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Comparison Klein MM600 vs MM700- Which one is the Best?

It won't require a lot of studies to realize the importance of multimeter. A good multimeter will not only save time but also your valuable earnings. That's why I have compared two market winning multimeters of same brand Klein mm600 vs Klein mm700.

You can measure almost every electrical variable with these digital multimeters. Due to a some minute changes people confused in between Klein tools mm600 and mm700. That's why, keeping in mind budget and quality I have compared Klein mm600 vs mm700 multimeters here.

Comparison of Klein MM600 vs MM700

Many of you are electricians, and you need a Klein mm600 multimeter. You can't afford to make a mistake when it comes to customer service, especially when you’re dealing with electrical complaints.

Your job must be done correctly the first time. Klein mm600 multimeter has all the features that an electrician needs in one small package. Its bigger display allows to view all electrical variables easily.

It can easily bear a drop test of 2 meter. As a result, from home use to industrial purpose, you can use it anywhere.


  • It comes with a 4000 counts display.
  • A white LCD backlight gives an ease while doing your job at night.
  • You can measure both AC/DC voltages up to 1000V.
  • It has the capacity to measure current up to 10A.
  • Resistance also plays a major role in testing equipment’s. You can measure resistance up to 40Mohms.
  • It comes with both CAT-III and CAT-IV safety ratings.
  • Temperature measurement is also a must in modern day multimeters. The thing which makes it the best Klein multimeter is its ability to measure temperature from -19°C to 538°C.
  • Ghost voltages makes the test results noisy that’s why Klein mm600 is equipped with LoZ to avoid ghost voltages.
  • If we talk about its water-resistant standards then it has IP42 ingress protection.
  • It is equipped with both diode and continuity test.
  • Robust build
  • Easy to use
  • Has true RMS for non-linear loads
  • Temperature in both °C and °F
  • Low battery Indication
  • Drains battery faster.

What's in the package?

  • Klein MM600 Multimeter
  • Pair of Test leads
  • Thermocouple
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • Carrying Case
  • Strong alligator clips
  • Earth magnetic hanger

If you’re looking for a multimeter that is easy to use and has the power of professional tools, then look no further. The MM700 Multimeter from Klein Tools is your answer.

Klein mm700 feature auto-ranging and true root mean square (TRMS) technology for increased accuracy. It also has a CAT III 1000V safety rating. So, it can be used in basic and controlled electromagnetic environments such as residential, business, and light-industrial locations.

A low impedance (LoZ) mode for identifying and eliminating ghost or stray voltages is also installed in it. So, you know exactly what you are measuring every time! If you want Klein clamp meters then I have also compared Klein cl800 vs cl900 clamp meters for you.


  • It is an auto-ranging multimeter with TRMS function.
  • You can measure 1000V in both AC/DC circuits.
  • Although a multimeter is not for current measurement but you can measure current up to 10A.
  • It is capable of doing continuity and diode tests.
  • You can measure Capacitance up to 4000 microfarads of all circuits.
  • Frequency plays an important role in measuring power factor; you can measure frequency from 1Hz to 500KHz.
  • LoZ Low input impedance mode makes your measurements accurate so you don’t have to worry about precision.
  • CAT-IV standard makes it perfect for electronics work
  • It can measure temperature ranging from -18°C to 816°C.
  • 40 megaohms Resistance is enough to measure almost all circuits except VFDs.
  • Tough build with silicon case around it
  • High temperature measuring ranges
  • Ideal for HVAC technicians
  • TRMS value function in it.
  • It can not measure voltages above 600V.

What's in the package? 

  • Klein MM600 Multimeter
  • Pair of Test leads
  • K-type Thermocouple
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • Carrying zipper pouch
  • Strong alligator clips
  • Earth magnetic hanger

After reading Klein mm600 vs mm700 reviews you might have a clear view about both Klein tools multimeters. I have also made a list of best multimeters for electricians for you. Moreover, if you're looking for a bit more cheap multimeter from Klein family then Klein mm300 is the best option. But if you’re still confused about them then let’s discuss about their similarities and differences separately. Read on how to test power supplies.

