Compare Fluke 87V Vs 87V Max – An Honest Side by Side Comparison 2024

Being a responsible electrical technician, I always wonder why fluke multimeters are too expensive. But after using them for a couple of years the answer is quite easy. Almost all the fluke multimeters may look similar in shape but are way different from each other. Moreover, I will give you an in-depth review and comparison of the fluke 87v vs 87v max multimeter. First, I want to let you know why fluke multimeters are the best.

Fluke Multimeters: Why Choose them?

Fluke is the second name of safety. All of its multimeters are designed to protect the equipment as well as its users. Most of the electricians do mistakes or do wrong troubleshooting resulting in their multimeters being mis-calibrated. But Fluke multimeters come with a lifetime warranty and calibration certificate. From a very basic Fluke 107 to Fluke 87 V all of its multimeters come with built-in safety fuses and silicon cases, which makes them insulated and robust. If you’re on a budget then i have also made a list of best fluke meters for electricians.

Comparison Table Fluke 87v Vs 87V MAX

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Fluke 87V Multimeter Review

The Fluke 87V digital multimeter is a high-quality and reliable tool for almost every electrical work. You can use it to troubleshoot and diagnose problems at your home or any workplace. However, the Fluke 87v digital multimeter can be expensive for some people. If you’re looking for fluke clamp meters then fluke T5 & T6 are best options.

If you’re searching for a cheaper alternative, then I have also made a list of the best budget multimeters for you. But fluke 87V has some functions which you barely find in its competitors. Fluke 87V multimeter is a professional tool that’s perfect for electrical, industrial, and process engineers. It is the only meter you need for accurate measurements of non-linear signals. You can also read meghommeter vs mulitmeter.

Furthermore, it has a CAT III 1000V rating to handle tough jobs, and a bigger display to measure values properly even in darker or confined places.


4.9/5 stars with 721 Reviews


  • Auto-ranging digital multimeter
  • LCD Display with backlit
  • 6000-20000 counts display resolution
  • True RMS functions
  • Min/Max/Avg. Value measurements
  • AC Voltage range 1000V
  • DC Voltage range 750V
  • Current measurement 10A
  • Current can be measured upto 400 mA.
  • Equipped with LPF-low pass filter.
  • Analog bar graph at bottom of the display.
  • Continuity and diode test with alarm.
  • Temperature measurement up to –200 °C to 1090 °C
  • Capacitance measurement up to 10000μF.
  • Frequency Measurement in both AC/DC signals.
  • Low battery indication 
  • Auto shutdown in case of inactivity of 15mins.

Build Quality and Design

Build Quality of any tool determines its life span. Fluke 87V comes with a silicon case so you don’t have to worry when it’s dropped (but still handle it with care). The Fluke 87V is designed to fit comfortably in your hand while you measure values even at confined places. It is designed to fit comfortably in your hand while you measure. Silicon cases offer an impact protection layer. Furthermore, the separate slots for mA jacks & Amperes jacks make it easier to use multiple sources of power. If you used to work in dark environments then it is a perfect choice.

Safety and Protection

Fluke 87V digital multimeter built to last. The IP30 water and dust resistance let you use it in all weather conditions. But you have to make sure that the silicon case is on the multimeter. With a 400mA Fuse and 10A Fuse, you’ll be protected from surges, spikes, and spikes of voltage resulting in burns or worse.

Moreover, this Fluke 87V meter comes With a CAT-III and CAT-IV safety rating, offering outstanding performance in a variety of applications.


  • Perfect for noisy or harmonic carrying equipment.
  • Display is exceptional
  • Able to measure temperature.
  • Works perfectly even at higher altitudes.
  • Perfect for both higher and smaller voltages


  • Non-Contact-Voltage detection is missing.

What is included?

  • 1x Fluke 87V Multimeter
  • 1x removable hostler
  • 1x pair of Fluke TL75 test leads
  • 1x magnetic hanger
  • 1x 9V battery

Fluke 87V Max Multimeter Review

When it’s time to get your hands dirty, you need a new rugged Fluke 87V Max multimeter. These powerful and reliable meters are perfect for industrial use, with a bigger display and up to 50% faster measurements that give you more data in less time to help you make better decisions. This tough, reliable industrial meter is perfect for an electrical engineer or technician who wants the ‘ultimate’ metering solution.

fluke 87V max multimeter review

4.8/5 stars with 158 Reviews


  • An auto-ranging multimeter 
  • True RMS function 
  • Bigger LCD Display 
  • 20,000 counts display with backlight 
  • Low and Hi Brightness options in backlight 
  • AC/DC voltage measurements
  • AC voltage range 1000V
  • DC voltage range 1000V
  • Current measurement in microamps.
  • AC current measurement range 10A.
  • Temperature measurement ranging -200°C to 1050°C.
  • Frequency measurement up to 200khz.
  • Capacitance measurement 10,000 microfarads.
  • Continuity test with beep alarm option.
  • Min/max ranges for high precision.
  • Separate diode test option
  • Fully water and dustproof (IP67)
  • Made for industrial purposes
  • 13 feet drop test certified multimeter.
  • Low battery indication 
  • Auto shutdown in case of inactivity of 15 mins. 
  • Compatible with Cat-III and Cat-IV standard test leads
  • Enhanced battery life due to 3x AA batteries.

