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Best multimeter for home use Reviews & Buying Guide- Top 10 Picks

A multimeter is an all-in-one tool. From testing a cell to the overhauling of industrial equipment's you always need an electrical tester. The best multimeter for home use is the one that can measure all electrical values with accuracy. A multimeter is a very simple but yet versatile electrical tester that does not need any introduction. This tool has been extremely important in troubleshooting electrical devices and repairing electrical components.

Before going through the best multimeters, let us first have a look at what exactly a multimeter is.

What is the best Multimeter?

The best multimeter should be able to give you accurate results. It should be capable of testing both ac and dc electrical values accurately. Digital and analog multimeters both can provide accurate results but it depends upon your choice. An analog multimeter works the same way as a digital multimeter. But in an analog multimeter, you can assess electrical values only by a moving needle.

A good quality multimeter offers complete safety for the users who works on live electrical circuits. Also, it has features like the Automatic power-off feature which helps in saving battery consumption by turning itself off. It should be wearable, easy to use, and compact in size.

The best multimeter is the one that best suits your required needs. price is also an important factor. You can also check my guide about the best multimeters under $100 and the best multimeters under $50. The best way to test a meter is to see how much accuracy it provides when measuring different electrical values in both ac and dc circuits

AC Voltage: A multimeter should give an accuracy of +/- 1% when measuring AC voltage from 0 to 200 volts.

DC Voltage: A multimeter should give an accuracy of +/- 1% when measuring DC voltage from 0 to 1000 volts.

Resistance: It should give an accuracy of +/- 1% when measuring resistance in the range of 0 to 20000 ohms.

Continuity: A good-quality digital multimeter should give a beep sound when it detects continuity. The beep sound may be activated or deactivated depending upon your multimeter's battery health.I make the list of best budget multimeters.

How can you choose a multimeter for general purpose use?

Mainly there are two things one should consider before buying an all-in-one multimeter. Budget and Ranges to measure electrical values. If you're more concerned about budget, then you must see my list of the 10 best budget multimeters.

Now you must be thinking of a reasonable budget. Let me tell you one thing clearly for general purpose use; there are two technical approaches. In my opinion, it's a one-time investment so you should get the best one. You can grab a digital multimeter somewhere in between $100 and $200.

In addition to this mainly there are two ranges of electrical values Voltages and current. So a voltage range of 600 volts and an ac dc current range of 10 amperes is entirely satisfactory.

A complete buyer's guide for the best multimeter for home use

There are multiple factors one should consider before buying a multimeter. The factors depend upon your usage and ranges. Therefore, here are some key points that you must have a look at.


The accuracy of any multimeter depends upon multiple factors. All good quality digital multimeters have true RMS values. A true RMS function detects multiple values and gives you an average of all detected values. In addition to that, the noise cancellation feature also improves accuracy. Make sure that the multimeter you are buying has the best accuracy level. This will save your money and time by avoiding false readings. LoZ mode also helps in testing voltage. The best multimeter should be accurate to +/- 1% when measuring different parameters like AC voltage, DC Voltage, Resistance, etc.


Display count is one of the most prominent features. Mostly it starts from 1999 to 8000 counts. Never buy a multimeter without a back-light display. Moreover, it helps you in working at darker places efficiently. There are also a few touch display multimeters, but their reliability is a bit questionable. Because the repairing or calibration is quite tricky as compared to traditional digital multimeters.


In most cases, we don't care too much about selecting ranges. However, a wrong range setting can cause damage to your or your equipment. The best thing is an auto-ranging feature. You don't have to choose ranges. Just connect the test leads and start measuring. For beginners, it's not less than a magic feature. This feature is best for lazy people like me. You can buy an auto-ranging multimeter because it saves your time and energy.

If you're a beginner and a bit confused, then you must visit our list of best auto-ranging multimeters for beginners.

Battery life

A good quality digital multimeter should have long battery life. This will save you from the hassle of frequent battery replacements. The minimum battery time you should see in a multimeter is about 400 hours. An easy-to-access battery compartment also saves you a lot of trouble.

Low battery indicator

A digital multimeter should indicate a low battery by blinking its LCD or by providing some other form of notification like a beep sound.

Temperature measurement

This feature is available only in a digital multimeter. A standard digital multimeter comes with built-in temperature sensors. You just need to attach a K-type thermocouple (which comes with the package). Then, just connect the probes and get actual-time values easily.