Similarities and Differences (Klein mm600 vs mm700)


Display: Since both tools were constructed with the same needs in mind. Their LCD and backlit display twins a lot. Both the Klein mm600 and mm700 have 4000 counts resolution.  

Ranges: Both Klein mm600 and mm700 comes with auto-ranging features. It is equally important for both beginners and professionals. Because if you forgot to set the ranges serious accidents can happened. So, an auto-ranging feature save you from a lot of troubles. Ranges of Capacitance resistance and frequency of both multimeters are almost identical.

Built Quality: one thing I am sure you couldn't deny was the robust build and quality of both of Klein multimeters. Klein made sure to pack both exteriors with enough power that could resist harsh weather conditions with IP42 safety standards. Klein mm600 and mm700 both can bear a drop test of 2 meters.


True RMS:  true RMS is exceptionally benefitting when taking Ac Readings. TRMS uses complex and advanced formulas to take readings of the sine wave that is always deviating.

 LoZ: In mm700, the LoZ mode makes sure of the low impedance input to the circuit. LoZ function removes ghost voltages from circuit and offers precise measurements. This improves accuracy of the overall product

Temperature: Klein mm700 multimeter can measure temperature up to 816°C. But klein mm600 can measure up to only 538°C.

Price: Klein mm600 is a bit cheaper as compared to klein mm700 multimeter. The price difference is because of some additional ranges and features which are mentioned below.

Which multimeter is better for a home electrician? Klein mm600 vs klein mm700

The Klein Tools MM600 is a digital pocket-sized multimeter with a large LCD display and a low-profile design. It has a voltage range of 200-600V AC with a maximum voltage of 1000V AC. This meter is ideal for use in low-voltage work. The Klein Tools MM700 is an AC/DC with an auto-ranging digital display that can measure from 1V to 600V. In homes you don’t need to check high voltages so it better to grab Klein tools mm700 multimeter. Moreover, if you don't know how to use multimeter to test live wires then click here!

Final Verdict

Even though Klein Tools doesn't overload their series with extensive multimeters. Each digital multimeter has gotten something unique to offer. Klein Tools also does equally well when it comes to the design and durability. Klein mm700 is more for electronics use whereas klein mm600 is for industrial usage. If you're looking for more budget friendly multimeters then jum on to my list of best budget multimeters under $100 and $50.  

The two variants of Klein Multimeters discussed in this are very likely to be found at a low-price range and carry a sufficient number of features with them. The Klein mm600 Multimeter would fit well for anyone who is looking for the necessary functions packed up in a reasonable price. It is rugged and durable in design. It comes up with many different accessories and would work well for both hobbyists and professionals.

The mm700 is one step ahead. It provides a few more ranges, an increased durability, a few more functions and reliance. Its price is also fully justified in view with the features it provides. Klein mm700 is perfect for professional use. If you're still looking for best multimeter for electronics use i have also wrote for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TRMS in a multimeter?

TRMS is the abbreviation of True Root Mean Square value of any electrical signal. As we all know that the voltage and current can not be stable. The more the fluctuation in the signal, the more unstable measurements will be. So, Klein MM700 comes with a True RMS function.

True RMS function works on an advanced algorithm of calculations (with the help of microprocessor built in multimeters). In order to provide more accurate results, the multimeter measures electrical values at different points and gives you an average value. This function is useful when testing industrial electronics equipment.

What is the difference between Klein MM400 and MM600?

Klein MM400 is more of a utility multimeter. You can take almost all basic measurements with it. Moreover it's a bit cheaper as compared to Klein MM600. Contrary to this, the Klein MM600 is a bit more advanced and comes with additional features. If you want to know the major differences then you can visit my comparison of Klein MM400 vs Klein MM600.