Build Quality and Design

If I have to tell you one major difference in fluke 87V vs 87V max then it will be its usage because fluke 87v max is purely made for industrial purposes and tough environments. The design is waterproof as well as dust proof by complementing IP67 standards. Moreover, when I talk about IP67 most of the multimeter starts compromising on input jacks insulation and drop-tested certifications. but Fluke 87v max comes with 13 feet drop test certification. The thing which makes it indestructible to drops is its outer silicon case, which absorbs most of the jumps and jerks easily.

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Safety and Protection

Safety is the priority for any tool, which needs calibration. It is equally important for tools and technicians. To make sure power surges don’t get worse a 10A fuse at amperes jack and 400mA fuse on mA jack is placed. This not only saves the multimeter from blasting but also manages its calibration levels. Moreover, due to IP67 and 4-meter drop tests certifications, you can use it perfectly. The test leads come with it can measure voltages up to 1000v in AC and dc circuits easily.


  • Good quality test leads come with it
  • The battery pack also comes with the package.
  • Water and dustproof rating.
  • Able to measure values even at -40 degrees Celsius.


  • No peripherals comes with it

What is included?

  • 1x Fluke 87V max digital multimeter
  • 3x AA batteries

Similarities and Differences (Fluke 87V vs 87V Max)

Similarities between Fluke 87V vs 87V Max

  • Voltage measuring ranges of both multimeters are quite the same.
  • Fluke 87V and 87V max both can measure current up to 10A.
  • You can measure temperature with both multimeters up to 1050°C.
  • Design of fluke 87V and 87V max almost similar with a slight change in silicon case. 
  • True RMS is enabled in installed in both multimeters. 
  • Both multimeters are equipped with Auto-ranging features.
  • Fluke 87V and 87V max have built-in safety fuses of 10A and 400mA.
  • Test lead resistance both multimeters are almost equal.
  • Continuity test with beep alarm is available in both multimeters.
  • A low battery indication is a basic option that is also available in both fluke multimeters.

Differences between Fluke 87V vs 87V Max

  • As compared to fluke 87V, you can use Fluke 87V max even in extreme conditions of temperature like up to -40°C to 55°C.
  • Fluke 87V Max comes with an adjustable backlight brightness.
  • IP67 standard is available only in Fluke 87V max.
  • You can measure mA in both but Micro amperes measurement is available only in Fluke 87v max. 
  • Both multimeters can endure drop tests but fluke 87v max comes with a 13 feet drop test certification.

Conclusion: Which fluke meter to buy?

Fluke 87V and 87V Max both fluke multimeters fall in the category of premium class. No matter you have to measure current-voltage or even temperature, you can also do any sort of electrical testing with them. But in comparison of fluke 87V vs 87V max, fluke 87V max is one step ahead of fluke 87V. The reason is that fluke 87v max is made purely for industrial purposes to survive extreme conditions like waterproofing and drop tests. But if you’re facing such extreme conditions then fluke 87V will suit you the most. I have compared almost every feature of both fluke multimeters so grab the one which suits you the most and let us know about your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Can I use Fluke 87V on adjustable speed motor drives or VFDs?

As we all know, the Fluke 87V is a true RMS multimeter so you can measure non-linear loads with it easily. To measure accurate voltage the most important this is min/max ranges and this multimeter is equipped with them. Moreover, it is also equipped with low pass filters so it is quite easy to measure signals with harmonics.

How to test VFD with a multimeter?

Testing a VFD requires a lot of skills and knowledge about relevant drive configuration and multimeters. You can also test and troubleshoot any VFD by only reading its manual. I have also made a separate step-by-step guide on how to test VFD with a multimeter.

What are other electrically noisy equipment?

Every piece of equipment with an inductor or bridge rectifier has some sort of harmonic. I have encountered a lot of high-speed machines like variable frequency drives which have a lot of harmonics and noise. To reduce such noises engineers use filters ( capacitors) to filter the electrical signals.

Can I test a Thermocouple with digital multimeters?

Both the Fluke 87V and 87V max are good for temperature measurement and also come with an extended operating temperature range. You can also visit my blog about thermocouple troubleshooting and testing. 

What type of frequency measurements can Fluke measure?

Fluke multimeters can do frequency measurements of both AC and DC signals depending upon drive models. Most of the mid-range fluke multimeters can measure frequency up to only 132KHz. But fluke 87V and 87V max can measure frequency up to 200KHz.