Data hold

If you're looking for the best digital multimeter then the data hold function should also have great importance. This function is not available in analog multimeters. But in a digital multimeter, helps in storing accurate measurements.

Overloading Protection

Whenever the resistance of the circuit you are testing is too low (below 200 ohms), an internal fuse gets tripped in the best digital multimeter. This helps in protecting the meter from any kind of damage.


A multimeter for home use must be safe to use. It should have features like built-in ceramic fuses and Overload protection which helps in avoiding any type of accident.


The best multimeter for home use should be durable. It should be able to withstand falls, bumps, shocks, etc. For such purposes, my best multimeter brand offers silicon cases with their multimeter. A drop test certificate also comes with premium quality multimeters.


Price is an important factor to consider when buying the best multimeter for home use. You can find digital multimeters at different price ranges. Choose the one that best suits your budget and requirements. Budget multimeters with good features with auto-ranging features are difficult to find. Luckily, I have made a list of the best budget multimeters.

Now that you know all the important factors, let's dive into the best multimeters for home use.

10 Best Digital Multimeters for home Use

1. Klein Tools MM6000 -Perfect for HVAC systems

Everybody needs an electric tester with maximum ranges. Klein Tools always comes with the best solutions. MM6000 is the latest and premium variant with a robust built. If you're a person who is very concerned about safety, then it can be part of your standard toolkit.


  • Auto-ranging
  • True RMS
  • AC & DC 1000volts
  • 50Megaohm resistance
  • Capacitance up to 60 nF
  • Temperature measurement
  • Data hold option
  • Avoids stray voltages
  • Low impedance
  • CAT IV standard
  • Net weight 14 ounces
Best multimeter for home use

4.5/5 stars with 54 reviews

Special Features

  • This digital multimeter comes with a backlit display of 6000 counts resolution.
  • LoZ mode allows you to get more accurate readings.
  • The ability to measure high-temperature(-58°F to 1832°F) makes it a perfect HVAC multimeter.
  • It is a 10ft drop test certified multimeter. So this can be your last digital multimeter.
  • You can also measure mA with so you don't have to buy another multimeter for your DIY electronics projects.
  • Compact
  • It Comes Bigger display
  • Rubber silicon case
  • Noise reduction improves accuracy.
  • This multimeter consumes a battery a bit faster than regular multimeters.

Essentials in the Package

  • 2x AA Batteries
  • Test leads
  • Thermocouples
  • Multimeter case.

2. Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter

People who love to do DIY projects are always in need of the best general-purpose digital multimeter. Keeping in mind safety and quality standards, fluke never disappoints its customers. Although Fluke117 is not a new model, its quality makes this digital multimeter always in demand. If you're not satisfied yet then Fluke 87 v is a fluke multimeter with advanced features but it is relatively expensive.

Furthermore, fluke 87 v is not a perfect choice for DIY home use. Whereas Fluke 117 is a non-contact voltage tester specially designed for single-handed use and. So let's have a look at its measuring ranges.


  • True RMS Values
  • 6000 Counts display
  • Non-contact voltage testing
  • AC DC Voltage measurement up to 600V
  • AC DC current measurement up to 10A
  • CAT-III 600v Safety standards
  • mA &mV measurement
  • LoZ function to avoid ghost voltages
  • Works perfectly in between -10°C to +50°C
  • Weight 1.2 pounds
best multimeter for home electricians

5/5 stars with 3,053 reviews

Special Features

  • It is equipped with LoZ mode so measuring voltage is not a hassle with this fluke multimeter.
  • AutoVolt feature select ranges itself so it is easy to measure voltage without using another voltage tester.
  • Hi/low range helps in measuring voltages and ac dc current safely.
  • Battery backup up to 400 hours
  • Shockproof built
  • It can be calibrated any time from fluke labs
  • Trms for non-linear loads
  • No back-light display

Essentials in the Package

  • Magnetic Hanger
  • 9v Battery
  • Test leads

3. Amprobe 37XR best DMM for routine use

Accuracy is the foremost important thing in measuring electrical values. To get the best results, Amprobe digital meter introduced its 37X-R model with optimum features. Its red color with a black rubber case gives it a sharp look. It has two options. Therefore, it depends upon you that whether you need average values or peak values, but one thing is sure accurate readings.


