Best Budget multimeter for Electronics work -Top 5 Picks

Look around yourself. You will see almost everything embedded with electronic circuits. The increasing number of electronic cards also requires electronics technicians for their repair. The foremost vital tool to repair any electronic card is a digital multimeter. If you’re a professional technician, then you must be aware of it. I have compiled a list of the 5 best budget multimeter for electronics work to make it easier.

Do you need a true RMS multimeter for electronics?

Mainly true RMS multimeters are used to measure AC voltages. As we all know, To analyze such electronics circuits True RMS multimeter is best. Variable Frequency drives, adjustable speed motors, or almost every inverter or converter circuit required true RMS function.

So a true RMS multimeter is a must for electronics work. If you require the best budget multimeter for home use, I also made a separate list.

5 Best Budget Multimeter for Electronics Work Reviews

1. KAIWEETS HT118A True RMS Multimeter for Electronics Technicians

It doesn’t matter if you want to repair a mobile or an inverter. You must need a good quality multimeter. The main reason for choosing kaiweets in the list of best budget multimeter for electronics work is its Remarkable features like True RMS, auto-ranging, mA, and min/max ranges. One more thing which differentiates kaiweets from others is the availability of ceramic safety fuses.

Key Features

Autoranging DMM

Bigger 6000 counts Display

Auto ac/dc voltage selection

True RMS function to check noise in signals

Hold function to see fluctuating values easily

Frequency measurement

Temperature measurement in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scale

It can measure voltages up to 1000V with CAT-III test leads

Light up terminals for user guidance

Capacitance measurement up to 100mF

Hotwire test is also available in it.

Best budget multimeter for electronics work


  • Heavy-duty use
  • You can measure mA and high voltages simultaneously
  • Backlight display
  • Display Overload protection


  • A bit bigger, so it’s difficult to carry along.

What package includes

1x KAIWEETS Auto-ranging Multimeter

1x pair of Test leads

2x AA batteries

1x User manual

1x K-type thermocouple

2. Klein MM600 TRMS Multimeter for Electronics work

If you’re running out of budget and need something valuable in your toolkit, then Klein MM600 is something you must consider. Its trendy look makes it a perfect choice for every electronics technician. Unfortunately, most of the best budget multimeter for electronics don’t qualify for drop tests due to sensitive circuitry. But the Klein MM600 TRMS multimeter can endure a drop test of 2M easily.

Key Features

Auto-ranging DMM

It comes with 4000 counts Display

The body of the Klein MM600 is made with ABS quality material.

True RMS function is also available in it.

You can use Low impedance mode to get more precise values.

You can measure AC/DC current up to 10A.

AC/DC voltages measurement

  • On CAT-II test leads 600V
  • On CAT-II standard test leads 1000V

Temperature measurement is also available for HVAC technicians

IP42 water-resistant standards

Backlight display helps you to use it in low-light areas.

Test lead holders are designed on the rear side of the multimeter.

Best budget multimeter for electronics technicians


  • Perfect for hands-free use
  • 98% accuracy
  • Compact and trendy look
  • Eliminates ghost voltages while testing circuits


  • This digital multimeter doesn’t have any transistor test function. But you can test any transistor by diode test function.

What package includes

1x Klein MM600 Digital multimeter

1x DMM carrying pouch

1x k-type thermocouple

1x set of test leads

1x set of alligator clips

2x lithium-ion batteries

3. Amazon 90DM600 Commercial TRMS Multimeter for Industrial use

Everybody needs a multimeter, which lasts long. Amazon multimeters are capable of measuring all electrical values easily. But the thing which differentiates it from other DMM is its water-resistant standard of IP67. in addition to this, the overall look and ranges of Amazon commercial multimeters are of premium quality. Such premium quality digital multimeters at such a lower price are difficult to find. 

Key Features

Auto-ranging DMM

True RMS measurement is also available.

You can measure AC/DC voltages up to 1000V.

It has the capability of measuring current up to 10A.

Capacitance can be measured up to 99.99mF.

The display count is 6000, which is enough to measure any value.

A separate hold button is also there to see fluctuating values.

An electronics technician always required mA. Luckily it has both.

It has a low pass filter VFD mode to reduce noise.

It comes with a rear probe holder.

Plugs are water-resistant, so you don’t have to care about the weather anymore.

best amazon budget multimeter for electronics work


  • You can measure frequency.
  • Backlight display
  • Min/Max ranges functions
  • Long-life battery


  • The quality of the display can be improved.

What package includes

1x Amazon 90DM600 Multimeter

1x pair Test leads

1x User manual

1x multimeter carrying Pouch

4. Amprobe Am530 True RMS Digital multimeter

A multimeter is the need of every electronics technician. The most common features that a technician needs in its DMM are its precision, low ranges, and display. Amprobe AM530 multimeter falls in the list of best budget multimeter for electronics work for many reasons. So let’s dive into its features. 

Key Features

Auto-ranging multimeter


6000 counts LCD

You can measure the capacitance of all capacitors up to 4000 Mf.

Resistance can be measured up to 40 Mega ohms.

A bar graph is also available to analyze electronic circuits

A flashlight is also available in case of emergency.

You can measure both AC/DC voltage

Ac voltages up to 750V

DC voltages up to 1000V

NCV non-contact voltage detection helps you to identify live circuits quickly.

You can also measure temperature, which makes it the best multimeter for HVAC technicians.

A separate option for the diode test is also available.

best Amprobe multimeter for elctronics work


  • Amprobe AM530 multimeter can measure perfectly in noisy electronic circuits.
  • Non-contact voltage detection enhances its safety ratings.
  • With the help of its light, you can work in darker places easily.
  • A silicon case body makes it shock-resistant.


