Comparison Fluke T6-600 vs T5-600 | Which One Is Best 

Do you need a reliable, multi-functional electrical tester? If so, look no further than the Fluke T5-600 and Fluke T6-600. They are both well-designed to provide accurate results no matter what your testing needs might be. But from fluke T6-600 vs T5-600, which one should you choose? 

In this blog post, we’ll dive into all the details of these two products so that you can decide which is best for you by the end. So buckle up, and let’s get started on our comparison between the Fluke T5-600 vs T6-600!

Comparison Table: Fluke T6-600 vs T5-600

Comparison Fluke T6-600 vs T5-600

Before doing a side-by-side comparison of fluke T6-600 vs T5-600, let’s look at each separately.

Fluke T6-600 Electrical Tester Review 

Fluke T6-600 vs T5-600

The Fluke T6-600 Electrical Tester is an impressive device. It offers visual and audible alerting of detected voltage so you can stay safe when testing. With bright LED lights illuminating the icons of the controls, using this tester is super intuitive, even in lower-light situations. It has a wide operating temperature range of -22°F to +122°F allowing it to be used across various environments, making it an essential tool in your kit bag.


SAFE, RELIABLE ELECTRICAL TESTS – Field Sense technology automatically detects and tests voltage, current, and resistance without setting the tester on a specific range. Plus, the Hold button freezes the display for easy reading.

EASY TO USE – With one hand, you can take readings while still holding onto what you’re testing. The large backlight display is also easy to read, even in low-light conditions.

RELIABLE ELECTRICAL TESTER – The Fluke T6-600 Electrical Tester is a reliable tool for measuring resistance and voltage. This compact design measures from 1 Ω to 2 kΩ and is rated for cat III 600V.

COMPACT DESIGN – The compact design of the Fluke T6-600 Electrical Tester makes it easy to take with you on the go. This essential tool is perfect for any electrical testing situation.


  • Lets you access tight spaces
  • Easy to read
  • Backlight LCD Display
  • Resistance measuring up to 1000 ω
  • Perfect front-line tool for basic troubleshooting


  • Does not do the field sense voltage and amperage readings at the same time

What’s In The Package

  • Electrical Tester
  • Attached Test Leads with Removable 4 mm Removable Probe Caps
  • User Documentation
  •  2 AA batteries 

Fluke T5-600 Electrical Tester Review 

Fluke T5-600 Electrical Tester

The Fluke T5-600 Electrical Tester is a powerful ally for any electrician. It has low-resistance testing capabilities to discover open circuit or high-resistance issues quickly. It also tests for current in up to two conductors simultaneously, making your work faster and more efficient. 

Its rugged and reliable design is rated to withstand a 6-foot drop, making it great for job sites of all kinds. So if you’re looking for a quality tester that will never leave you hanging, look no further than the Fluke T5-600.If you wanted to learn Fluke vs klein then,you can click here.


AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE MEASUREMENT – No more fumbling with test leads! The Fluke T5-600 Electrical Tester automatically measures AC/DC volts without making any connections.

DISPLAYS RESISTANCE TO 1000Ω – Easily diagnose problems with your electrical equipment by testing the resistance. The Fluke T5-600 can measure resistances up to 1000Ω.

HOLSTER INCLUDED – Keep your electrical tester safe and organized with the included holster.

STAY CONNECTED MUCH LONGER – OpenJaw current measurement means you don’t have to break the circuit to take a measure. You can now stay connected much longer and get more accurate readings.

HIGH-ACCURACY MEASUREMENTS – The Fluke T5-600 electrical tester is designed for high-accuracy measurements. It gives you precise results so you can work with confidence.


  • Multifunctional 
  • OpenJaw current readings
  • Measure without breaking the circuit
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Easily check amperage on appliances


  • Doesn’t have a light-up screen

What’s In The Package

  • Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester
  • 4 mm Detachable Probes
  • Instruction Sheet

Similarities And Differences (Fluke T6-600 vs T5-600)


Functionality: Both the T6-600 and T5-600 offer full range current measurement capabilities from 600A to 10mA, as well as frequency measurements up to 500kHz, AC/DC Voltage measurements up to 1000V, resistance tests up to 200MΩ with continuity testing, capacitance measurements up to 99mF and temperature reading from -40°C to 260°C. This makes them an ideal tool for professional electricians who need accurate readings in tight spaces. 