  • 10,000 counts display 
  • CAT-II Standard 1000V
  • CAT-III Standard 600V
  • Frequency measurement up to 40MHz
  • Capacitance up to 400µF
  • Min/Max ranges
  • Resistance up to 10Mohms
  • Min/Max/Avg. Values
  • Continuity test
  • Non-contact Voltage Tester
  • Temperature measurement
  • Weight 28 Ounces
  • 10A Input safety fuses
Best amprobe multimeter for home use

4.5/5 stars with 115 reviews

Special features

  • You can use it as an automotive multimeter because of its high-resolution display.
  • You can test your car battery with its DC voltage testing function.
  • For accurate readings, a true RMS function is also installed in it.
  • Measuring voltage above 600V is not so common but thing handheld meter can measure voltages up to 1000V.
  • Warning beep on wrong probe insertion
  • Data holding key available
  • Backlight Display
  • Outer Silicon case
  • You cannot measure temperature (not a good choice for an HVAC system).

Essentials in the Package

  • Alligator clips
  • CAT-III standard Test leads
  • 9V already installed battery
  • Magnetic Hanger
  • Spare fuse (10A)
  • User Manual

4. Power Probe Pocket Multimeter for routine work

It would be best if you had a more prominent display and well-calibrated software to perform routine electrical testing. Luckily we have a Power Probe pocket multimeter. The pocket-friendly size of this automotive multimeter makes it easy to carry with you. It is one of those brands that offer mini multimeters with full features and ranges. If you're a professional electrician then this true RMS budget multimeter is not less than a gift to offer in such a compact size.


  • AC/DC auto Voltage selection
  • Compliments True RMS values
  • Voltage measuring up to 600V
  • Current measuring up to 10A.
  • Diode and Continuity test
  • Auto-ranging digital multimeter
  • Input fuses to avoid damage
  • Tough Built
  • Temperature measurement
  • 5 feet long Probes
  • Approx. weight 16 ounces
Best multimeters for routine use

4.5/5 stars with 176 reviews

Special Features

  • Duty cycle and frequency measurements of any ac or dc signal can also be possible with this auto-ranging meter.
  • This HVAC multimeter is just of your palm size.
  • You can use this auto-ranging multimeter to test diodes and other electronic devices.
  • A k-type temperature probe also comes with this HVAC multimeter.
  • This digital meter is lightweight, like an analog multimeter.
  • Go to sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • Blue illuminated display
  • Rare probe holder
  • Pocket size
  • Sometimes takes more time to measure values (2 sec)

Essentials in the Package

  • Alligator clips
  • Magnetic hanger
  • K-type thermocouple
  • CAT-IV standard test leads
  • Two ceramic fuses (10A)
  • Three lithium metal batteries

5. Klein Tools MM700 Best HVAC Digital Multimeter

From your bedroom to the office, everything has an HVAC system. Your HVAC system is working around 12VDC. But standard HVAC system works in between 450V TO 750V DC. Luckily this multimeter has all those measuring capabilities. Measuring temperature is a critical thing, and it should be well-calibrated. In MM700, Klein tools work especially on temperature and high voltage measurement.


  • CAT-III Standard (1000V) safety rating
  • Both AC/DC
  • Auto-ranging
  • You can measure up to 1000V& 10A easily.
  • -0°F to +1000°F
  • Waterproofing of IP42
  • Low impedance to ensure voltages
  • Drop test passed from 2M
  • Low battery Indication
  • Bigger display with Backlight
  • K-type thermocouple for temperature measurement.
Best klein tools multimeters for household use

4.7/5 stars with 1,094 reviews

Special Features

  • This digital multimeter can measure temperature ranging from -18° to 816°C
  • Low impedance mode allows you to measure all electrical values precisely.
  • You can measure 1000V in both ac & dc circuits with this digital multimeter.
  • From a carrying case to batteries almost everything comes with it, you don't have to buy add-ons.
  • A Silicon case saves the multimeter from routine wear and tear.
  • You can easily replace batteries (if required)
  • Battery Timing is entirely satisfactory.
  • It is perfect for use in an electromagnetic environment.
  • Backflip stands for a smooth and hands-free operation.
  • A 9V battery should be used instead of 1.5 batteries.

