Klein offers a wide range of multimeters at a suitable budget. Choosing in between Klein MM600 and MM400 is a bit tougher due to similar functionalities. But when you closely observe them then you will see a lot differences and prices also.  Therefore, I have made a detailed comparison of Klein MM400 vs MM600 depending upon their similarities and differences. But before jumping on to similarities and differences, let review these Klein multimeters separately.

Are Klein multimeters good to buy?

If you're wondering why you should buy a Klein multimeter, then the only answer is that it is precise, cheap and robust. Electricians or electronics technicians can measure all electrical variables safely according to electrical safety standards. What else you can expect from a budget multimeter. If some of you still might interested in other brands then I have compiled a list of the best budget multimeters under 100 dollars for you.

Klein tools mM400 auto-ranging multimeter Review

You can rely on Klein Tools MM400 auto-ranging multimeter for accurate measurements regardless of the situation. The tool offers wide-ranging functionality. Voltage drop in a circuit, changes in resistance, and even continuity problems can all be measured and detected with a high level of safety. So, let’s discuss its features in detail.

Klein mm400 multimeter Review

4.7/5 stars with 2306 Reviews


  • 4000 counts LCD display with backlight
  • It is an auto-ranging multimeter so you don’t have to set ranges for different circuits. Klein offers auto ranging features in almost all of its multimeters.
  • You can measure voltage in both AC and DC up to 600V.
  • It can also measure milli-volts (mV), which are a must for electronic DIY projects.
  • Due to CAT-III safety ratings, it's quite easy to measure medium voltages with it safely.
  • You have to measure current in both AC and DC circuits in a different way. So, you can measure amperes in both circuits easily.
  • It is capable of measuring frequency and duty cycle of AC and DC signals.
  • You can also measure temperature from 0°F to 1000°F with a temperature probe that comes with it.
  • It can easily withstand a 3-4 feet drop test.
  • This digital multimeter is fit for all kinds of industrial and DIY jobs.
  • The easily accessible battery compartment makes it a perfect choice for beginners.
  • If the battery drains out of low voltages then it starts blinking, and gives you a low battery indicator option.
  • It can measure resistance up to 40MΩ, which is enough for all kinds of electrical and electronics components.
  • The outer silicon case makes it well insulated and shock proof for industrial jobs.
  • It is a quite lightweight multimeter of 8 ounces 
  • The Dimensions are 1.78" X 3.97" X 6".

Standard Package Includes:

  • 1x MM400 Klein multimeter
  • CAT-III standard Test Leads 
  • A k-type thermocouple for precise temperature measurements
  • A zipper nylon carrying case case.
  • 2 AAA batteries are required to make it functional.

Klein tools mM600 auto-ranging multimeter Review

If you're an industrial electrician then you already know the importance of accuracy. In industrial environments where there are many noises and harmonics in electrical signals it's quite difficult to measure them. For such jobs Klein comes with this Klein MM600 multimeter. If you want to test circuit components like mosfets then this multimmeter is best due to its high accuracy.

Moreover, the accuracy is also enhanced by introducing a LoZ mode in this multimeter, which removes the ghost voltage and provides accurate readings in just a few seconds. So, let's discuss some of its key features in detail.

Klein mm600 multimeter review

4.7/5 stars with 758 Reviews


  • The display resolution is 4000 counts so no more lags.
  • A backlight is also available in the LCD display.
  • True RMS function in this multimeter eliminates the fluctuation error and provides precision results.
  • Like other Klein tools multimeters it is also an auto-ranging multimeter.
  • You can measure voltages in both AC & DC circuits by its own dial positions.
  • AC voltage range: 1000V
  • DC voltage range: 1000V
  • Like other high voltage digital multimeters it is also built on CAT-II safety standards.
  • You can measure current in both electronic and electrical circuits at the same time with this all-in-one budget multimeter.
  • AC current range: 0.1A-10A
  • DC current range: 1 µA - 1A
  • It can easily bear a drop of 2 meter.
  • The best thing about the Klein MM600 is its LoZ mode, which eliminates stray voltages by itself.
  • You can measure temperature up to 0°F to 1000°F
  • You can measure capacitance, frequency, duty cycle and resistance up to 40MΩ.
  • Klein MM600 has built in safety fuses which can be easily replaced after removing the rear case.
  • It weighs only 14.4 Ounces.
  • The dimensions of Klein MM600 are 10" x 5.6" x 2.7"

Standard Package Includes

  • Klein MM600 digital multimeter.
  • CAT-III Standard Test leads.
  • 1x Pair of Alligator clips
  • A carrying pouch.
  • A spare ceramic fuse
  • 2x AAA battery cells

Klein MM400 vs MM600 Multimeter Comparison

Similarities between Klein MM400 and MM600

  • The built quality is almost the same.
  • Both the Klein MM400 and MM600 are auto-ranging multimeters.       
  • 4000 counts display is also common among these Klein multimeters.
  • In both digital multimeters, you can measure temperatures up to 1000F.
  • Both multimeters have similar current measurement up to 10A.
  • You can measure mV and micro-amperes in both of these digital multimeters.
  • CAT-III test leads in both Klein multimeters are similar.
  • The silicon casings of both the multimeters are identical.

Differences between Klein MM400 and MM600

  • As compared to MM400, Klein MM600 has a slight bigger display .
  • Klein MM600 is a True RMS multimeter, but you can MM400 lacks this feature.
  • LoZ mode is also available only in Klein MM600.
  • Klein MM400 is a bit cheaper as compared to Klein MM600.
  • You can measure 1000V with the Klein MM600, but with the Klein MM400 you can measure only 600V.
  • Alligator clips come only with the Klein MM600. Which is best for automotive purpose.
  • Klein MM400 comes with 1M Drop test certification, where as Klein MM600 comes with 2M Drop test certification.

Conclusion (Klein MM600 VS Klein MM400)

Klein MM600 is a much better and accurate multimeter in terms of accuracy. It also has a lot of safety features, which makes it fit for industrial use. But if you're on a tight budget then Klein MM400 is also not a bad choice. Both the Klein digital multimeters are great devices to measure various electrical parameters in residential as well as commercial buildings.

So, you can buy either of these two depending upon your budget and requirements. However, if you want to know more about Klein multimeters, then I have also made a detailed comparison of Klein MM600 vs MM700. Klein Tools not only offers Multimeters but also clamp meters. That's why I have made a comparison of two hot selling Klein clamp meters (CL800 vs CL900) for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Klein multimeter MM600 read DC?

Klein mm600 is one of the best multimeters of klein family. And yes it can measure both ac and dc current and voltages. But the ranges may be compromised due to mid-range pricing. However if you're working on consumer electronics equipment then the answer is yes Klein mm600 multimeter can read DC.

What is the difference between Klein mm300 and mm400?

As i have already mentioned about klein mm400 here. But for klein mm300 multimeter i have made a separate complete review of klein mm300.