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Amprobe AM-570 Multimeter Review: An Industrial Digital Multimeter

You’re an electrician or technician who needs to measure voltage, current, resistance, and other electrical properties in industrial settings. Standard digital multimeters can’t always handle the tough environments you work in. The readings can be inaccurate due to all of the electrical noise. Amprobe AM-570 multimeter is a true-RMS industrial digital multimeter that accurately measures AC/DC Voltage up to 1000 V, AC/DC, resistance, frequency, capacitance, temperature, and duty cycle, even in noisy environments.

Why Amprobe AM-570 The Choice Of Professional?

The Amprobe AM-570 is the perfect tool for any industrial setting. With its many features and affordable price tag, it’s hard to beat this multimeter.  It has a low Z mode to detect stray voltages and a low pass filter to measure the voltage on variable frequency drives accurately. It has peak hold (crest capture) and non-contact voltage detection to enhance safety. 

Amprobe AM-570 Multimeter Review 

Amprobe has produced many test meters and is at the top regarding features versus usage. It is rated 1000V in category III and 600V in category IV, making it suitable for use in an industrial setting with high temperatures.

Amprobe AM-570


Display Counts: 6000 Counts

Auto/Manual ranging: Yes 

AC/DC Voltage measuring range: 1000V/1000V

AC/DC Current measuring range: 600µA/10A

Resistance: up to 60MΩ

Frequency: up to 60MHz

Temperature measurement: -40°C to 1000°C

Capacitance: up to 600µF


  • Voltage detection without contact improves safety.
  • Quickly establish audible continuity, detects shorts, and opens
  • Diode testing to ensure diode polarity
  • Data hold stops the display reading for further analysis.
  • MIN/MAX recording accumulates min/max measurements over time to demonstrate voltage fluctuations.
  • Relative zero modes, e, reveals the difference between the original reading and stored estimated values.
  • Warnings for incorrectly connected test leads

Design And Built Of Amprobe AM-570

The AM-570 high-voltage multimeter comprises professional digital features. And is designed for professional electricians to maintain service or troubleshoot advanced electrical systems in the most demanding environments. The AM-570 handles quick go/no-go checks with a single tool. 

The AM-570 is shielded by an ergonomic rubber boot. The circuit board inside is well-designed, with high-quality components and traces.

Pros & Cons Of Amprobe AM-570


  • True-RMS accuracy for measuring voltage, 
  • Dual thermocouples for differential temperature measurements, 
  • Detect stray voltage
  • Auto power off 
  • Low battery warning
  • Built-in Flashlight


  • Auto-ranging is slower
  • The backlight stays on for a shorter period 

Editor’s View

With the Amprobe AM-570 review, we have a low-cost advanced multimeter with many useful and innovative features. This is an excellent alternative to the high-cost multimeter with almost equivalent features. It may be slow, but it can test most of what similar Flukes multimeters can and is relatively correct. Don’t hesitate to get this industrial digital multimeter for your professional work. 


What is best about  AM-the 570 digital multimeter?

The Amprobe AM-570 is best because it is an affordable, advanced multimeter with many useful and innovative features. This is a good option for those who can’t quite justify paying top dollar for a Fluke.

Why is Amprobe AM-570 less expensive than many industrial multimeters?

AM-570 is best when it’s about quality and features. But this is cheaper because of its slow auto-ranging and slow performance. Overall it is affordable and the best. 

How can I buy AM-570?

You can get your AM-570 by placing your order online from Amazon or the fluke website.