Essentials in the Package

  • 2x 1.5v Batteries
  • Test leads
  • Magnetic Hanger
  • Carrying case
  • A spare 10A ceramic fuse
  • Thermocouple

6. UNI-T UT61E an all-in-one True RMS Digital Multimeter

Finding an electrical tester with all the latest features is not too much complicated. The real job is when you have a budget limit. If you're looking for the best multimeters with all potential features, then you must see UNIT 139C. Personally, I am using it for three years. Being an electronics engineer fulfills all requirements. From high voltage measurement to diode test, everything is possible with this digital multimeter.


  • AC/DC Measurements
  • True RMS values
  • Min/Max Ranges
  • Auto-ranging digital multimeter
  • Diode Test
  • Continuity test
  • Voltage Rating 1000V AC & DC
  • Current rating 10A
  • Temperature measurement
  • Capacitance and resistance measurement
  • Data hold option
  • Separate button for Backlight
  • Dual input safety fuses
  • Approx weight 20 Ounces
Best multimeter for home use

4.5/5 stars with 190 reviews

Special Features

  • You can connect this digital multimeter with any laptop through an RS232 connector.
  • It has True RMS function so you don't have to worry about accurate readings.
  • This digital multimeter has a 22000 counts display resolution, which is the most advanced display by now.
  • You can also use it as an HVAC multimeter due to its high-temperature measurement capabilities.
  • Low Battery level indications
  • It beeps on the wrong probe insertion.
  • 24/7 customer support center
  • It comes with an 18-month money-back warranty.
  • A bit heavier than other best multimeters

Essentials in the Package

  • A silicon rubber case
  • CAT-III standard test leads
  • Carrying Pouch
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7. BSIDE Smart Wireless Multimeter –Best for home and commercial use

We're living in a world of IoT where everything is synched and connected to the internet. Therefore everybody was looking for the best multimeter with wireless connectivity. BSIDE is filling this gap comes with its latest ZT-300AB. You can directly connect this auto-ranging multimeter with your mobile with an android application. Moreover, Bluetooth connectivity is also available for data management.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Android application management
  • True RMS Function
  • Remotely check your appliances readings
  • Data recording
  • Graphical representation of data
  • 6000 counts LCD
  • Analog bar analysis
  • Voltage measurement up to 1000V
  • Current measurement up to 10A
  • Frequency measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Capacitance and resistance measurement
  • Weight is 13.6 Ounces
Best wireless multimeter for home use

4.3/5 stars with 274 reviews

Special Features

  • Despite its most advanced features, you can buy this digital multimeter in a fair price range.
  • Ac and Dc voltages can be measured up to 1000V with high precision.
  • If you want to use it in completely auto mode without switching then just select the auto mode.
  • Data storage from a mobile application
  • ABS material
  • Auto & manual modes
  • Analog Bar
  • Battery comes with it is not of good quality

Essentials in the Package

  • A carrying pouch
  • Test leads
  • Thermocouple probe

8. AstroAI MUS10KRD Multifunctional multimeter

This AstroAI model is a hybrid form of a classic digital multimeter. It's pretty advanced and compact in every aspect. The thing which makes AstroAI one step ahead is its display. When it comes to its look, AstroAI is just like a Smartphone. So, if you're looking for a portable and compact multimeter, then just grab this one. 


  • Bigger LCD
  • 10000 Counts display
  • Built-in Duty cycle measurement
  • Auto/Manual both modes available
  • Data hold option
  • Side button for flashlight
  • Non-contact voltage (NCV) detection is available
  • AC/DC Voltage measurement up to 600V
  • Probes indication at the bottom
  • Auto power off after inactivity
  • Min/Max ranges available
  • Low battery indication
  • Can measure current up to 10A
  • Weight 18 Ounces
Best multimeter for home use

4.6/5 stars with 166 reviews

Special Features

  • It is equipped with a non-contact voltage tester so you don't have to open or close connections.
  • The bigger display with 10000 counts resolution is perfect for every kind of electrical measurement.
  • It has a smart mode function that automatically detects voltage current and resistance.
  • Audio and display indication for fuses
  • Sleeker and Unique design
  • Certified from RoHs and CE.
  • LCD Screen
  • Its quality of pushbuttons can be improved

Essentials in the Package

  • 6x 1.5V AAA Battery cells
  • CAT-IV test leads (600V)
  • Thermocouple
  • Hard carrying case
  • Probes caps
  • A silicon carrying case

9. Proster Auto-ranging Multimeter for home use

If you're thinking of buying a good-quality multimeter at a lower price, Proster is the best option. You can check almost ten plus variables depending upon your settings. If you want the best multipurpose multimeter.


