Fluke 117 Vs 115 Vs 87 – Best Fluke Multimeter Comparison [Updated 2024]

Fluke multimeters have made their name and reputation in the field of electrical and electronics a long time ago with its excellent capabilities. Fluke 117 vs 115 vs 87: Fluke has been serving in this business for over 50 years now and so far, have satisfied their customers.

Even though all their Multimeters are exceptionally designed and are sufficient enough to help with troubleshooting electrical problems. Certain types stand out the most.

Here I will compare Fluke 117 vs Fluke 115 vs Fluke 87. If you’re a lover of fluke multimeters then i also have compiled a list of 5 best fluke multimeters.

However, the obstacle that lies here is which one to buy among the top three. This article is here to help you with this decision with Fluke 117 vs Fluke 115 vs Fluke 87 reviews and comparisons. Here, I have not only compared but also reviewed each of them separately.

Which is the best among Fluke 117 vs 115 vs 87?

Fluke 117 vs 115 vs 87: There is no doubt that Fluke 87 is a clear winner. The reason is it Bigger 20,000 counts backlight display, a high voltage measuring range (1000V), and additional features like mA measurement, temperature measurement, NCV, and LoZ modes. All of these features make Fluke 87V the best option. 

Is Fluke 117 good for automotive?

Fluke 117 vs 115 vs 87

Fluke multimeters are multipurpose that can be used for various applications, including automotive work. The 117 is one of the more popular models and is known for its accuracy and durability. Many mechanics and auto enthusiasts recommend this meter for general troubleshooting and repairs. Learn about cat iii vs cat iv. If you want to test your car battery then fluke 117 is for you.

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While it may not have all the features of a dedicated automotive multimeter, like high current measurements. But for such tasks you should go for fluke clamp meters like Fluke 902 or Fluke 325.

Which is the best among Fluke 117 vs 115 vs 87?

Fluke 117 vs 115 vs 87: There is no doubt that Fluke 87 is a clear winner. The reason is it Bigger 20,000 counts backlight display, a high voltage measuring range (1000V), and additional features like mA measurement, temperature measurement, NCV, and LoZ modes. All of these features make Fluke 87V the best option. However, if you’re interested in buying Fluke 87V then must check our comparison guide of FLUKE 87V vs 87V Max.


Comparison Table Fluke 117 vs 115 vs 87

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter Review

Otherwise known as the Electricians Multimeter, This Fluke 117 Multimeter is sure to provide you with the best solutions for both commercial and residential electrical problems. If you’re working on VFDs or Control systems then fluke 117 is perfect for you.

It’s compact body size and competitive features are sure to be of great help in many industrial problems. The best thing about fluke 117 is that it automatically switches AC and DC mode depending upon source. It is the best budget multimeter to choose from the Fluke series.


  • It can measure AC/DC voltages up to 600V
  • Auto AC/DC Voltage detection
  • 400 hours plus battery life
  • CAT III safety rating
  • Backlit Display
  • Auto Ranging
  • 6000 counts bigger display
  • Backlit button is available just beside the dial
  • Temperature measurement from -40℉ to 752℉
  • Diode test is also available.
  • 1000V AC/ DC measurement
  • Provides both Auto and Manual Ranging
  • 20000 count maximum dual resolution
  • You can measure current up to 10A
  •  IP30 Waterproofing standards


  • VFD measurement
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hassle-free operation
  • You can also measure current in milli-amperes


  • It is more weighty as compared to fluke 117 and 115

What is included in the package?

  • Fluke 87-V Multimeter
  • TL75 test leads;
  • AC72 alligator clips;
  • Holster; 9 volt battery (installed)
  • User Manual
  • 80BK temperature probe.

Fluke 117 Vs 115 Comparison

It goes without a saying that both devices Fluke 117 Vs 115 are built in a great way. The main similarity is that both fluke 117 and 115 have true rms value feature so you can measure real time values. Let’s have a brief look into its similarities and differences.

Similarities between fluke 117 and 115

  • Both the devices are equipped with True RMS to fight off ghost voltages
  • Both Multimeters fluke 117 and 115 perform equally well when it comes to checking continuity and frequency
  • They both come with CAT III safety ratings.
  • Fluke 117 & 115 comes with 6000 counts and a 3,1/2 digital display.
  • Fluke 117 and 115 both can perform well in poorly lit areas owing to their wide backlight display.
  • Both come with the same 4mm Thick cat-III standard test leads.

