should be set to the appropriate mode, usually voltage or resistance. Analyze the readings by connecting the probes to the sensor’s pins and comparing them to the manual’s specifications.

8. Analyzing Waveforms

For diagnosing complex electrical problems, some advanced multimeters display waveforms. When you connect the multimeter to the component or sensor, select the waveform mode and observe the waveform on the screen. Patterns that are irregular may indicate a problem.


Here I have tried my best to offer you the list of the best automotive multimeter reviews. But, sometimes it becomes difficult to trace the trace electrical wiring of your car. So, instead of roaming here and there, you can read our blog on how to test electrical wires.

Hence an automotive concerned multimeter I personally use is AMAZON COMMERCIAL multimeter. You will surely find a suitable multimeter as per your needs. So, get the best automotive multimeters for yourself and enjoy your ride.

FAQs about buying best quality automotive multimeter

How an Automotive multimeter is different from a general digital multimeter?

In general multimeters, you only have to measure standard values. But in automotive multimeters, you have to measure low and high ranges with great safety. That’s why it is important to choose your automotive multimeter wisely. If you’re looking for some budget multimeters then I have also made a list for you.

How can a choose a car multimeter?

In the automotive industry, we normally deal with DC voltage and mA. So, to grab the best automotive multimeter you must have to check both of these features. While checking your car fuses or relays you must have to be protective otherwise some serious accidents can happen. You can also read the buying guide for a deeper look.

How to test a car battery with an automotive multimeter?

You only have to switch the voltage mode on and touch the probes to positive and negative terminals of your car battery. You may also visit my complete guide about checking car batteries. I have also chosen some best car battery testers for you.

can you check car battery with a multimeter?

Yes, you can check the voltage of your car battery with a multimeter. For this purpose, all you have to do is check car battery voltages. However, if you want to check amperes, then you need a clamp meter (ammeter).

Can I use a multimeter to test my car alternator?

Yes, you can use a multimeter to test the alternator by checking the voltage at the battery while the engine is running. If the alternator is bad or going bad, the voltage will be low.

Can I use a multimeter to test my car starter?

Yes, you can use a multimeter to test your car starter by checking the voltage at the battery while the engine is off. If the voltage is low, then the starter is bad or going bad.

Engr. Amna has been working with on multimeterworld from 2019 and have worked on multiple projects as team leader. He is currently working in JDW Sugar mills and love to write electrical testing guides. His aim is to help 1 million people each year.