  • 10A AC/DC Current measurement
  • 1000V Voltage measurement
  • Non-contact voltage detection
  • Bigger seven-segment LCD
  • 6000 counts digital display
  • mA and mV measurements
  • NPN & PNP transistor check
  • Diode check
  • Continuity beep test
  • Data holding option
  • Backlight display
  • Torch with a separate button
Best digital multimeter for routine work

4.5/5 stars with 2,064 reviews

Special Features

  • Testing capabilities of ant multimeter depends upon its test leads. Luckily Proster comes with CAT-III 600v standard test leads.
  • Measuring frequency or duty cycle is not a hassle when you have this digital multmeter.
  • Auto shut off feature in case of 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • A perfect design
  • Robust built
  • Cheaper
  • Auto-ranging
  • The display is a bit compromised as compared to others.

Essentials in the Package

  • Thermocouple
  • Test leads
  • Silicon case
  • Alligator clips
  • Carrying case
  • 2x LR6 AA batteries

10. General Tools TS04 Smart Bluetooth Digital Multimeter

Most of the routine works involve voltage & current measurement. If you're working on a telephone line, then a continuity test is also an important thing. The general tool compiles ten different functions with 26 ranges in a very pocket-friendly budget.


  • 10 measuring functions.
  • Non Contact Voltage Detection
  • Temperature measurement
  • Android App Screen cloning 
  • 10A ac/dc Current measurement
  • Micro ampere measurment 
  • Continuity testing with beep sound
  • CAT-III Standard 600V
  • k-type thermocouple 
  • Alarm indication
  • Overload protection
  • Weight 9 Ounces
Best pocket size multimeter for home use

4.5/5 stars with 99 reviews

Special Features

  • Like other digital meters, you can also measure voltage with it but due to low input impedance, the results are way more precise.
  • The auto shut-off feature saves the battery from draining faster.
  • It is one of the most affordable multimeter for home use.
  • Cheaper
  • Robust built
  • It can be easily connected with a mobile application.
  • Compact inbuilt
  • Min/Max range function is not available.

Essentials in the Package

  • Test leads
  • User manual
  • 1x lithium-ion battery
  • K-type thermocouple


The electrical circuit board is everywhere. From the fridge to cell phone almost every electrical appliance has a circuit board. To troubleshoot their boards or other home appliances you need an advanced multimeter. Because a basic multimeter is just like an analog multimeter and can not measure high dc current or voltage. A multimeter kit for home use must be cheaper than an industrial multimeter kit. Moreover, if you have read the blog, then you can easily compare an industrial and Home use multimeter. I have sorted the multimeters as per their budget but if you still have some confusion the leave a comment for details.

If you're not satisfied with these digital multimeter reviews then you visit my blog of best multimeter under 100 dollars. I also have made an updated list of budget multimeters. So, if you have missed this one please check it out again and grab the best one for yourself.

Good Luck!

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Do digital multimeters are more accurate than analog multimeters?

It is a popular belief that digital meters are the most accurate way to measure a voltage, therefore they should be used everywhere. However, the truth is that the accuracy of both types is very similar when they are limited to display 3 digits (after the decimal point). The real difference between the two types of meters is the speed with which they can respond to a change in voltage. Analog meters tend to be a bit more sluggish but do not require a warm-up period like digital meters.

Which multimeter is best for home use? Analog multimeter or a digital multimeter?

This is a question that does not have a definitive answer. Both analog and digital multimeters have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the best multimeter use will depend on the specific needs of the individual.

Analog multimeters are a good choice for those who need a reliable and basic instrument for occasional measurements. Analog meters do not require a warm-up period before use, so they are good for taking quick readings. They are also less expensive than digital multimeters. However, analog meters can be less accurate than digital meters when measuring smaller voltages. They also tend to be a bit more sluggish in responding to changes in voltage.

Digital multimeters are a good choice for those who need a more precise instrument that features a wide range of functions. They are specifically good for people who need to measure small voltages or more precise measurements, such as in electrical engineering.

What is the most commonly used multimeter kit?

The most commonly used multimeter kits are as follows:

If you want a singular multimeter that possesses all advanced functions then fluke 87 v digital multimeter is perfect for you. Click to buy!