  • Loz function is not available. 

What package includes

1x pair of test leads

1x 9V battery for DMM

1x K-type thermocouple

1x Velcro strap

1x Multimeter carrying case

1x User manual

5. UNIT Auto-ranging budget multimeter for Electronics work

If you’re new to electronics work and need an all-in-one multimeter on a tight budget, then UNIT is the best option for you. But if you have a budget of 100 dollars, you can also see our list of best multimeters under 100 dollars. An updated version of this list is also available for you.

Coming to the main point, the UNIT multimeter can measure almost every electrical value. You don’t have to put in extra effort or need manuals to understand its functions. To clear you more about the unit multimeter main function, I have mentioned some of its main functions.

Key Features

The display is of excellent quality with a rate of 6000 counts.

You can measure current up to 10 amperes.

The robust body is covered with a silicon case.

It is perfect for industrial use due to its built-in holster

It’s an auto-ranging DMM.

A backlight display is also available.

You can use the data hold button to see fluctuating values on the still display.

TRMS function allows you to measure real-time values.

You can also connect it to the computer with an RS232 connector.

It is capable of measuring 1000 volts With CAT-II standard test leads.

best unit multimeter for electronics work


  • Amprobe AM530 multimeter can measure perfectly in noisy electronic circuits.
  • Non-contact voltage detection enhances its safety ratings.
  • With the help of its light, you can work in darker places easily.
  • A silicon case body makes it shock-resistant.


  • Loz function is not available. 

What package includes

1x pair of test leads

1x 9V battery for DMM

1x K-type thermocouple

1x Velcro strap

1x Multimeter carrying case

1x User manual

Buyer’s guide to Best budget Multimeter for Electronics technicians


The display of any digital multimeter depends Upon its sampling speed and counts. But keeping in mind the budget, the minimum display count should be above 6000. In addition, the backlit display feature is also mandatory in suitable quality multimeters.


Auto range selection of multimeters proves to be a lifesaver for beginners. However, sometimes beginners forget to select the ranges. An auto-ranging feature allows you to work effortlessly because it automatically detects ac/dc voltages.

mA availability

If you’re an electronic technician, you have already known that all electronic circuits work on milliamps and millivolts. Fluke and Klein both are the most trusted brands offering this feature. But some of the fluke multimeters like Fluke 101 and Fluke 117 lack mA measurement. Want to buy a fluke multimeter and confused about choosing the right one? No worries, i have also made a list of best fluke multimeters for you.

Diode testing

If you observe any circuit, you will care to know that it can’t be completed without diodes. So, diode check is a must. Of course, you can also test a diode by selecting dc voltages, but it will give you satisfactory results. That’s the main reason I always prefer multimeters with separate diode test functions. Best budget multimeter for electronics work embedded with diode test functioning are a bit expensive but hold here to get the cheapest one.

True RMS

True RMS is basically the real-time value of any signal. So there is no doubt in saying that true RMS multimeters are the most precise ones. The basic measurement principle is that it collects the samples of fluctuating values and then gives you an avg—value in fractions of a sec. Furthermore, you can also select whether you need the avg value or real-time value.

Testing leads

Testing leads are also known as testing probes. No matter how much your multimeter is good, if the probes are of low quality, you can not measure particular electrical properties. In electronic circuits, you can choose CAT-III or CAT-IV standard test leads. But if you’re an industrial technician, you might have to measure high DC voltages. Therefore, I recommend grabbing fluke 87v because it offers both mA and high voltages in a single unit.

Temperature measurement

It will suit you if you frequently work on HVAC systems; otherwise, you can skip this feature. Temperature measuring multimeters also comes with a k-type thermocouple. You just have to rotate the knob and select temperature to start measurement. For HVAC technicians, I also compiled a list of the best HVAC multimeters.

Safety Guide for Best budget multimeters

Safety is the priority it doesn’t matter you are an electronics technician or electrician you must know how to use a DMM

Measuring Resistance with Multimeter

All good quality multimeters have an option of measuring resistance of any electronics circuit. But you have to be very careful while measuring ac/dc voltages. However, you have to double check that the power of electronics circuit is off. Otherwise your multimeter calibration can be disturbed. I have also witnessed some multimeters blown up while measuring resistance on live electronics circuits.  

Select the Range of Multimeter

If you have a multimeter with auto-ranging feature then, don’t worry about ranges. But there are also some best budget multimeter which needs manual range settings. In addition to this, to measure current voltage or resistance in an electronics circuit you can use minimum ranges. But, to check higher values you must go for the highest ranges.

range of multimeter

Selection of Test leads for Inexpensive Multimeter

Test leads defines the quality of a best budget multimeter. If you’re checking electrical variables in a control circuit the CAT-III or even CAT-IV standard test leads are enough. But if you want work on higher voltages above 600V then you must go for CAT-II standards. All best multimeters for electricians comes with CAT-II standard compatibility.


Safety Fuses

Last but not the least always choose those best budget multimeters which have built-in input fuses. Because in case of any accident its the fuses which saves your and your multimeter from further damages.

Final Verdict

Today multimeters are of great importance. You can not even test your electrical or electronics appliances without it. Digital multimeters upgraded with time and are now loaded with many features. But you must have to decide which multimeter is best for which purpose.

If you’re an electronics technician, you have to measure small electrical values frequently. But if you are an electrician, then you need the best multimeter for home use. If you’re still with me, it means you have decided which till now is the best budget multimeter for electronics work. So, grab the one for yourself and let us know your experiences about it.

Good luck!