Differences between fluke 117 and 115

  • Fluke 117 comes along with Volt alert technology that is helpful for non-contact voltage detection
  • Fluke 115 is most suitable for hobbyist and personal use whereas Fluke 117 remains an industrial choice
  • Fluke 115 measures 6000 v AC/ DC voltage whereas Fluke 117 has auto volt automatic voltage selection
  • Fluke 117 comes with a LoZ function to reduce noise. In contrast to this 115 does not have this feature.
  • When you compare fluke 115 vs 117 you will come to know that luke 115 comes with a temperature measurement feature also.

Fluke 115 Vs 87 Comparison

The next duo is Fluke 115 vs 87. The main difference is quite clear here since 87 was built with industrialist needs in mind. Whereas Fluke 115 fits best for electrical hobbyists and commercial electricians. Nevertheless, there is something unique in both. 

Similarities between fluke 115 and 87

  • Both the fluke 115 and 87 have outstanding exteriors, covered protectively with hard rubber plastic that can withstand deep drops.
  • They both have ceramic fuses with additional safety ratings.
  • Both multimeters can measure current up to 10 Amperes.
  • Fluke 115 and 87 can measure temperature.  

Differences between fluke 115 and 87

  • The major difference between fluke 115 vs 87 is its display counts. Fluke 87 Comes with 20000 counts display, whereas fluke 115 comes with 6000 counts display.
  • You can measure voltages up to 1000V with Fluke 87 but in fluke 115 it restricts to only 600V.

Fluke 117 vs 87 comparison

The last combo of the day is fluke 117 vs 87 Multimeter. There are a lot of things these best fluke multimeters share in common. However the fluke 117 has a lesser degree of the features as compared to Fluke 87 has got to offer.

Similarities between fluke 117 and 87

  • Both the Multimeters did a quite great job in preventing ghost voltages.
  • Both fluke 117 and 87 come with Auto-ranging technology.
  • Fluke 117 and 87 are equipped with True RMS that assists inaccuracy.
  • Both are safe to use with CAT Safety Rating.
  • Both fluke 117 and fluke 87 can measure current up to 10A only.

Differences between fluke 117 and 87

  • Fluke 87 has a built-in temperature checker whereas Fluke 117 does not
  • Fluke 117 bodes well for inexperienced individuals whereas 87 fits just right for heavy-duty use.
  • Fluke 117 can measure voltages up to on 600V, while fluke 87 can measure voltages up to 1000V.
  • With fluke 87V you can measure resistance up to 50MΩ, whereas fluke 117 can measure resistance up to only 6MΩ.
  • Fluke 117 comes with 3 year warranty whereas Fluke 87 do not have any manufacturer warranty.

Final Verdict

While looking for a  Fluke True RMS Multimeter, you would likely come across Fluke 115, Fluke 117, or Fluke 87 Multimeter. These three versions have a lot in common and indifference and we hope that after going through the above article you have gotten all that fog clear up in your mind.

Even though the decision of choosing one may take time but now you can easily select the one. If you need the best multimeter for electronics then you can also get the updated list. It won’t be long before you get your hands on an ideal multimeter that will serve you for years to come. Price is also an important factor so if you’re interested in Best Budget Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter then dive deep in to my blog.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Which fluke multimeter is best Fluke 115 or 117?

If you’re a professional technician who need precise measurement then Fluke 117 is the best choice. But if you need additional features like NCV mode or high current measuring ranges then fluke 115 should be your priority. Both the multimeters looks similar with a slighter changes in functions. Both multimeters are also equal in terms of pricing.

What is the difference between Fluke 87V and 87V max?

Fluke always comes with innovation. If you have a good budget then fluke is the best option. From premium range of fluke meters FLUKE 87V and 87V MAX are the best options. If you want to know more about them then you can visit my blog of side by side comparison of fluke 87V vs 87V max.

Why are Fluke multimeters expensive?

Fluke multimeters are expensive because they are highly accurate and reliable. They are also very durable, making them ideal for use in industrial settings. In addition, Fluke multimeters come with various features that make them easy to use and allow for a wide range of measurements. Being pioneers in the design and manufacturing of high-quality electrical testing equipment. Their products are used in various automotive, aerospace, and construction industries.

While Fluke multimeters may be more expensive than other brands on the market, their quality and performance make them worth the investment. If you need a reliable and accurate multimeter for your work, then a Fluke multimeter is the best option.

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