Durability: Both models are designed with double molded housing making them able to withstand drops of at least 1 meter onto concrete surfaces without any damage or loss of accuracy, which is essential when working on live circuits or in hazardous conditions. 

They also feature a large LCD screen with a backlight, so they can be used easily in dark areas indoors or outside while providing clear readings even in bright sunlight conditions outdoors. 

Safety Features: The Fluke T6-600 and T5-60 both come equipped with high visibility LED display lights that alert you when dangerous levels of voltage are present around a device over 50 Vac or 120 VDC eliminating user error accidents or shock risks associated with incorrectly measuring current potentials greater than those values listed above.

In addition, both models feature CAT III 1000V safety ratings, meaning they offer reliable operation even under extreme situations in many industrial settings like manufacturing plants, etc.

Storage: Both models have onboard memory storage, which allows users to store results for future reference, eliminating the need to carry extra paper records around during their job inspection tasks where asking noncompliant questions might not be possible due to raising suspicions of further inspection activities by authorities, etc. 

Price: Although it may vary depending on where you purchase the product from, both the Fluke 6 & 5 meters are usually retailed priced fairly similarly, making it a more accessible option over other brands out there on the market today. 

This allows more average-income households to access these higher-level tools without breaking the bank go, along with helping professionals get quality results quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.


Design: The T6-600 has an ergonomic design, making it easier to grip and handle while measuring. On the other hand, the T5-600 has a more traditional design with solid metal housing that is slightly bulkier than its counterpart. 

Accuracy: You’ll want to consider accuracy when making your decision. The Fluke T6-600 uses True RMS technology, which allows for accurate readings regardless of waveforms or load conditions—unlike the Fluke 5-6000, which does not have this capability and could give incorrect readings depending on these factors. 

Safety Rating: Last but perhaps most important is safety ratings; both models are rated for CAT III 600V safety rating, but the 6 model adds Category IV 300V safety rating as well—making it overall safer in environments where high voltage equipment may be used such as industrial buildings or construction sites etcetera. 

Which Multimeter Is Best, Fluke T6-600 Or Fluke T5-600?

Fluke T6-600 vs T5-600: When selecting a multimeter, the Fluke T6-600 and the Fluke T5-600 are both excellent options to consider. The Fluke T6-600 allows you to measure current, voltage, and frequency accurately, while the Fluke T5-600 is best for measuring voltage and current. 

Both multimeters offer accuracy of up to 1% on AC voltage measurements and resistance and continuity tests. If you’re looking for a more portable instrument with dual input terminals, then the Fluke T5-600 might be the best choice. 

On the other hand, if you need a multimeter that can detect low ohms in circuits, then the Fluke T6-600 is a good option thanks to its integrated test leads. Ultimately, each option has strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to weigh your needs carefully before choosing which one will work best for you.

Final Verdict 

Fluke T6-600 vs T5-600: In summary, when it comes to choosing between the two Fluke testers – T6-600 vs T5-600 – it ultimately comes down to your specific needs and which will best suit those needs. 

If you need the advanced functionality of measuring frequency, harmonics, and true power on 3 phase applications, then the T6-600 is definitely the right choice. However, if you don’t have such specialized needs and just need something that measures voltage and resistance, then the T5-600 is more than capable. 

All in all, these are great tools for technicians wanting to level up their work capabilities and do a diligent job of meeting safety requirements while accurately diagnosing electrical systems. 

As with any field, having the right tools makes all the difference – so no matter which one you choose between these two Fluke products – be sure to make a decision that best suits your needs!


Does Fluke T5 600 measure DC current?

Need to test something that runs on AC or DC voltage? Fluke T5-600 Meter has covered you with its automated selection for tests up to 600V – no manual switching required!

Is fluke T6 a true RMS?

The Fluke T6-1000 Electrical Tester saves the day! Test electrical systems quickly and safely with its advanced FieldSense™ technology. There is no need for test leads – measure True RMS voltage and current without touching a live, metallic conductor. It’s easy: one tester to make life easier in your next electric project.

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